The 7 Worst Ways a Girl Can Dump a Guy (And Vice Versa)

The 7 Worst Ways a Girl Can Dump a Guy (And Vice Versa)

We all get dumped at one time or another. But there's a right way and a wrong way and as much as I love the ladies, I have to say, you girls somehow manage to find the WORST ways to ditch a guy. At the same time, guys have been doing terrible things to girls for eons, so maybe the females are just trying to catch up. ;)

Anyway, here are 7 ways girls and guys should NOT dump each other.

7. Getting a friend to relay the message

The 7 Worst Ways a Girl Can Dump a Guy (And Vice Versa)

This is more for people still in school, obviously. I remember it happening to me; when I was a junior in high school, a friend of this girl I was dating showed up at my locker and told me it was over. I was all confused. "Over with who? You? I'm not even dating you." Then she said Crystal (her friend, the one I WAS dating) was breaking up with me. I looked around, all confused. "Well, where is she? I don't see her."

6. Going dark

The 7 Worst Ways a Girl Can Dump a Guy (And Vice Versa)

I'm saying BOTH girls and guys need to knock this off. This is basically when the person who wants to end a relationship drops off the face of the earth. Doesn't work as well when they two people are living together, obviously, but it's becoming more common among not-so-serious couples these days. Which is weird, because it has never been harder to totally hide from humanity as it is right now, at this point in human history. But they manage. They really DO disappear.

Both genders need to stop.

5. The flip-out

The 7 Worst Ways a Girl Can Dump a Guy (And Vice Versa)

I don't know why some people do this and frankly, I'm not sure what's scarier: When a girl loses her shit or when a guy flies off the handle. Obviously, a guy is often more dangerous just for biological strength reasons but when girls go absolutely crazy, it's downright terrifying. They tap into some primal gene that only unlocks when a trigger flips in their heads, and when that happens, just get the hell out of the way. But it's just a really bad way to end things. I know you're mad but girls, guys, losing your mind is only going to leave a sour taste in both people's mouths forever.

4. "It's not you, it's me."

Oh, shut UP. I think the guys popularized this one back in the '90s but now girls are using it all the time, too. Yes, every once in a great while, this excuse really IS true. I've said it when it was true; I was at a point in my life when dating was just a seriously bad idea, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the girl. But 99% of the time, it's bullshit. It's all about trying to let someone down easy but it never works because everyone is onto the game. Just admit it: "I don't really like you. Sorry. It's you."

3. The "evil bitch" or "horrid bastard" transformation

The 7 Worst Ways a Girl Can Dump a Guy (And Vice Versa)

Some people figure they'll put on a terrible act and get the OTHER person to break up with THEM. Girls turn into a witch overnight and guys become insensitive, disgusting louts in the blink of an eye. The strange thing is the partner never seems to figure it out...what, they're suddenly bipolar or Dissociative Identity Disorder popped up out of nowhere? Of course they're doing it to tick you off; they want YOU to end things and when you do, they're all happy and they don't have to feel they hurt anybody. But of course they did.

2. The text message

The 7 Worst Ways a Girl Can Dump a Guy (And Vice Versa)

DON'T YOU DARE! The world of texting has created a world of COWARDS. Nobody can look anybody in the eyes anymore, and they certainly can't deal with tough situations in a face-to-face capacity. I get that we're all socially stunted and I don't care. Don't break up with me via text. At least have the gumption to call but better yet, do it like a human being and tell me in person. I hear guys are starting to break up with girls via text more now, too, and it's equally wrong. Cowards, all of you.

1. Cheating

The 7 Worst Ways a Girl Can Dump a Guy (And Vice Versa)

Well, duh. There's nothing worse than someone saying to themselves, "well, this relationship isn't working out so I'll just go sleep with someone else, and that'll end things." You've got this backwards: You end the relationship first. I suppose there are those rare combustible instances when you don't realize you're gonna cheat until it happens (the sexual chemistry is so intense), but let's face it: If you've cheated, you've done it because you're basically ready to leave your current relationship. So leave it already. THEN go do what you want.

The 7 Worst Ways a Girl Can Dump a Guy (And Vice Versa)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • mikemx55

    I once read something about cheating to end a relationship vs non cheating.

    And the woman was saying that she'd much more prefer to be cheated. Because that way, there is someone else. There is someone to blame. There is the fact that you got chosen over someone "better".
    The opposite of that being simply a break off, she considered that to be much worse, because there is nobody to blame. It wasn't because of someone else. It was because of her. She was not good enough, even without an alternative. Someone would literally prefer to be single than to be with her, and she considered that thought to be devastating.

    I think it's a good food for thought.. and I still haven't picked a side on that matter actually.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • beebetree25

    Yah all these are just shitty ways to break up with someone...

    Just dont be a bitch dick and tell the person upfront why you're ending the relationship.

    I believe in karma.. whatever you throw out comes back around.. so dont be surprised if your next bf/gf treats you like shit.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • YourFutureEx

    LOL! I'm going to add one more :-

    *After fucking*

  • Cc1234

    A girl I was dating for a couple months is doing number 6 to me. Worst feeling ever. The person being dumped has no idea why the other wants to break up. Also its just plain rude. I mean even if you want to break up with someone you should still care about them enough to have the decency to tell them why.

