Everyone calls me "Sweet" and "Nice" and I honestly have no idea what that means?

i am a 23 year old woman, I am attractive, I work, I'm in college have own car and place. I am an adult, I also don't drink or smoke.

I keep wondering if being "Sweet" and "Nice" really is a good thing because I don't really get asked out. Well I do get guys attention up until they call me "Sweet" and "Nice".

I even dated a guy for a couple of months and then he says to me, "you deserve to be with someone else". And this year I feel like I never want to date again ever! Like there is no guy out there for me! because I met a guy who I really really got along well

with caught feelings for him, we even had sex and when I ask him where does he see this going he says he can't be in a relationship and then he says, "I really really like you, you are such a sweet and wholsome woman, I don't want you to think there is anything wrong with you because I do like you,OMG I feel terrible because you are so sweet and nice and I'm the guy who broke your heart." and even though he broke my heart he still keeps talking to me which is making me feel even more like an idiot who is only sweet and nice but not good enough for you.

Even girls and grown women call me sweet, nice, innocent and I suppose one lady said it to me because she considers herself "Bad" and when I asked her what she meant? she says "You stay just they way you are, never go over to the dark side"

i don't understand any of this. I'm clearly not a virgin, and I never suspected all of the people that I come across on a day to day basis to be criminals, maybe a couple of them, but not all. My own bff has called me sweet and nice and she also has called me weird. But I feel more weird than anything, like I don't fit in anywhere and I must be really missing out on things.
Everyone calls me "Sweet" and "Nice" and I honestly have no idea what that means?
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