Why I'm Done With Relationships (For Now)

Why I'm Done With Relationships (For Now)

My Fiance left me back in July for another woman out of the blue. We both did everything together and from what I thought, we were really close. There were no warning signs, literally nothing. He just one day decided to wipe me out of this life and got straight into a relationship with another woman (who I'm assuming he must have been cheating on me with).

So because of this, I've decided to try be happy single because people don't seem to be able to give me the same loyalty and respect that I give to them.

People don't live up to what they say and promise.

Why I'm Done With Relationships (For Now)

I've been in a total of 6 relationships in my life. I've dated and spoken to other guys for long periods of time, etc. but these are the ones I could class as boyfriends. None of them ever lived up to what they had promised me, all of them lied and deceived me and when I was at my worst, they weren't there for me even though I was always there for them and made sure I was. Sure, I admit I made a few mistakes but when they had a family death or anything serious I supported them.. unfortunately when I was going through stuff they didn't seem to care or help me in a way I think a loving partner should.

There's always been red flags.

Why I'm Done With Relationships (For Now)

What I mean by red flags is all the men I have dated have always had something about them that wasn't quite right.. this could mean towards me or others or something else. Even my fiance who I thought I was very close to, I knew there was some underlying things which didn't always make sense. But he promised me the world and would make me feel really special and make a big effort for me. I was attached to him and felt happy and safe with him so I wanted to have him stay in my life because he would tell me I was his rock his soulmate. He was no longer in contact with his family (one red flag) and I always thought it was a little odd that he said they just never cared about him or liked him and would treat him bad for no reason. He striked me as someone who was also very emotionally manipulative (another red flag) and I also noticed he had a habit of often lying to others to get things he wanted or needed. But he never treated me bad up until the point he broke my heart and didn't care and just disappeared from my life and moved straight onto another woman after proposing to me a month before. I didn't want to leave my house or do anything for months and have only just started getting back to myself. I stopped eating, didn't sleep for days on end, had serve depression, and became extremely unwell. He knew all of this but suddenly he no longer cared.

None of them ever truly loved me.

Why I'm Done With Relationships (For Now)

Every single boyfriend I've had told me they loved me. Not one of them meant it. I know this because of their actions. As the saying goes, "actions speak louder than words." I can say that in the end all of them proved to me they never did... maybe they thought they did but when it came down to it they all ended up letting me down and not being what they said they would be and made me feel used or unappreciated. I've noticed a lot of people state on here about how women only want guys with money or a big dick or crap like that. I can say for a fact most of my boyfriends when it came down to it I spent more money on them than they did me... my fiance was also jobless a lot through our relationship and I supported him and motivated him to help him get back into everything and paid for everything until he could and let him live with me for free. He had depression when we met and was in a bad place and he told me how much happier I made him and how much I had helped him yet I got it chucked back in my face. The woman he is now with, he actually ironically met at his work, the job I helped motivate him for and get him back on track.

No one makes the same effort I make for them.

Why I'm Done With Relationships (For Now)

Basically to cut this long story short I just think for now I'm better of alone. I feel like people never live up to what they appear to state and I make so much effort in a relationship to keep my man happy and I'm not getting the same back. I gave up my whole life for some of these people (changing the way I live) and yet they can't seem to put in the same effort I do.

I don't think my expectations are too high because I'm willing to do exactly what I'm asking and needing from them, I just want a man who is there for me like I will be for them and treat me like I actually really mean something to them and for them to keep this way. A big thing I've noticed from men is inconsistent behaviour as even if they treat me great at first, after a few weeks or when they think they've got you or pulled you in, they stop trying and I fell for this person because of who they claimed to be. I feel like I've be conned enough times now and my trust issues make it hard to truly let people in. I don't think any man seems to care enough to break down my barriers and prove to me that not every guy is the same.


This is not me saying there are no good men blabla this is my experience of relationships I've had and how I have been treated by guys. I know there are good men out there and I wish I could find these men and they like me for who I am and want to get to know the real me and treat me how I deserve to be treated for a change.. so please know this isn't a hate rant, it's just my take on why I think I should stay single.

