Where to find a good partner for a LTR? Try something different!

Where to find a good partner for a LTR?  Try something different!

We have had endless posts on how to find someone; it's probably the most popular sort of question, aside from the 'rate me' proposals that aren't even QUESTIONS....

Why not volunteer at a shelter, either an animal shelter, or a homeless shelter? Of course the animal shelter is going to be a lot less stressful for all concerned...but..

The advantages:

1. All the people there care about something besides themselves, which right there puts them in the

top 10% of the people you'd want to spend your life with.

2. Such work tends to bring out the best in people, while, I think most would agree, a lot of

business/corporate/public sector jobs bring out the WORST. Backstabbing and political

maneuvering are encouraged, friendships are discouraged, in most cases of paid employment.

3. There aren't policies against relationships; most places are too happy to get volunteers to put

many limitations on behavior, and of course, you are free to walk away if they do. They

aren't PAYING you, after all.

4. Take my word for it, there are a lot of attractive people involved in volunteering.

5. A high percentage are single, or if older, divorced/widowed, or they wouldn't have the time to

volunteer. Not ALL, of course, there are couples, such as my wife and I, but still, quite a few

are unattached.

6. They are screened by the organization, so people with major behavior disorders are not going

to pass muster.

7. Anyone who does misbehave in any way is quickly removed; it's not like a 'regular' job where

there are all kinds of procedures and policies to discuss endlessly. And there isn't the same

sort of hierarchy, where the top people get away with almost anything, as in the corporate or

business world. Not to nearly the same degree, in any case.

8. Not less in importance, you get satisfaction from working together in a positive, open way

to actually help people and hopefully make society better. You get to know what the people you

work with are really about. And such work looks good on a resume, too, though of course

not as much as 'real' jobs that foster mostly negative kinds of 'skills' and rarely help anyone, aside

from further enriching the people who are already rich!

Where to find a good partner for a LTR? Try something different!
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  • Dipsy
    Nice mytake!
    But have you actually also seen much other guys volunteering for animals? (I get the idea that it's mostly female; i dont want to come across as like very unmanly (just asking))
    What are you acually doing when volunteering? (How are you helping the animals)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • miamigirl1970
    Good ideas! I have always said do something different, meet people doing things that you like to do and find someone who has similar interests... Good Take
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  • Belgie
    LTRs have zero interest for me. I know they don't work. Have no interest in a sex free relationship.
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  • ColinHarvey
    Ughhh. Want to be a Cat-Mom forever? Nooo thank you.

    I never understood having pets. Seems too quaint.
  • kickme
    not a bad idea, but there is some risk you are going to meet a bleeding heart liberal guided by emotions not facts. that would be terrible
  • coolbreeze
    Nice mytake and great ideas and nice points.
  • genuinlysensitive
    A friend of mine actually suggested this to me.
  • Jager66
    I like this, never thought of it that way!
  • Adigelunar
    Nice one!