Studs vs. Sluts: Let's Put This to Rest

Studs VS Sluts.

Studs VS Sluts  (lets put this to rest)

We have all heard of it, heard about many MANY double standards that plague the dating world, or dating pool, or dating scene or whatever the fuck people want to call it. Male – Female relationships…ah..there we go. Im only going to address one today. Or a couple.

I am always astounded when I see the Ignorance behind the situation people put themselves in when in relationships. Males are too fucking desperate, and the females are too fucking fearful.

It’s not a lie that men like sex, it’s our 90 in the “90-10” theory I created which states that “Everyone has that one thing that they look for in a relationship that they can’t do without (90), and the one (or ones) that they can do without (10) the backburner.”

For guys…sex is our 90… tons of women think that its ALL we look for…it’s not. Women (and I’m talking generally or stereotypically here…whichever floats your boat) want the romantic surface stuff (90)…dates, flowers, movies, attention, etc, but they want sex too (10)…some can go without that, just like men don’t mind doing all that romance stuff (10) for their woman. We all wanna be happy right?

I came up with a joke/saying, “when you hold the keys to the cookie cupboard, you ain’t worried about the cookies, it’s the Other people that worry” lol and that is what women have…keys to the cookie cupboard.

Studs vs. Sluts: Let's Put This to Rest

This brings me to my topic. Women always wonder why a guy can sleep with 50 women and be considered a Stud…and a woman sleeps with only 10 and is considered a Slut…

Before I go real deep into this, let me revert back to my cookie analogy with a question…

Who is more of a badass? The person holding keys to 10 cookie safes and can get in whenever they want or the fucker who Broke Into 10 cookie safes….you know exactly who.

So when women wonder why a man can sleep around and not get fucking chastised, let me tell you the reason darlings, it’s all because of YOU…WOMEN!

Studs vs. Sluts: Let's Put This to Rest

You make the vagina such a valued commodity to the point where you keep the damn thing hostage…and for some, a guy has to bet the rest of his life (marriage) in order to access it. So if a man can access that same commodity, free of fucking charge…that is some Pimp shit.

To a more valid point, look at all the hoops men have to jump through in order to get ONE woman into bed. He has to do the approach, he has to impress her, and he has to find out what “rules” she has about what to do to get closer, be it 6 dates or 6 years, before you even find out the “rules” (some women don’t tell you) time is passing by…days, weeks, months…and sometimes even years. And all this time, the woman wants to be catered to, go on dates, romanced, all that shit, so it’s basically the guy just giving, giving and Giving. Just to get what? To get intimate? To get our 90? Meanwhile, the woman takes, takes, takes and Takes, but yet denies a guy his 90. Technically saying they make it hard.

Studs vs. Sluts: Let's Put This to Rest

To be able to do that 50 times, that’s a fucking achievement, that’s why men get the props.

Now women, theoretically, don’t have to do squat. One tight dress or short skirt or skimpy outfit and some guy or guys are lining up at the door, that’s no fucking acheivement. Hell, the shit even extends to the bed, most guys have been in a sex situation where the woman just lays there. And that is fucking awful…then he doesn’t want to be in that situation anymore and ghosts the woman and she turns around and says she was “used for sex” or “sex is all he wanted”…all fucking lies.

Let me tell you something ladies, for those of you that have actually approached men and stated your intentions, be it just for introduction or for sex because you found them physically attractive, how hard was that shit…? It’s so fucking difficult and scary as shit, but this guy does that 50 times. Yes, he’s a fucking stud. He did something scary and difficult that many times. If it were so easy, why aren’t there more women asking men out, approaching men, proposing? Why? Because its fucking scary as hell, that fear of rejection is quite something.

But instead of women admitting it, they buttered it up (like women do) and just assumed its easier for the…NO..its the same, matter of fact, its fucking harder.

Studs vs. Sluts: Let's Put This to Rest

If a man approaches a woman and she rejects him, he’s not allowed (by society) to bitch about it and throw a fucking tantrum, or the women will band against him and the men would band against him (white knights), and somewhere in there, her “free will” or “choice” will be thrown in and “sexual harassment” will come up.

But what happens if a woman approaches a man and he rejects her…she falls into disbelief, feels insecure, throws a tantrum or tries to force herself on him in the hopes that he is “just joking” and when he gets adamant about the rejection, she asks if he is Gay. No boo boo…I just don’t want YOU, does anyone react and tell her to fuck off that she isn’t wanted..? NO!! its fucking ridiculous. And that is part of what women don’t get, Dick is so free, that if they are shut down, they can’t believe it, the problem can’t be them right? Because women are perfect and are wanted by all men.

I died laughing one time when I read somewhere that “…only fat girls and ugly girls understand what men go through..” like you have to prove yourself, you have to work to get what you want. Many women wonder why more and more guys keep going after the “average” looking girls and the fat girls get all the guys…its simple…they GIVE to the guys as well…instead of just taking taking Taking like the “hot” girls who feel that just because they look good, they should be worshipped.

So!! when it comes to Studs Vs. Sluts. Studs are called that because they have to work hard on each and Every attempt to access the cookie cupboard, but women don’t have have it that hard, Dick is free and readily available any fucking time they want it. So what is the impressive factor? NOTHING. That is why they are called Sluts. It doesn’t really help that even though both males and females have similar sex drives, not only do women hold back for fear of being labelled, they also deprive themselves of What They Want as well, which is stupid, if something is free…get it, if you want it, get it. So it earns the label “Slut”. Not because it’s not a natural thing to have sex, but because she’s making it a bigger deal than it is.