Why I'm Done With Relationships (For Now)

Why I'm Done With Relationships (For Now)
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  • lovelyhoneybones

    I honestly feel the same way. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I agreed to be friends, and honestly I'm so heart broken. I've never felt this broken before. I love this guy like I've never loved anyone and the way you treats me and talks about me just makes me feel worthless. In most cases I wouldn't even bother, but I can't move on. I know it's dumb but a part of me still holds out for hope. I still love him, I'm still waiting for him and he's already moving on to other chicks. We weren't even over for a week and he was already flirting with this other girl. We broke up a time before and within 4 days he had a new girlfriend.

    The only reason why I agreed to be with him was because he said he regretted leaving me and he said he loved me more than anyone, and it sounded like the most genuine thing in the world. I wish I could explain in words how this tears my heart to shreds, but nothing I say will make him understand and every day that kills me. I feel like I always give my all but nobody wants to do the same for me. He promised he'd be there to hold my hand, but the moment I needed him, he didn't want to be there. He even said with his own mouth that he loss motivation because it was too hard, yet I dealt with the hurt I was feeling on a daily basis because I love him.

    Is this still revelant?
    • I remember you telling me a while back we spoke before i think im sorry its still causing you problems.
      i thought that he was no longer in your life though.. did you get back together recently?

    • Yes, we did get back together. We weren't talking for a few months but then he broke up with his ex and we began talking again. He rushed into telling me that he was still interested in me, and even though I had a bad feeling, I agreed to be with him again. I don't want to say I regret it because in that time I began loving him more than I had before, but it's even harder now. He's even colder than he was before. For the first few days everything was fine but then he just decided every thing wasn't worth it and basically stopped trying.

      It's just a mess of a situation. He won't even acknowledge my existence now.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Cosytoasty

    - Bad broken family
    - Jobless
    - Apparent depression

    Call me judgmental (and it’s my right to have standards) but, I would NEVER even consider dating a girl with those strikes against them even if I felt sorry for them. I always tell women to be picky, but sadly many still date guys like this in the hopes they can change them.

    I hope you find happiness in whatever you choose to do, perhaps you have something you can throw yourself into, become good at and regain your confidence.

    Is this still revelant?
    • Yeah i know, unfortunately we just seemed to click and it felt right and i accepted these things but in reality maybe i shouldn't have.

    • Completely agree!

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  • Aguamarina

    It's 2017 and there's no point in being in a relationship with a guy. friends with benefits, one night stands are better than commitment.

    • If you want damnation, meaninglessness, false sense of power, maybe an STD, or to get pregnant with a trophy child. Morality and its need don't magically disappear or become irrelevant, just because some page fell off a calendar.

    • There is no sense of power. Damnation and meaninglessness don't occur because I don't care. The rest? YOLO

  • bubbles328

    Sorry to hear what you have been through! That is a truly painful experience!

    It took me a while to learn to be happy alone but I think you need to be a you in order to become a we. Co-dependency in a relationship is not healthy and you will always find one in the relationship will feel smothered by the others co-dependency and leave.

    I myself learned to manage my feelings and issues myself a little more. This led to more positive people in the world gravitating towards me. New friends or positive people don't want to deal with your issues in the first few weeks of meeting you and you repel good people by doing this.

    Your life does not revolve around your relationship status. Your life can be complete while you check the single box on every form you fill in! a lot of people's main focus in life is they must get married and have the 2.4 kids an SUV, dog and a white picket fence by the time they are 30. Sometimes things don't work out the way they are supposed to and rather than rushing into relationships when you haven't fully worked on yourself or are unsure around the person is not building a relationship on solid ground.

    Being happy alone doesn't happen over night! 4 years i've been single 2 of those years i've been happy so it took me 2 years of thinking I needed someone to realise I don't.

    People slam single mums but in truth it's taken a huge burden off my shoulders. I'm not having to work to my biological clock because i have my kids and honestly do not want anymore!

