Faithfulness and Relationship: Being Faithful in a Relationship


Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.
- Buddha

Being Faithful in a Relationship

Being faithful is the greatest marriage expectation. A lot of marriages have broken down as a result of unfaithfulness. Faithfulness is an act of staying committed to your partner in good and in difficult times. Trust is built on the foundation that your partner is honest and faithful to you. Faithfulness as a fruit of love ensures that the couple keeps investing their soul, energy, time, and resources into the relationship. Faithfulness is one way of proving seriousness to your partner. Couples who find themselves in unfaithful relationships are usually left in sadness, with their emotional energy drained, in addition with the feeling that they have wasted a good part of their time. My key advice is that in everything, couples should always remember the “Golden Rule”: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”. Faithfulness can be cultivated and sustained when partners acknowledges the true value of each other. The couple should prove to themselves that they are worthy of each other’s love.

Being Faithful in a Relationship
Being Faithful in a Relationship

Continuing in an unfaithful relationship is emotionally destructive, demoralizing and isolating. People in unfaithful relationships can be miserable and hopeless, trapped in the sadness. Addressing the problems in your relationship requires acknowledging the problem, your weaknesses, your value system, your moral compass, and other expectations that have all contributed to your unhappiness. Over time emotional health deteriorates in an unfaithful relationship. For your emotional survival, it’s important to look at yourself first and work toward compassion for yourself and your situation.

Committed couples appreciate “open interaction” this behavior shows affection, understanding, and the kind of warmth towards each other that translates into feelings of companionship, sexual responsiveness, and support. In other words, committed partners engage. They put down the paper, turn off the TV, come home on time, offer “two-eye attention” and connect with their partner. Committed spouses also pay more attention to “little things” to show their love and concern.

Advantages of Being Faithful in a Relationship

1. Falling in love does not guarantee staying in love. Love is a living, breathing thing that requires constant attention and nurturing and one of it is faithfulness. Being faithful encourages your lover to be faithful to you. There is no love without faithfulness.

2. Being faithful increases the longevity of your relationship. The quickest and easiest way to end your relationship/marriage is by cheating.

3. Being faithful gives you peace of mind, you don’t have to watch your tracks, you are not paranoid, and trying to remember every lie you say.

4. Being faithful makes you focus on your relationship/marriage and have a healthy relationship. Infidelity brings distraction and divides the attention you give to your spouse.

5. Being faithful has a positive effect on your character. And you draw confidence from continues positive attitude.

6. Being faithfulness keeps you, your spouse, and your family safe from sexually transmitted disease.

Faithfulness and Relationship: Being Faithful in a Relationship
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  • Psi_Unknown
    The beginning quote is quite the introduction. Why only mention the advantages of faithfulness and not the disadvantages? Like number three for example, "Being faithful gives you peace of mind, you don't have to watch your tracks, you are not paranoid, and trying to remember every lie you say." What if being faithful does not give peace of mind? What if the obligation or requirement of being faithful is so strenuous that a person is still trying to watch what they think, say, or do? Number six for example may, at most, reduce risk of sexually transmitted diseases, but may or may not keep one or both of you safe from disease in general, and, at least, diseases can still be spread sexually even in a purely "faithful" relationship giving the wrong impression.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Relentless_Hippie
    Wow, this was such a beautifully written take. Every word spoken was truth. Very nicely done, this was amazing!
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  • Moose304
    I will use an old saw to explain my point!

    A scorpion and a frog meet each other on the banks of a stream. The scorpion is on its way to the other side of the bank and but the waters are too treacherous for it to cross.
    So the scorpion politely asks the frog to help carry it across the water. The scorpion tells the frog he is an excellent swimmer with wide back that can easily carry him accross.
    Suspicious, the frog asks the scorpion, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion replies, “Why would I do that? Then we would both drown.” The frog is still unsure and asks the scorpion more questions. The scorpion always seems to have a logical answer.
    Satisfied with the scorpion’s reasoning, the frog allows the scorpion to climb on his back and they begin their journey across the water. The waves are high and so the scorpion holds on tight to the frogs body.
    However, before they can make it halfway across the stream, the frog feels a sting right in the middle of his back and feels the spread of venom slowly taking over his limbs.
    The frog begins to slowly sink under the water and, realizing what has happened, has time to gasp out, “Why did you do that? Now we will both drown and die!”
    As the scorpion sinks under with the frog, it replies, “It’s in my nature.”

    This is what cheaters do. All the words of buddha will NEVER change some people's nature!
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  • sage2021
    Is there such a thing as a one way faithful relationship? That is when one person in the relationship is completely faithful; while the other person keeps their unfaithfulness a secret from their significant other. It's based on lies, and the other person believes their partner is faithful as well.
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  • HookingSwan
    This should be common sense

    Unfortunately it isn't
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    • Star_88

      Because there are more pigs than actual human beings in the population.

  • exitseven
    Yes, also when you get into a relationship you have to have the INTENTION of being faithful. Some people get married with the mindset that if it doesn't work out they will just get a divorce and find someone else.
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  • lightbulb27
    well said.
    there's no distinction between physical and emotional, but it's the same. protecting the emotional relationship is equally as important.
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  • KingofCups
    I believe everyone will cheat eventually.
    Everyone feels the desire to cheat because staying faithful to one person 'forever' it's just unrealistic. Would you eat the same meal everyday for the rest of your life? That would be very odd considering we've been blessed with a planet that has so much diversity, variety, and opportunities.
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  • Hereyeslikesky
    Anyone who doesn't break up when they stop loving someone and cheat in them are just cowards
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  • skeptic007
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  • Artist20
    Good take, I see it the same way, treat others like you would like them to treat you and this always plays out in relationships.
  • SenseiSeptred
    You can do the same thing with polyamorous relationships as well, but communication is an even bigger requirement up front when doing so.
  • Shiningtempest
    @akanetuk Your post will be the first policy I follow when I am ready to date.
  • serious
    Good take
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  • John_Doesnt
    Obviously cheating is wrong... if you get caught.
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  • SunnyCaliGirl
    That is very cool and I loved the fun facts :)
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  • AviatorTom
    Very well said. I agree with you.
  • emperor90
    Good on u good tips
  • Anonymous
    Women are never unfaithful-they always wait until a relationship is "over" before sleeping with another. Of course, the relationship is over as soon as they "decide" it is. Whether or not they have yet communicated that it is over to the other person is just a technicality, and they are still a "good person" and a "class act". (snark)
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  • Anonymous
    How come people are always making Buddha quotes the real Buddha wasn't a man of wisdom at all, That is one religion I don't understand.
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    • akanetuk

      Whoever He was, you need to respect other's religion. If you have seen the light, let it shine to others instead of condemning.

    • Anonymous

      I'm not condemning , its just the real Buddha never said any of of this. He was a man who lead a quiet life and then people made a religion off of the man who lead a quiet life.

    • Manab

      You should make comment about something you don't understand, your whole statement is condescending. Buddha, may or may not have told every quote you see on the internet. Internet stuff is not real. Actually, Buddhism is the most peaceful religion among all others. It took the better sides of Hinduism and made them simpler for the common man. Plus it cherished education, science, medicine most in its earlier days. Buddhists made the world's first universities, modern surgery and medicine, and formulas in astronomy and math. A lot of it got destroyed by Islamic invaders.

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  • Anonymous
    Funny you quoted Buddha and my Buddhist boyfriend was a cheating piece of shit. I don't know why he associated himself with such a peaceful religion. Nevertheless, great article
    • Artist20

      Maybe he was a liar

    • Anonymous

      @Artist20 yh

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