Studs vs. Sluts: Let's Put This to Rest

OMG, don’t even let me get started on virgins…I’m not changing my stance on this even if I know that it’s not all women, but Everyone who knows me knows I HATE those, especially the ones who hold that virginity hostage till they lock something (or someone) down that they think is permanent (marriage). I just consider them as people that have nothing better to offer…so they hold a piece of skin hostage, and in exchange, someone has to bet the rest of their life to get to it. Dumbest fucking concept if you ask me, none of y’all would buy a car or make a big investment without knowing all the outs and ins, no test drive? really?. Maybe in the 1600’s that shit would have flown, but now there is this thing called divorce…Virginity ain't worth shit. Matter of fact, if you are a virgin, you are ranked Below the so-called slut.

Studs vs. Sluts: Let's Put This to Rest

Look at the reasons people break up or divorce these days…a high percentage is because of sexual unsatisfaction…but instead of gaining experience, these morons hold on to it. Because why? Nothing better to offer. Using sex as a weapon to get what they want. And there is also that Bigger moron that buys into that dream. Again, this doesn’t qualify to ALL women.

So…Studs Vs. Sluts…who would you have more respect for..? a person that came into millions by working for every penny, or a person that inherited those millions…?

Studs vs. Sluts: Let's Put This to Rest

And THAT, people is why men get the uplifting name, and women get the slander-ish name.

Women, if you want to change that, stop putting a price on the vagina, stop making guys jump through hoops. If you know that all he wants is sex…then give it up or leave. It’s better than waiting and gaining feelings because he does what you want, then when it’s time for him to get what he wants…you can’t (or even worse) won’t deliver. (new Take right there)

Practice practice practice. I have not ONCE in my life seen a man that has a woman that is ready to drop that ‘gina in an instant if he asks and whichever which way he wants…that has been cheated on, same thing the other way around…I have not ONCE seen a woman cheat or leave a man that has been able to jump through her “requirements” and hoops and considerations etc.…just doesn’t happen.

Studs vs. Sluts: Let's Put This to Rest

The “90-10” theory is real, if you satisfy his 90 with your 10, he will satisfy Your 90 with his 10, either way, you get 100% relationship and happiness. If you want your happiness with some man, instead of making him “work for it” while you do nothing, how about you DO something, sacrifice what your thoughts are, and watch him sacrifice for you too…and if he doesn’t…fuck him, move on.

Now in a situation where relationship isn’t the goal for one of these people…the way I see it…do the 90. And if they aren’t fine or happy with it…walk away. Men don’t wanna spend money, time, and ears for women (ugh, and fucking valentine’s day, like we need some corporation-assigned day to tell us we like who WE asked out)..and women don’t wanna give up the *yells* the ‘gina!!!…so if you think that is what the other person wants Only…give it to them and see if they leave. Either way…you fucking know. And you can move the fuck on.

Studs vs. Sluts: Let's Put This to Rest

Studs get it because they work hard on each instance…sluts get it because they can get it easy, but choose to act stupid.

Win-Win situation if you ask me. If anyone thinks im coming off ignorant (in a way I am)….i want you to scroll up…look at the topic…and pick a side…and shut the hell up. I researched this shit, but im not coming off “professional”.

(funny part…it’s you women that shame other women for the most part, for wanting something natural) It has nothing to do with men.


Most Helpful Girl

  • This had a few half points but most of it just read like a rant. I’m not sure if you truly *get* why women make certain sexual choices.
    ON VIRGINS: As a virgin, I know PLENTY of women who opt to stay virgins or celibate because they don’t know how to navigate the dating world without being taken advantage of. That, and they might be religious. It’s not about having nothing to offer, it’s understanding sex and sexuality is what men priorize most. Which leads me to my next point.
    VIRGINITY IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION: women didn’t wake up one day and judge each other based on how many dicks they swallowed. Men created the convention of virginity, and made it more desirable to have a woman that hasn’t been touched. Rationalize this how you would like, but it begins and ends with men. So of course, men are allowed to be sexually promiscuous - it’s been expected of you for millennia. To conquer lands and the women that live in them was a historical feat, and that same mindset still exists today.
    ON THE 90-10 THEORY: this seems like a gross over simplification of gender theory. I don’t get this at all. You do realize by saying that men should get their sexual tastes satiated so you can get your emotional needs met, is detrimental to understanding men right? Men are MORE than their reproductive organs - the suppression of male emotions is the key to aggression. Men are not happier being treated this way, it’s part of the reason young men have such high rates of suicide. This theory doesn’t really teach men how to pursue and acquire meaningful relationships. Sex can be used to bargain (that’s essentially what dating is) but under no circumstances should be imply that’s the be-all-end-all.
    I also don’t like your word choice here. “Slut” is a loaded word with negative connotation. Women having sexual agency isn’t negative. Do better.

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    • Women were held in high esteem in many societies, but not in positions of control, but rather, positions of nurturing. Look up women in the Norse society. Think about how brutal and unmerciful the men were during their conquests, and yet, their home life was heavily dominated by women. The home was the woman's domain and Norse men actually revered their women as leaders, healers, mothers, and counselors. The women were the heart and mind, the men were the spirit and tenacity. The women were the love in which kept the home sacred and the men were the ones who did everything in their power, including ruthless violence, to make sure that they could sustain their way of life.

      That was how it was for many societies. The roles were what allowed children to thrive in a structure that supported them rather than left them to question their place. People needed to get their ass in gear because life was fleeting and unforgivingly hard.

    • "change of required" = chance of requiring

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What Girls Said 18

  • I love how not a single woman has liked this post. Because this isn't true. You're not putting both POV's in perspective, only the male ones. There's two points of view here - a male and female point of view. You only highlighted how "hard" it is for men. Boo fucking hoo.

