Is it normal for one twin to like you and the other isn’t fond of you?

I had classmates in high school that are twins (let’s call them Joni and Jeanette) and they are crazy, funny, sassy but very sweet girls. At first they were both intimidated by me (because of my height 6’0”)
I’ve been 6’0” since I was 15 or 16. I met them when I was a junior and they were freshman.
One of the twins Joni warmed up to me, but Jeanette kept her distance. She always game me looks when I come in the room. When I talk, she ignored me and when I came in, she would leave the room. I didn’t do anything to her. My two best friends flat out asked me what did I ever do it Jeanette and she doesn’t like me. I told them honestly nothing and I didn’t do anything. I’ve been nothing but nice to her.
Jeanette would include everyone but me to their get togethers and always chat with them. Never me. Joni says hi but funny thing is she never included me either in get togethers. They included my best friend but I was always left out. Joni even tried to get her sister to invite me but she flat out said no and her minus me equals good. Wow that hurts. Jeanette never likes being paired up with me and would with my BFFs.
My late dad told me to leave her alone and face it, she doesn’t like me and she doesn’t have to. You can’t give anybody to like you and to be your friend.
My besties told me to just let it go and accept that Jeanette isn’t fond of me.
I added both twins on Facebook when I had Facebook. Joni accepted but Jeanette I think ignored mine. I added her again but she never responded to it and kept me from adding her. I gave up. She added my best friends.

Is it normal for one twin to like you and the other isn’t fond of you?
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