  • MagiAlphaOne

    Here is the BEST reason NOT to cheat. Watch the video to find out. There are are few expletives but nothing excessive.

    I shared this with several friends. Their reaction was priceless. If you share it, be sure not to spoil it for them!

    Girl dumped on live radio show

  • skykidx1

    Argeed their is nothing worse then that. My ex girlfriend parents tried forcing us to break up did everything in their power to keep us apart n make me look like a dick. We never even break up and i never even got a break up text. She just blocked me went ghost then find out she had a new boyfriend like weeks later after i help her get better. She wasn't eating at the time and her hair was falling out.. but o will my new girlfriend 100% better then my ex girlfriend.

  • Papier

    One of my friends had it really really really bad, they were in a relationship for 5 years and she just broke up with a text message.

    Well, it was kind of obvious for people outside their relationship that they were gonna break up but 5 years via a text message is just something else.

  • I actually prefer the text message or the freakout. The text message I can save and show everyone what a bitch she is. And with the freakout I can easily say to myself "I'm better off without that crazy chick".

  • the_rake

    Ahah. As much as it sucks as a break up solution, the "it's not you it's me" is probably the least sucky. Next mytake: how to break up the proper way.

    • renogaza

      is there really even a proper way?

    • the_rake

      @renogaza no idea lol. I guess honesty is the only solution. "I'm sorry, things just aren't working out", maybe.

  • Regulatus

    Texting is THE BEST way to break up. You don't have to deal with the drama of an in-person argument. Plus, if she decides to get mean and file an FRA or DA charge, you will have some documentation in your defense.

  • flypaper

    I've done 7, 2 (over instant messager long before text messaging was a thing-lol) & 1 (just kissing not sex). To be fair though it was all when I was dumb and a teen.

    • flypaper

      I was between 13-16 with all of these.

    • flypaper

      To be fair back then (and even now) I prefer to not be there for bad news esp if I am to be the reciever.

  • Phoenix98

    Yeah I've gotten the text message before combined with the it's not you it's me followed shortly after by going dark. Lol I don't even remember what I ever saw in that gal to begin with -_-.

  • Heera

    This is true, show some respect for the person you're dating. But if someone's going to break up with me, I prefer them to text me just to skip the awkward moment.

  • Hidden_P

    MMMMHMMMM. I was dumped by text message to be told he was cheating. Ultimate shittyness.

  • ADFSDF1996

    How about when they dump you on your birthday? I know a girl that dumped her boyfriend on his birthday.

  • BruceJender

    You forgot the "Can we just be friends?" and "I'm just not ready for a relationship" after you've been together for 4 years. Lol

  • luna33

    Totally agree! at least they should have the guts and some respect for the person who gave them their time, attention and love. Very selfish behavior.

  • La7430

    IKR! ... I wonder which one of those I'd prefer , if I Had to choose. Lol

  • Boldstrummer1

    Each relationship is like a graduate course.
    We are supposed to learn something.
    If a girl makes up a story to spare a guys feelings,
    She is cutting him off at the knees.
    She should say what needs of hers were not being met. Without judgement. For example:
    " I need a man who is honest. Anything less is a deal breaker for me".

    At least he learned the impact of his
    Dishonesty. And can grow into a better
    man if he chooses.

    Many of us have fears of abandonment and if we have any kind of relationship at all we probably have told our partner. To use that information to completely abandon someone and go dark is extremely cruel

  • Elisa13

    the block... just going ghost is the worst

  • LittleSally

    Good take. =)
    Very true...

  • ScottSummers

    i like n5 the flip-out gif lol

  • SillyMilly

    Queen of Evil bitch mode

  • Puppylove94

    Awesome take.

  • Alex88F

    so much pain in this post
    i feel ya bra

  • toastedjelly

    nice :D

  • Anonymous

    Having someone disappear without explanation is the worst, especially when things seem to have gone well. Makes you over analyze and gives you this feeling that you fucked up but don't deserve to know why.

    Totally agree with the "it's not you, it's me" excuse being bullshit. When people say things like that and I'm not ready to date, what they're really saying is I don't like you but I'm not gonna tell you why or I'm ready to date, just not you.

    Typical beating around the bushes.

  • Anonymous

    What about the "I dont love you anymore" out of nowhere.

  • Anonymous

    To just stop talking to someone is a terrible thing to do. If you break up with someone, you owe them an explanation. If someone cares about you, for you to just end a relationship without telling them or offering some kind of reasoning is to deny them as a human being.

    I mean, how can you have a relationship with someone for 2 years where all you want to do is be around someone and then out of fucking nowhere, you just decide to drop off the face of the earth.

  • Anonymous

    Going dark is very shitty way of doing things. I had an ex do this.

    It's hard to break up with someone.

  • Anonymous

    The best way to break up with someone is to send them a link to a private video of you getting fucked by your new BF/GF with the message "It's over".