    How about the women who are actually after sex - only- and then get called a slut and a whore because she was "easy", and then get disrespected by men for the rest of her life?

    What about the girl who is naturally ugly but she can't even get an ugly guy herself, because even the ugly guy goes only after the hottest girls?

    What about the men that say "women" they're actually referring to the hot/thin women, not WOMEN in general? - "Hot women are the only women" - said an idiot somewhere sometime.

    The 90-10 theory is a little bogus if you ask me. 10 is a very small number compared to what I've seen - women want sex more than 10 out of 100. It's just men use sex as a tool to humilite, harm, or insult women.

    If there weren't any slut-shaming, any disrespect, for women who actually are willing to fuck a guy in the first date, believe me, it'd be much easier to have sex with her instead of going for 6 years and still getting nothing. Because patriarchy. Men created this culture- now it's their (and our) responsibility to destroy that nonsense.

    • This is so true! I’m not considered conventionally attractive and I grew up thinking I was some monster because men would CONSTANTLY say women get all this attention. I couldn’t relate to that and as a result, I didn’t feel like a real women. After a little time in college, I realized i was just “plain” but nothing below average.
      These guys weaponize their misogyny as “opinion” when it’s obvious it’s nothing close to informed. Any man with women friends could tell him that if men wanted more casual sex, then they should promote WOMEN being sexually liberal. It’s less work for them and it stops women from being afraid of expressing their sexuality, lest they be called a “slut.”
      Men can complain all they want about double standards in dating and relationships. But this is a patriarchy - women don’t make the rules. Men do

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    • I agree, I'd watch this guy's Youtube channel.

    • Well stated.

  • I call bullshit on the 90-10 thing. Your take on relationships is incredibly sad. People have different values, not all men think with their dicks. The men I'm friends with are just as interested in meaningful partnerships and I've had many friends who loved their girlfriends to death even if the sex was scarce or not great. A great partnership is about so much more than that, and most people in long-term relationships know that. There will be times in your life that are rough where you don't have sex for months, and in a stable relationship you still love your partner. I'm not saying that sex isn't important for a good relationship, just that it's different for every person and especially in long term relationships is not a priority for most people anymore. The ones who realize that and looked for a partner who isn't just good in bed but also their best friend and someone they love spending time with, those people stay in those lifelong relationships. The ones who make their life dependent on sex are the ones who get divorced because they inevitably get disappointed by reality.

    That being said, as a sexually active woman, I have never really been slut shamed by other women. I have however been slut shamed by men, even the ones I slept with. And it's really uncomfortable to be put down by someone you just shared an intimate moment with.

    • The general notion about these issues suggest otherwise !!!
      You are making a hypothetical situation of what is right or wrong to have a long lasting relationships where in reality is exactly the opposite.
      I do agree with you that so many divorces... etc are based on lack of sex issues.. just like what OP said.
      But that doesn't change the fact that a man have a lot to improve while a woman is more satisfied of what she can get.

      So there is a double standards here...

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    • @Tdieseler I understood what you're saying, I'm just questioning it, because it seems to be anecdotal rather than actual data. I'm sure there's no study that backs the 90-10 thing

    • There isn't... there is just MY personal research... want some back up? the theory states that everyone wants something out of a relationship, and everyone has something they either don't want, can do without, or their partner wants... so list all the somethings you want... thats your 90. Then list all the somethings you DONT want, or don't want to do but your partner wants... thats your 10.

      If you tell me you don't know what you want out of a relationship... then you are just fibbing. im also sure you have stuff you don't care about. Classic case in point... usually (and according to the theory) the 10 you don't give a shit about is usually to supplement your partners 90. so think carefully

  • Sorry man... There is one big thing I must disagree with: the virginity part. Sorry if the fact that sex is sacred is a concept you can't grasp, but going around and telling people that their convictions are stupid is not okay! Both my own morals and my spiritual convictions don't allow me to lose my virginity before marriage, so sorry if I don't necessarily agree with you on everything!

    • What are you fucking apologizing for? I asked you to chime in.. let me fucking have it. don't go easy on me darling :) . Im hoping im not agreed with lol.. i want the debate.

      You say sex is sacred.. i say sex USED TO be sacred. and if its not sacred anymore.. then virginity ain't shit no more.
      I say marriage is sacred, I for one will NEVER divorce. but look at divorce cases... over 70% are initiated by women, which blows my mind because its women that usually goad/taunt/prod a man into proposing when the man isn't ready for that shit. so stuff changes.
      If you have your spiritual convictions, that is absolutely cool, but ima still stuff you in that category, at least you have some reason. What about the rest of them that just hold it hostage because they want something else? its a fucking transaction and that irritates me.
      i look at it in real time... what is the leading cause of most relationship breaks? sexual unsatisfaction. but instead of getting experience people just bet.

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    • Thing is, it's a little hard to appreciate sex as this intimate and "sacred" thing when the lowliest things like porn involve it and devalue it on a daily basis. And truth to be told, this was literally how I saw sex for most of my teenage years. I could hardly even associate it with actual love expression, and especially how people casually throw those things around and the same guy jacking off to porn even dares spout things about love.

      In the end, I agree with your message and end goal.

    • @narusasuyaoixoxo at least u get it

  • I understand the logic behind men being "praised for their achievements", but why does this have to go hand in hand with women being shamed for the same thing?
    Everybody should just be able to fuck as few or many people as they want without having to face any judgement whatsoever, at least in my opinion.
    Still, even if I don't agree with all of it, an interesting take.

    • Men have to work at having sex while women put if far less effort to achieve the same goal.

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    • i think @Wwwyzzerdd reexplained it in his first comment...