    I put away societal views and have created my own views. I never thought single mums were happy or a place I would ever end up. In truth I've been married with kids I had a relationship after too but in the position I am now as a single parent I have never been happier, had so much money and been excelling so much in my career as I am now! I don't have to deal with anyone else's issues when I come home after a long day. If I don't want to cook dinner I don't have to I can just throw something in for the kids. Its good doing what I want for a change! I can pack my car up whenever I want and just drive and get away for a few days when I want.

    You made the best decision to take some time alone to recover and rebuild yourself! Specially after such a huge blow. being with someone all day ever day is not sustainable. Good luck on your journey and I wish you the best happy days are ahead!

  • meowcow

    I have observed that most people tend to attract the same type of partner over and over again.

    Your experience with men does not reflect men in general, but rather it reflects the type of men you are attracted to.

    I have watched my girl friends make the same mistakes over and over again in a relationship when choosing a partner. In particular, I see my girl friends with low self esteem and self-image problems chase after literally any man who is willing to pay them compliments. Even when the compliments smell completely of bullshit, the girl's desire to be validated results in them entering relationships with men who are all talk... like a used car salesman. I can see you fell for this too... he promised you the world. You fell for it. Did you really think he had the capability to promise you the world? Did he have his life and all his shit together in a way that told you he could provide for you? Or did his promise seem to come short on what his current life situation was?

    Conversely, I have seen another group of friends - educated, low-key, calm and rational women, who seem to always be in a long-term relationship and who have now been married with kids for many years. Even when they were single, they would manage to find another loving, stable guy, while avoiding all the douchebags.

    Men do this too. Some types of men only chase after the big booty and tits, and care nothing about personality. They do it over and over again, banging hot chicks and having the relationship fall apart shortly after.

    So perhaps you should be looking at your choice of men, and how you select them from the bunch. If you're only going for the assholes, the problem isn't them... it's you. There will always be a range of "decent" to "despicable" men and women. That just human nature. You can't change that spectrum of human personalities. All you can change is yourself, and how to choose/distinguish a partner.

    Also, I find it odd that you say there were no warning signs. And then you follow up with "every guy I've dated had red flags".

  • TheFriendlyOne

    I'm sorry that you had to go through that, but I believe that you knew things weren't right but you tried to convince yourself that they were.
    I'm not victim blaming, not even in the slightest, I'm just pointing out what I noticed.

    You mention the red flags, and you saw it, but you went through investing yourself emotionally anyways.
    The problem here is with us, women, in general.
    Someone on g@g explained it to amazingly a while ago. Women as a group, not all but most, tend to not only learn from their own mistakes.
    Women tend to ignore those who try to stop them and go with their impulse by overlooking the red flags.
    A better analogy would be,
    "Women tend to not believe others when they say that the fire is hot,
    They have to try it for themselves and get burnt to believe it".
    Unfortunately, some don't even learn from that and keep jumping in the fire till they are charred.
    I have been burnt, but I learned my lesson.

    Sorry for the rant, but your my take is very well written, and I hope that you find your Mr. Right soon. 😊

  • RolandCuthbert

    It takes a lot of courage to make this kind of post here. There won't be too many sympathetic voices. I guess because most of the folks here are American. We are not the most sympathetic people in the world. I guess to many folks here it means weakness.

    Truthfully, it is becoming harder and harder to form meaningful relationships. You are right to take a break from relationships for awhile. I felt like my first relationship was similar. I felt like I gave it my all and my ex simply did not work as hard. Afterwards, it was kind of hard to trust again. I think that is what you will struggle with the most. As young as you are, I think you should try to keep things light and non serious for a couple of years. Just date, have fun, enjoy your youth. Because you will struggle with trust issues. Then after a few years, you can gradually get back into looking for a serious relationship. But you definitely should not look to get too vested too quickly. You have to recognize your own baggage and find a way to cope with it. But also, you will be wiser and have a better understanding of your needs. You will recognize more quickly the type of men who simply cannot meet your standards and your level of commitment.

    Just take it slow and good luck.

