My girlfriend is in a coma, what can I do?

my girlfriend was run over by a drunk driver and she's in a coma. id I've anything to see her wake up, is there anything I can do?
she came out of her coma about a monh ago, she's not walking yet but at least she's awake


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  • I'm so sorry to hear that- the waiting is one of the most difficult things there is. Medically, there's really not much you can do at this point. I had a very close friend who was in a car accident and in a coma for over a month and it was one of the most difficult times of my life. I wanted to do something, needed to do something, but really there wasn't much I could actually do for her. Then I hit on an idea that really helped me and my friend, once she woke up, really loved. I kept a journal for her- of the things happening with our friends, her family, her treatment, with me etc. It helped me feel like I was talking to her, still connected with her in a way. And when she finally woke up, she was happy to have a record of the things she missed. She still has it...

    I also visited her as much as possible, did what I could do for her family with bringing food, clothes, whatever to the hospital. That's as much as I can think to tell you- my prayers are with you, your girlfriend, and her family.

    • iv been with her for 3 years I need her to wake up

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    • yeah if she makes it out of thisill never let her go

    • Keeping a journal seems like a nice idea :)

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  • I read this article last month, and it seemed really interesting as I've heard of other people that used the same drug and had the same thing happen. link

  • I hope this isn't a trolling question. At this point if she's in the hospital there is nothing you can do. They will check for brain wave activity to make sure she isn't brain dead and go from there. If she is brain dead and no waves in the next few days than the family has some tough decisions to make. if there is activiity than its a sit and wait game until she wakes up

    • im at home waiting to hear from her parents, they want time alone with her so I'm going in in the morning. all I knw is she ws pretty banged up

    • well I hope everything goes well with her. Keep us posted

  • Like justme20, I hope this isn't a trolling question. On the assumption it's not, I'm very very sorry.

    You can be there for her. See her. You could buy an empty pad of paper and everyone who sees her writes her a message of love. Be there for her parents as well, check on them. She will love to know you cared about her parents as well.

    Theres not a huge amount you can do... some people claim that by holding their hands and talking to them brings them back; the sound of their voice, the touch on their hands.

    • hanks ill try that

    • Glad to hear it, I'm glad she's getting better. Hope you are okay.

    • im great now that she's awake

  • no. just be there for her, contact her family and friends. hopefully she'll wake up. it's out of your hands now.

    • i should have been withher I could have stopped this

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