    • @Wwwyzzerdd LOL. I don't think you understand what the word 'mansplaining' is to say that I'm "womansplaining" you. Check that first. Second, I'm pointing out that if a woman or a man is promiscuous, you have no right to call them out for it unless you want them as a potential partner. Also, it would be wrong of you to insult these people if they've had safe sex and don't have STDs or anything, because they have virtually done nothing wrong. Only sex. SAFE sex.

      The only reason why people are so scared of safe sex is because of religion and men trying to suppress womens' freedom. It's pathetic

  • You realize men can have sex, wash off and continue their merry way while women might have to deal with becoming pregnant for nine months and then raise a child. Biologically speaking, it makes sense (at least to me) that women are more careful than guys with who they have sex with. I understand there are birth control methods to prevent this, but it's still biologically hard-wired into females minds. They get shamed by other women and men for making stupid sex decisions not because they hold the keys to the "cookie cupboard" and they didn't have to hop through any hoops to get the cookie but because careless behavior in terms of creating your own family means they are more likely to be a careless parent that doesn't raise her family right. We have many idiots in this world today, it'd be nice if we had smarter parents to raise kids up correctly. In addition, sex is a form of intimacy that can be used to deepen a relationship and make it so that the couple has a stronger bond with one another. Sleeping around destroys this effect, making breakup more likely and harming the children that family had.

    • Just an echo at how the "alpha male" mentality is at it's decay in actual society. So many guys try to emulate our primate ancestors thinking it will take them somewhere, but it's losing it's touch as we evolve. :p

    • @narusasuyaoixoxo Alpha male is still the highest goal for a lot of women.
      the problem is the misconception of alpha male through the media...
      no reason to hate lol.

    • Before the age of contraception and, more decisively, birth control, women's sexual behavior made perfect sense. Any intercourse could reasonably be expected to result in a life-risking pregnancy and longterm investment.
      But now it's time for women to update their software. The circumstances have changed and your reasoning can surpass your biological urge to hold out for the "right" guy. Men have had to suppress their biological instincts for a long time to a large extent in order to function in society, and I can tell you it's never easy for us. On the other hand, women just need to lower their caution a bit and develop a greater appreciation for visceral pleasure.

  • Guys can never let us be lool, man stop being insecure and think everything we have should belong to you

    • lol 4 downvotes... love how its just dudes who dont like the truth

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    • I can let you be... i ALWAYS let a woman be. Its funny to watch. You ever watch a dog stick its face into an open fan? or a friend take a dive with a bungee cord that is Slightly too long? or take a ramp that is Slightly too high?

      I Watch you women. The part that irritates me is how when you end up hurting yourself, rather than accept blame... you turn around and blame everyone else but the moron in question. YOU.

    • fuck off? LOOL

  • This is not really always that true. Far too many times I experience the girls jumping on the guys, they're not particularly attractive but they all manage to get girls in bed with very little effort, whilst the girls have a much harder time. Plus to be honest dudes with that reputation don't get looked upon very nicely in my social circles, the word "stud" is hardly ever used, "slut" or "manslut" is a pretty common term.

    • I remember you from another post... hey, my words aren't written in stone. Its just what usually happens. according to your comment, either them guys are desperate as hell, or the women are ugly as fuck.

      Yes, i just said some ignorant shit. but really? look closer...

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    • I'm not dissing, I'm saying it's more egalitarian than it use to be, but I don't really like the shaming aspect of society in general, regardless of the generation. I don't want to be around people that judge one another for their sexual exploits, it's born out of either insecurity or selfishness.

    • i'd say greed, but you have the right idea.

  • Stop comparing people to cars.
    Stop judging virgins, get over yourself. They want to save for marriage, what's that to you? It makes them happy, leave them alone. I would never date or marry a guy who slept with 50 women as if sex is the only thing he wants. That's dumb.

  • I don't care about either sluts or studs. You managed to gave sex with a 1000 people, good for you. You're a 60 year old vurgin, good for you too.

  • Ya know I tend to always think they should be called the same thing because at the end of the day they both sleep with numerous people. The factors that are included in the lead up maybe different but it still leads to the same thing. Everyone fears rejection and I've seen women also make the move so it's both sides. In saying that I dont agree with the name calling tho haha.

    The virgin part I don't agree with, I stayed a virgin till I met a guy that I felt comfortable with and was in a relationship with. I didn't want to just chuck it easily.. to me it was a big thing because I didn't want to regret it since you do tend to remember your first.. also I don't believe in divorce, so to me its a big thing haha

    • look on the bright side now though... you are free of that useless thing. and its sad as a bitch that you do remember your first... do you know that till today, my first doesn't believe she was? ugh... its annoying. i wasn't a whore till later.

      I do agree with your idea of having them labeled the same... im still trying to figure out why the impact isn't the same...
      Example... call a woman a whore and she crawls back into a shell, feels dirty, etc blah blah... call a guy a whore... it goes Right Back to him feeling like a stud. I think he should feel dirty.
      Thats what i was trying explain here... why women feel the labels... and why guys don't.

    • haha well I'm still with my first so it's still bright for me :")

      yeah that's exactly it, sadly don't see any of it changing -.-

    • ... and that is fucking awesome!!!

  • Funny how you think it’s women’s fault that the concept of sluts exist, and yet, the majority of the time, it’s men that call women sluts in the first place.

    I bet you also think it’s our fault if a man doesn’t respect us after we have sex with him. Because, you know, we gave it up too easily.

    Pathetic. 🙄

  • I've heard plenty of men shame women for being easy.

    • Some guys do... won't lie... we all have pinheads in our gender that ruin it for the general population.

    • most* guys do... you're saying that everything that isn't true about your mytake is just an 'exception' but it isn't. What you think is true is probably more false than true.