  • thatguyfromtoronto

    That sucks, that is a really fucked up thing your ex-fiance did to you. But I do believe one day he will get karma later on in life, no bad deed goes unpunished. If for any reason he comes crawling back, don't let him back in. I'm single as well and I do not agree with the whole, a person's life is not complete until there with someone.

    For women/girls, it's easier to be courted and approached by the opposite sex, in my opinion, I think that a girl will feel flattered and appreciated for her looks. Guys, on the other hand, don't get that unless he's rich, tall and super good looking. But even then, is that really something to be proud of as a guy? Yeah, it's flattering but God did state fornication with many partners is considered a sin that's why I stay away from the life style of hooking up with girls, sleeping with random girls, going to parties and what not, that's my perspective.

    I'm sure in the future you will meet another guy, and there will be days you will feel alone and that's okay but don't get back into the dating scene until you are ready and the guy you agree to go out on a date with is someone you have known for a little a while. Hopefully, you find a good, genuine guy that you can click with. Just chalk it up as a bad experience, that if you did marry him and have kids with him, then you have a bigger issue. Once someone brings life into this world and the marriage is not strong, that's an issue right there because the only human beings that are badly affected by that are the kids because they did not have a choice and that's why I take it seriously that when the time comes for me to have kids, I hope the girl I am with is truly committed, will be a great mother and a role model for the children.

    • I agree with everything you said here, especially that part about being happy she didn't actually marry him because that would've been worse. That's a total dick move for him to propose and then run off, but that's better than getting married, having kids, and then running off

      My ex cheated on me too. Right now I'm focusing on work and building better relationships with my friends. It's much better to be happy single than unhappy in a relationship

      And I agree with the karma thing too. All the cheaters of the world will get what they deserve when they realize they cheated on all the best people and realize they're alone

    • @Idonthaveausername You're still young, I remember reading a statistic that the average women can be approached x-amount of times by a guy, obviously just because a girl or woman is courted doesn't mean the guy is doing it for the right intentions. But the reason why I say that is because you have your life ahead of you, what's the point of fucking it up for 1 person.

      In terms of the karma thing, my approach is people should not hope karma on others, when I say that, I mean, leave it up to God. Because if we tend to wish bad upon on people, it becomes a negative trait in life that turns into jealousy and hatred if things don't pan out the way you envision it. I admit, as a guy, there have been pretty girls who have come into my life, and I thought, ohh maybe she's the one! I would be extra talkative and thinking she could be my girlfriend, then I realized through those failures and rejections to worry about myself, be a good person regardless but not to rush into things.

    • Haha so true. I'm pretty sure most of the guys who have tried to stick their hands up my skirt weren't doing it because they wanted a relationship. True I do have plenty of life ahead of me, but I don't feel ready for a new relationship yet and I haven't met the right guy

      I only said that about karma because I've seen it happen with my ex. He's tried to get me back several times and make me jealous because he misses me. I actually felt bad for him a little while after that, but now I'm just trying to completely forget about him and move on

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  • englisc

    I'm sorry to hear aboout what happened with your ex. All I'll say is that there are good people out there who will stick by their promises and be loyal.

    I think you have the same problem I used to have. I almost gave up on relationships too, bu

    • englisc

      ... but I realised that in the past, even though they had nice qualities I also ignored many obvious red flags, just as you seem to do. When something feels off you should trust your gut instinct and use your head rather than allowing those strong initial feelings to cloud your judgment.

  • zzzondarrr

    "I feel like I've be conned enough times now and my trust issues make it hard to truly let people in. I don't think any man seems to care enough to break down my barriers and prove to me that not every guy is the same." - well, I myself am looking for a deep love that will last forever, and I know I might sound harsh, but this is the exact reason why I'm looking for someone who hasn't been in a relationship yet. I want to be with a girl who will give herself completely to me, just as I would give myself to her, who would trust me without any boundaries, just as I will trust her... And even the thought of her being with other guy before me is just so disturbing to me, it makes me so unable to attach to her fully, cause I just feel like some parts of her will belong to somebody else forever... I know this might sound very very harsh, I'm really sorry if that's the case, but I really feel like this is how most of the "decent" guys feel, though they're probably not aware of it, as I wasn't until the past few years, (and I'm not speaking only for myself, most of my male friends who are still single have basically the same attitude), and I think it's extremely important to break an illusion some might get after reading your post that basically all men are like your ex boyfriends, and that you simply can't find someone to whom you will become his whole world... You most definitely can, and you really need to, but you just need to save yourself for him - or simply put, try not to have any ex boyfriends...

