What does it mean when a guy asks you to study with him??!!

Okay so he asked me to study with him, what does this mean. Are we really going to study?Or what
Also we both failed the first test..


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  • It either means he needs help studying for school and studying with someone else would help, or he wants to spend time with you, and this is an opening, in which case, he probably likes you. Whether or not you two actually study is what will determine his intent. It determines whether or not he likes you.


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  • It could mean that, since that was his question. You're not going shopping, that's for sure. it could be just a reason to see you, or he's planning on ditching the studypart and watch a movie with you, make out, ... Depends on how close you are with that guy and if you like him/he likes you.

    • Agreed. Just know what you want/don't want before you go over there so you aren't taken by surprise if anything does happen.

  • If your smart and he has no interest in you then I guess you'll only be studying with him.

    If your smart, pretty and he knows you like him, then you'll be studying and doing extracurricular activities after studying.

    I studied often with many girls and it always meant what it meant, lets study and nothing more, but that's just in my case.

  • It's something you have to gauge for yourself. If you feel he's interested in you, then he just wants to study and have the opportunity to hang out with you. On the other hand, he could just want to study with you.

    • He's right, it's too open for interpretation.

    • I ask people to gather study groups all the time, so I kinda know what I'm talking about.

    • Okay! Thank you though

  • I am a brutally honest guy and the answer is No, he wants an opportunity to f***.


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