  • Haha you asshole, funny but some of it might be true.

    • hahahaha... i remember you. love how you came in guns blazing... love it.. keep it up.
      oh, and its not "some of it might be true"... its "majority of it is true"...

  • Makes a good amount of sense, actually. I don't agree with calling women sluts though.

    Yes, guys have to work really hard to get to the cookie cupboard. But is it not cruel to call she who holds the key a slut if she WANTS to sleep with other guys? If she made the effort to sleep with guys simply bc she likes to have sex, I don't think it's right to call her names. She can do what she wants with her body. Especially if she approached first like guys do and nabbed lots of guys, shouldn't she be a stud in her own way?

    • I think you got my idea wrong... I... dont agree with the names/labeling either. why you think im trying to put it to rest. A woman can have sex with as many guys as she wants...
      I've never understood why guys would call a woman names after having sex with her... just hurt feelings i guess... and when other women "slut shame"... i always tell those morons to stop hating cuz they can't get none.

      I believe in the motto "if one can do it, so can the other"... so everything you said makes sense especially that last part... it SHOULD make her a stud... but sadly, because of today's dynamic and how easy it is for women to get laid... its not.

  • I hate both studs and sluts

    • so... meaning that you are not very sexually active...

      or even better 😒 nobody wants to be sexually active with you? lol...

      I dont shame either... fuck whomever... if i see someone i want to fuck... i'd tell em. If they reject me... on to the next one.
      ever since the word whore came out for women that like sex... I've been pissed. a whore is some cunt.. male or female that trades sexual services for something else.

      but if you want to fuck... a lot... be free.. fucking do it.

  • And you seemed like a decent guy...

    • Aww... you really thought that? should have asked... could have saved you the trouble lol...

      This is actually one of my Nicer Takes...

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    • oh... its going to Shake this whole site up. because im gonna be a total cunt about it. I just don't know how im even gonna start... i have to check my notes, rants, former posts and comments...
      ugh.. this might take the whole day or weekend...

  • Hmmm, I guess you like controversial things, huh?

    • Its what riles the general populace up lol... you get more people wanting to chime in... and you get Featured...
      i don't even do it for that... i do it for the argument. I want someone to go against what i say... so we can all put cards on the table and see who has a more valid point.

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    • Yes, I know a good amount of girls that will date a guy because they know they like to "take care of his girlfriends". She used him because your right most girls 90 is romantic bullshit (not all of them though). The reason why we don't tell guys when they'll be able to get in them panties is we want to know who they really are. Are they just here to hit it and quit or here for the long run.

    • as valid a point as that is... NO ONE ever knows who is there for the long run. Just gather your tools and wait for the break down.

  • Do they have herpes1


What Guys Said 29

  • For the most part I do agree with this. I have only a few moments, that I would override on this:

    While the cookie jar and cupboards analogy is understandable and approved by me, I rather go by the key and chests analogy. A chest, that can be unlocked by several keys is not a desirable chest. A single key, that can unlock several chests is a masterkey. In this case men are keys and women are the chests. Since like you said the vaginas have a value attached to it while the supply of dicks grows like on trees.

    I do not approve virgin shaming but I tend to agree with you about the "saving for marriage" part. I don't mean, that I dislike people, who stay virgins for whatever their reasons are but I do agree, that it's really just nonsense. And I'm a kissless virgin involuntarily.
    The buy a car without test driving it applies outstanding to this logic (or any other major investments).

    Last but not least: If women want to have sex a lot, then all power to them. They carry full responsibility with their bodies and what happens to them and their reputation. I'd only ask from them to be very responsible and careful when they plan to go on dating later on while enjoying having sex. They better aim to conceal the "slut" reputation if they are about to get one. It can be done by having friends-with-benefits with much lesser risks involved. At least in my opinion it seems so.

    But at the same time, I don't really suppose, that "manwhores" are desired by women, so there comes this possible drawback.

    But still, great job on this!

    • I've heard the keys and chests analogy too... awesome as well. Great comment.

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    • hahaha, guy. Sadly, that is so true. Im not that guy though, I do fine in my women game. Maybe a little too fine. I take it in stride. I expect nothing and always say not to expect anything from me either. Thats how i roll.
      You know I've put out 2 more since then?

    • I'm not aware.


    When I was younger I used to have the same locker room "pool bet" that the coolest guy could get the most ass and/or the prettiest ass and/or the kinky ass (3somes) etc.

    But you know when they bury you someday do you think of they are going to inscribe on your tombstone: "Here lies so and so... he was a manwhore.. loved by all"?

    The only guys who consistently brag about their sexual achievements and/or belittle other guys they think aren't scoring are either A: lying douchebags B. insecure douchebags who are failing in many other areas of life.

    Human beings are giving sexual organs and strong hormonal to reproduce. But whether somebody is getting laid or not should be nobodies business. Focus on what you are good at and the romantic partner will come.

    This is coming from a guy who has slept with more than 40 women by the way. Not proud of it anymore. In fact if I could do it all over again and marry a woman as a virgin (hopefully she is too) I would been much happier with that path.


    First off the "slut" stigma is dying out nowadays. Many of you are still hung up on it but it's really OTHER WOMEN shaming each other vs. men shaming women.

    Second, off you need to be able to control hormonal reactions to players. Many of you will "say" you know better, but why is it so many of you keep falling in the same trap? In the days of equality, you should give "nice guys" more of a chance. They'll treat you better and respect you more. It will take mental effort for you to overcome that initial lust you feel towards a manwhore, but it's not giving in.

    Now if you want to sleep around that's on you. You have to worry about pregnancies and/or STDs (guys worry about the latter to). But if you find a guy you really like just remember you will take an extra commitment to make him trust you.