  • freakyzeaky

    Wish I had a good woman to take care of and give loving support to. You are right, not all guys are unreliable.

    It is fine being alone and there is always a risk being vulnerable. We just need to find those who are compatible and are willing to sacrifice for each other, not being one sided, but completely mutual.

  • Margillard

    Men are opting out of long term relationshilps these days.

    • Aren't Sheldon and Amy getting married though?

    • @Idonthaveausername For the ratings.

    • Lol. Well then that means the majority of people who watch the show (which is a lot of people) still like the concept of marriage. Howard and Bernadette, and Penny and Leonard also got married "for the ratings"... so that's not a very good meme to try and prove your point

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  • Helena26

    Sorry to hear that girl it sucks, if a person doesn't want you in his life then you dont want him either. And he isn't worth it. A guy breaking my heart like that is the reason why I just go through flings and never settled down. Not only that but also I am afraid of commitment, and I don't want to be caught cheating because I am weak when it comes to hot guys. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  • Ariel1990

    Too sad, too bitter..
    there are tons of young men who would trade their soul to be with u.
    Dont overanalyze thigs, dont count how many of them did this or that. at your age just live your life and let the thigs go its natural flow..
    I believe in destiny and the best one is still waiting for u

  • kilowatt04

    You are amazing for even getting with a guy who has depression. Most women would not look at us twice, just see damaged goods and emotional liability instead of a real person with attributes, hopes and dreams. So sorry he ended up letting you down. I can't imagine walking away from someone who helped and cared so much, not that I deserve to ever meet one. Best of luck in finding someone true some day. They are out there.

  • GatorBomb

    I'm truly sorry that this happened to you. I wish I was in your shoes though. Women have never seen me as anything at all and I have never had a girlfriend. If they show the "signs of interest" it always ends up that they are just using me to boost their egos and have someone else whether they be husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is irrelevant.

    • Sara413

      "I feel sorry for you, but let me make this about me and trivialize your pain because I think mine is worse..."

  • April10

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I know it's not helpful to say everything will turn out for the best when your heart is breaking. But everything will be ok! And it's so brave and great of you to take some time for yourself right now.

  • BrittBratt2416

    You're ex is a d bag, if he every comes crawling back if things don't work out with the other woman just slam the door in face and don't leave know back

    • And trust me, if a guy can leave a relationship/woman for another woman, then he will most likely do it to her as well as soon as someone else comes into the picture.

  • Poppykate

    Princess Pie... l adore you. I really do. You are so sweet, but I think you can easily avoid this situation by following a few simple rules, early at the start of the relationship. And avoid a lot of heartache.
    1. If you find yourself giving a lot more than him... move on.
    2. If you find than he uses maluputive behaviour to get his own way... move on.
    3. if you get that gut feeling that something is not right... move on.

    I hope you find the man of your dreams who makes you crazy happy. Because you deserve to be happy!

    • Thank you poppy.
      You're so right.. your advice is spot on and i need to start realizing i am worth more than the behaviour i've been given so far :)

    • Poppykate

      I wish you all the best in the future! ❀️ And watch out for those red flags! πŸ‘πŸ»

  • es20490446e

    If 6 people dumped you either you choose very bad, or the constant is you.

    • Time to be honest, and learn.

    • i wasn't dumped by 6 people, i've had 6 boyfriends i left 4 of them.
      but they changed and started treating me bad.

    • It's like you got a job and you got mistreated or fired. It could happen once, but the sixth time cannot be an accident.

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  • Chanel1981

    I'm sorry you've had this experience and I think it's wise to take time to yourself. I find the older I get the harder it is to trust due to bad past experiences.