    • This kinda went in and out for me. it was a roller coaster... up one sec, down the next. It does kinda shame the men and sympathize with the ladies...
      nonetheless... a good analysis...

    • Yes. All of that is so true.

  • This goes back to the idea that men are the penetrators and the women are the receivers. Men penetrate with their penis, true, but they also penetrate with their love. It is up to the man to penetrate through a woman's walls, to break them down, so that he can give her his love.

    If a woman's "walls" have been penetrated many times, and she has received both sex and love easily, then any subsequent men who seek to penetrate her with his sex/love will not be as special. A man wants to feel special just as women do.

    So in that regard, yes, men are seen as more special if he has the capability of penetrating a woman's walls to give his sex/love.

    I am not saying this is "right", morally or otherwise, but it is just the way sex and love have been viewed for thousands of years. There is a reason why men are the ones who are expected to court a woman, lead, and essentially be "chosen" by her.

    The best thing for men is to be more discerning and to be more choosy. Men need to create boundaries. We essentially need to go out own way. Then when we do find a woman who is receptive to our love, allows herself to be "penetrated", then he will make her feel special because he chose her just as much as she chose him. That is what both men AND women want.

    • I agree with this! 👍🏼 The one thing I have never gotten my head around in terms of casual sex, is that there is nothing really casual about it. A woman is allowing a stranger to put a very private part of himself into her. It’s close and it’s intimate. It’s not casual.

    • Show All
    • Because women were expected to be locked down while there is a biological imperative for men to lock down as many women as possible. Just look at the kings of the past who had multiple concubines. These concubines weren't permitted to screw around on the side, all due to the fact that they were expected to bare the king's children and not other men's.

      For women, there is a biological risk to screwing around, for men, not so much. This could be why it is seen as more acceptable for men, on a deeper biological level, to spread their seed while it is seen as dangerous and irresponsible for women to spread their legs to just any man they find sexually attractive.

    • ok... i like going deep into shit but goddamn... @freakyzeaky
      i just say it ain't fair. notice the fact that its always the man "fucking" the woman... why? they can "fuck" us too...
      hahahaha... eddie griffin said "sex don't start till a dick get hard, when a dick get soft, sex is over" lol... true words...
      i just don't like the idea...
      hey zeaky have you read my rantisodes?

      here, i'll link you with the first...
      i think there's 3 out now... working on 4 more.

      Tired of the Bullshit (Diesel's Rant-isode) Ep 1 ↗

  • I would never call a woman a s.. t or a w... e, however both men and women are equally capable of abhorrent behavior. Just as both men and women are equally capable of being the most awesome and brilliant people in the world.

    • i'd call em whatever the hell they are acting like at the moment. i don't give a shit about her feelings... cuz i know she doesn't give a shit about mine. You think women give a shit about your feelings? hahahaha...
      they seem like they do... but dig deep... its only in relation to theirs. kinda like how in order to get a hefty parking ticket or tickets.. you get a parking permit...

      i use your last line a lot... actually... i say both of what you mentioned... except at the end i add "until it comes to dealing with one another"... in that situation, i can comfortably say that BOTH sides are stupid as fuck.

  • This mytake is BS, couldn't read it all, and it's sad it's so popular...
    Those "studs" are nothing more than male sluts, only idiots "praise" them...
    I personally have less respect for male than female sluts, cause males are by default the ones who initiate the intimacy, and who can more easily reject it...
    And what do you have supporting that "90-10 theory"? It doesn't even make sense logically.

    • if you took time to think about it... maybe it may. both of them are labels. i don't care for both. i mean... who the FUCK judges?

  • I dislike studs as much as sluts. Promiscuity is not my thing. I'm not desperately needing sex either, and I like to know woman first.

    But do what you want and let other do as they want.

    • Hey, i totally agree with you, and have no disagreement with your Choice... im just talking about the double standard here for those that actually are promiscuous.

      and just to be a cunt lol... I've found that its only those that can't get none that settle for all you just said. You trying to tell me that if tons of hot women just threw themselves at you, you wouldn't juggle all of them like circus batons? hahaha.. you know you would.
      but women don't do that unless you are famous or rich or some other shit. so you gotta work for yours... so you get comfortable in where you are at. which is working for it... getting ".. to know a woman first".

      Or maybe you are one of those stereotypical female-created guys... then in that case... its all your choice and should be respected up front, and laughed at out back.

    • If hot women would just come to offer sex, I will say no, if he comes to talk, or asks to date, then it is yes. As I said, I want to know them better before I jump into bed, even if they are asking.

      Maybe I just think like a woman then.

    • No... no... you think like a safe man... who has been conditioned by women.

  • Why do you hate people who keep their virginity for marriage? They want to keep sex to only one person and be committed in that relationship. Why would that bother you? It's their choice. Maybe it makes you and others like you feel insecure about yourselves because maybe people like you have trouble with commitments?

    • Im really holding back from drilling into you because you do have a point... or at least had it at first... but then you attacked me in the second half... but i will be civil and explain.

      Im not against them, im just saying its a bad idea, but if you are like me.. and have met a ton of these people... you start to see a trend. You think being a virgin means they are the only ones that can be committed? then you are as moronic as they are.

      You are damn right it is their choice... just like its their choice to wait for the "right" person to give the virginity to right? then they fuck up and the person (or them) leaves... then what?

      My point is... they make stupid assumptions... restricting themselves to some shit that they can't tell...(the future).. sure there are some people that have gotten lucky and their first was their last... but thats what? 2% of the fucking dating population?

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    • @GracefulCharm you illustrated my point perfectly. Attraction is this weird thing where you can’t turn it off - your lifestyle and attitudes often subconsciously direct you to people who mean you no good.
      That’s why I don’t get why toxic people are so defensive when 9/10 something within them is leading them to bad or untrustworthy people.
      I’ve seen it in my own life. I improved my self esteem, immediately found better men. When I was at my lowest point, I attracted playboys and entertained them longer than i should have. This isn’t a male or female issue, this is a human problem.
      That said, I don’t look down on you for your past at all. You seem relatively nice and a great conversationalist. It’s been a pleasure :)

    • @JustAnotherGirlie
      I believe in the laws of attraction too. Thanks for your kind words. I've been feeling sad for a long time, it gives me some hope I may have something positive left in myself.

  • Your 90-10 theory is unfortunately incorrect regarding women. Women love sex, they can't do without it. Hell, in my experience as an asexual man who has sex with his partners, women aren't even ok with getting sex if i'm not super into it. The vast majority of women can't do without sex in a relationship.

    • then you don't get the 90-10 theory... period.

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    • I mean, I'm done with it, but you could always admit you were wrong. It's a decent practice to get into.

    • The 90-10 theory isn't wrong. I could be though... but the theory isn't.

  • A lot of guys have gotten laid without that much trouble. In fact it's even easier in these times, and women's standards aren't that high cuz many will sleep with a guy if he's a badass, and he doesn't have to work hard to get her into bed.

    I personally don't care how many guys a woman has been fucked by - sometimes it's even sexy. And I definitely don't care how many girls a guy has fucked.

  • Yep your take hit the nail on the head, absolutely correct, but i would only call sluts the girls who are hard to average looking and not so financially abundant men that are almost always ready to go out and give it very easily to rich men or men who got the fucking abs and muscles, but if she is hard for everyone equally then i wouldn´t call her a slut, the same if she is hard for everyone.

    • can't believe you got a down vote. You were very on point and i realized i do the same thing. Except i call them whores... sluts fuck for their own pleasure... whores fuck in exchange for something regardless of if they like it or not.

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    • yep pretty much, they just can´t handle the harsh truth , and even worse when you point out specifically the kind of men they go slut for and the kind of men they don´t, if everyone equally got a piece i would never call then sluts, but since only rich or muscular get the sun to hit them , i will openly criticize it till things change, and if they don´t i couldn´t give a fuck because mo pai training, which im undergoing roght now demand that men cannot cum or he will lose all that hard cultivated ki and sluts will never make me lose my progress towards dynamo jack level ever.

    • Dude... when "Diesel's Rant-isodes" come out... i want you to know, so i followed.

  • Pretty solid myTake. I really like your analogy with the cookie jar. I must say though, I disagree with your criticism of virgins. Virgins are valuable because...

    1. Their virginity over a long period represents patience and self control.
    2. They have less wear and tear, this car and spanking new. (No beef flaps.)
    3. Unlike women with large quantities of sex partners, they are statistically less likely to get divorced, or cheat.

    So with a virgin you're getting a higher quality product, and a far greater level of personal security attached to it.

    • Thank you... thank you. I've worked on that cookie analogy for years... i have a car one too.

      I can see your point... but im gonna raise you.
      1. Is that why most talk so much about sex? its only fear that stops them... not patience or control.
      2. Less wear and tear... well, as much as i'd like to agree with that... do you know about this thing called review? how do you know something is good when NO ONE else has ever tried it. Plus would you get a car based on what the dealer tells you or fucking test drive the shit yourself.
      3. I call bullshit on this one... but agree it does happen, but that is why you give her EVERY reason not to look elsewhere... you tear that shit up in the bedroom and blow her mind outside of it.

      Which brings me to my final point... many men just don't want to do much work, so instead they want a virgin, so they aren't compared to anyone else. But guys that know what the fuck they are doing, want someone who knows what the fuck they are doing too.

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    • Luckily I've never had to deal with that. My boyfriends so far were all grown ups who had their own experiences and respected that I had mine. Which I'm really glad about.
      Hamandcheese seems pretty young, maybe he'll notice after a while that vaginas don't actually get loose from sex.

    • @Felicia5567 thats hella funny. I think he has some solid intentions... but his outlook is a little naive. But he seems to know that too... so.. hey, its his choice... and im all for it. as long as he knows. Im only educating, not changing lives/minds.

  • It is funny that women think men can actually hook up easier than women. I had a girl legit surprised when I told her that most guys can't actually do that.

    Disagree partially with your take. A woman who is promiscuous is more likely to cheat or cuckold a man, biologically speaking. Hence she's less valuable as a partner if she's more promiscuous.

    If a man is promiscuous, it shows he is approved by multiple women as being worthy of sex.

    • i like the way you put it... damn... wish i could make an edit. so its the world (society) view that fucks shit up

  • i usually don't take this things for granted. Never generalize concepts these complex.

  • Brother... You are my twin !!! lol Such a good take.

    My favorite part is the differences men and women go through to please each other !!!
    I said it before that men are less picky regarding women !
    I've seen it happened to a lot of guys ( my friends, coworkers... etc )

    Personally I don't have any problem if the woman really in high status !!!
    I respect that woman and I understand that she is more picky.

    But the general notion, when a woman expect a man to be ideal with her "personal checklist" and have nothing to offer in return is purely BS !!!

    It goes both ways !!! both men and women have to improve in order to form genuine relationship rather than fucking the next hoping to reach the closest thing to her/his ideal image of a partner !!!

    And this apply on guys too !!! never lower your standards and become a slave to the pussy !!!

    And Finally :

    • IKR!! I've been a fan of yours too since i first saw your posts... i believe i was the first one to tell you we were similar. Thank you for your elaboration.

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    • They have been pretty much cool with my takes... only messed with one as far as i know and that was "Players Vs Cheaters"... it was just about the title and a couple of pics but they asked me first.