  • rufurrealz

    I've just been through the same thing... i tried to get back with her andmy dog passed away and she just wasn't there for me even though i was there for her through her tough times...

    im from maryland,27. you?

  • Listening5

    Hey I remember you, I had you on my list and talked to you a couple of times. I thought you left gag since I didn't hear from you in months and I remember you were in a relationship.
    Well, so this happened, what can you do. Yea take some time off and try to improve your life but specially heal from all this.

  • CAsurfing

    Smart move buttercup.
    I personally do not date right now because it is very difficult for other people in my age group to stay loyal and stalwart. I like to think both girls loved me, but I often found my self in a situation where it was a major red flag. In any case. Dealing with people like that is no longer my prerogative.
    Good take and i wish you good fortune.

  • StanleighK

    Another example of effort for what? For the benefit of who? Another nail in the coffin, literally, you carry on with these wonderful examples of whatever they are!
    I applaud everything you do, can you not hear it?

  • zagor

    Sounds like it might be a good time to concentrate on other aspects of your life for now and forget dating and relationships. You'll know when you're ready again.

  • lizziepooh03

    Awwww, I am sorry, PrincessPie. That sucks. :(

    I think you are doing the right thing in taking a break and taking a step back. If your experience has been with men that are inconsistent or men that take advantage of you, I would use this time to evaluate your past experiences and identifying the red flags that you choose to ignore. And more importantly, figure out *why* you choose to ignore them.

    Figuring out why you put up with bad behavior will help you in picking a better partner in the future.

    You are a good, kind and honest person. You deserve the same. Do not ever doubt that.

    I wish you the best of luck. :)

  • Blake0048

    Ok so you dated a few douchebags and you were willimg to bend over backwards for them when you shouldn't have... does it really make sense to quit dating? You're just going to end up passing up the period of your life where you are the most beautiful/young/fertile/valuable and when you di decide to get back into dating years and years later all the decent men will already be married and might even have kids. You will find it even harder to find a good man and form a relationship with him. The better choice is to simply up your game and learn to go for better men and avoid putting up with any bullshit.

    • 88flowers

      Exactly. Especially for women. We have a MUCH smaller fertility and sexual market value window. As tempting as it may be to "sexually hibernate" for a decade with pets, manga and ice-cream... NOW is the time to find your soulmate. CARPE DIEM.

    • Sara413

      Oh puh-lease! I spent most of my 20s single and managed to find a decent dude at 28. I know plenty of people who've found good partners in their thirties and forties. No one should spend their 20s desperately seeking to lock down a relationship. If she wants to take some time off from dating, she should. People need to make the decisions that are right for them, not base their decisions off some silly idea that they're on a fixed timeline.

    • 88flowers

      Bad advice, girl. That's how you end up like Joanne Moller:

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  • Streamhopper

    I'm so sorry for what you've had to go through. Guys do exist who are like what you want; I know because I'm one of them. Yes, we're rare.

  • glitterberryalisa

    I feel you! I've been through similar struggles but from my experience I know I would probably never date someone who didn't have a job or was depressed when I met them.. of course there are reasons why you accepted that about him but those are red flags, especially if they're depressed... A guy needs to be completely happy with themselves before I even consider getting into a relationship with them... just my experience/opinion and hope things will get better for you!

  • Thanks for sharing with us and I'm sorry for your misfortune in life
    i wish you the best your a bright, kind , young lady who deserves the best.
    God Bless You -Hugs- ~!!!

  • sawno

    Princess this story is heartbreaking. Girls who care this much should not be hurt by such awful guys. Luckily the right guy can still come on your path and give you lots of love even when you have nothing left to give.

    The right guy will not try to win you over, the right guy will not bring you down. The right guy will be himself and build you up. A natural friendship strong and beyond, those are the ones for a life long bond.

    Those who promises you likely do not even understand what love is, chasing there desire mistaking it for love. The guy who truly loves you will know to be himself around you and will enjoy what you two have build up even when you two where not aiming for a relationship when you met.

    You deserve the love of your life because you have an equally loving heart. Take a break, but don't give up. Don't let them promise you the world, let them give you themselves.

  • FatherJack

    Sorry to hear about your shitty experiences , you and I both , I don't want a relationship ever again after my failed marriage. Being a FT working single dad , means I'm too busy to even care !!

  • Sara413

    You know what? Staying single for a while and focusing on who you are and who you want to be sounds like a very mature and healthy decision for yourself at this time. It doesn't sound at all like you're cutting yourself off from the world or giving up on men for good, or like you're having g a pity party. You're just recognizing that you've been hurt and disappointed and you need some time and space to focus on YOU.

    I hope that eventually you're able to get back into the game and that when you do, you find yourself better equipped to recognize red flags when you see them and trust your instincts enough to set men aside who give off those warning lights. You deserve better and I think you will find better one day.

    Best of luck to you :)


    i know exactly how you feel.

    the good news is you dodged a bullet and you have a lot to offer, get back out there

  • TripleAce

    its good to take time off and self reflect a little about yourself and things to come

  • Vmm90

    I truly enjoyed reading this and on some levels I can relate. I too have given up on dating.

  • ObscuredBeyond

    I've had to just about give up dating as well. The girls at work keep picking on a coworker of mine who is in a relationship and not interested in them. But won't give me the time of day, even when I'm single and willing to pay attention to them. They have history with him going back to high school. I've been there 3 years, but I'm somehow always "the new guy" that nobody trusts.

    That, and most of my past prospects turned out to be psychotic. So it's a good thing I'm not with them. Last thing I need, is to have to share a home with someone who is clearly clinically mentally unstable. My life is chaotic enough as-is.

  • JudgmentDay

    @Unit1 The more we see and read things like these the more we are convinced that love, relationships, etc. are all but emptiness and fallacies. People can deceive and break promises they make, can't ever be all too trusting. But what can I say? If @PrincessPie ever considers to become Single For Life o remain single indefinitely like we had, then she's always welcome to! Not saying that she has to, it's kind of like our own little group or crowd. The more people decided call it quits completely on relationships, dating, etc., the more interesting that things are going to become in the future, besides this might help with overpopulation, so who knows?

    • Unit1

      I'm sure she will bounce back into dating once she recovers from the healing process. It's normal.
      But yes, personally I don't believe in love (and for me currently it is a bunch of illusions and hormone-works)... UNTIL I meet a truly amazing lady, who proves me otherwise. But that's just me.

    • @Unit1 It's just there to try and make us feel comfy, another form of coping mechanisms all because we both know that their is misery and suffering thus "it" gives purpose and meaning, value to it to counteract those miseries and suffering that we all have to go through, but ultimately we both know that everyone's time will be up and so it's just there to help us cope and try to make us comfy, but is it really anything more than that? Other than how it could potentially lead to bringing more people into this kind of a miserable world and reality in which we both know that everybody that is part of this reality or had been part of it or yet to be part of it had all suffered in their lifetime before their time is up? Keeping us all from dying out being to only true and real purpose? Or meaning? And yet, we both know that we will all die no matter what we do, no matter whom we seek or seek to be with?

  • I don't like relationships after dating twice either. Bleh, I'll just get an arranged marriage once I grow up. I'm done with guys already.

  • Dont waste your youth, go for fuck buddy!.. you maybe emotionally trainwreck, but still physically good..

  • Westy616

    I feel your pain. I seem to be genuinely more committed to women.

  • Uhhjsshshdh

    Do you, go at your own pace. Whatever makes you happy and what you want out of life.

  • So this is why you didn't post in like forever. I'm sorry

  • red_knight

    Wish there was an option to delete

  • bytes

    Omg i’m so there. So over the lazy communications and low effort

  • thenewgirlll

    That's the first time I read a mytake. It was really good.

  • jokery56

    I’m sorry this happened to you. Stay strong

  • traveltheworld

    I'm very sorry this has happened to you!

  • lazermazer

    Great read

  • Decentguy

    Sorry to hear about that.
    Nice take by the way

  • blackpantherbig

    avoid falling for a guy that quickly and easily