    • honestly, im surprised they let it fly considering my delivery...

  • I don't care whether it's a man or a woman. If you're having casual sex with tons of random people, you've lost my respect.

    • You know... that is a pure opinion. and i respect that. Now before i chew into you for that... i just want to ask why you think that...

    • Show All
    • Well, whatever man. I didn't learn about sex until I was 14, so not much time for brainwashing. It just instinctively feels wrong to me.

    • hey, i had the same as well.. then when i went into that world i realized a few things... you will too.

  • You make some good points but make terrible points and give terrible advice.

    A virgin woman is ranked lower than a woman who is sucking and screwing random dudes?

    NO WAY!

    • and you are being biased.
      how would you like it when your virgin woman who you love so much (yes, I've seen your posts) .. refuses to do anything you suggest. and she says "missionary" is all she would do and that is IF she decides to have sex with you...
      how much of that can you take.

      Think carefully before you respond... cuz I've held back before after seeing your thoughts on my posts.
      I'd recommend you answer the question i just asked first... how would you like it.

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    • well... I've been in that position (no pun intended) before. A corpse moved more.

  • You make it sound like I have to make it at least a 0.5 position job to have sex with women. News flash, boy, women want to fuck as much as we do. You come off as too skittish, hence your tough existence. Not to mention these ignorant analogies about working for every penny vs. inheriting millions in a trustfund as a way of comparing "studs" to "sluts". It's ridiculous.

    Your research is poorly conducted, is all I'll say. If you think you have to jump through hoops and do EVERYTHING then be ready to do just that.

    • Darling... i NEVER put my own personal experience in these things... but if i were to categorize myself, i'd probably be in the "Slut" zone. You are just saying shit i either know or against.

      My research is poorly conducted... well then beat it... beat my analogies. I only speak in general.

    • So you inherited millions or are you simply not thinking about what you are saying? A loudmouth, then? Seems, you don't even know what it means to "speak in general". Native speaker and all :(

    • Thank you for your opinion :)

  • So much effort into something that cannot be changed because it is ingrained in our society

    • hahahahaha... you think i don't know that. when i talk to women about how they, as a collective, are all a bunch of annoying selfish cunts.. and she goes "well im different"... i usually respond...
      "well thats one woman out of how many billion?"...
      you just spun that right around at me... im fucking loving it... im only one guy...
      just because i don't let vagina blind me... doesn't mean the other how many billion won't lol.

      i fucking love your opinion.

  • 90/10? Well, I suppose you did say it was generic. But the people who shame are also gender specific aren't they? They guys get applauded by guys... the girls don't get applauded by guys or girls. You'd be hard-pressed to find a guy who would boast of his 'conquests' carelessly. He would do so in an environment in which he will feel validated. Plus, due to the societal shaming, women also keep their preferences to themselves in regards to how much sex they want (guarantee that the 90/10 rule would not apply if honesty was applied).
    Speaking of honesty, not all guys would even fit into the 'stud'/slut category as not all guys are honest about the notches on their bedposts.

    • Show All
    • @Tdieseler Why ask questions to a woman if you're not going to listen to one? You say women do certain things a certain way, but you do these exact same things. It's quite funny because it sounds extremely hypocritical.

    • @silverqueen hahah... good one. But still im here to learn. so... what AM i saying wrong. I generalize... but i find out that when women hear it... they look at it from their stand point only.
      Some girl tried to come to the defense of when i told her that most women are cunts are just judge right off the bat... and she comes "no they don't"... and i asked her how many women she had approached. That shut her up.
      Funny thing... i bitch about that... but I've rarely been rejected. happens to all of us.

      @Shaft50 got it... good points too.

  • It was quite a fun read. You have a lot of emotion to your writing, and you got that part down and explaining something that may very well just be.

    On the other hand, I do think guys should just raise their standards. It's stuff like that they make "dick" so cheap- it's basically free. Why would a woman want to buy such a generic product that they sell basically everywhere? Women choose to aim for quality because evolution, and I think we can learn something from that. Maybe, just maybe us guys aren't as "horny" as we are made to believe. Maybe the media and porn and tons of fapping just fucked our brains into believing we want this a lot more than we actually do, and hence why everyone ends up so unhappy in return.

    • Call it emotion, I call it emphasis.
      Im not gonna say you didn't lose me, because you did. I think you are trying to say part of what i said which was that guys should stop giving it out so free.
      You say women aim for quality... that they sure do... back in the day, they fucked the strongest man, for protection, now they fuck the wealthiest, for security. They still do the same shit.
      I know its not all women but its a fucking majority of them, they are just wired to gravitate to where they feel they will do better.. or be better. Thats why a lot of them end up in shitty relationships... because they are willing to put themselves in bad situations just to achieve something else.

      Like those girls who would hook up with the "ganstas".. because he has a lot of money, but then is always scared and under the threat of death.. i mean... is that a life? but women do it. Stupid fucking choices really.

    • Show All
    • @JustAnotherGirlie Gotta admit... you are wearing me down. I like to add little puns and jokes to make it interesting but you are just keeping it straight logical about a topic that isn't logical. Don't get me wrong... i admire the intelligence behind it... but this gender war is laughable.
      I don't know if there will ever be a stalemate.

    • I can see why you may think I sidetracked a bit, but trust me, it was all what I meant.

      Basically, when I mention stuff like "guys encouraged to jack off", is that society has been placing a heavier emphasis on everything sexual-related. Not saying that's a bad thing, but the consequences that followed are. For one, most guys start masturbating at the age of 10-13. The way this relates to our sexuality is that we are given a sort of drug that makes us persue that high more than we really need it (in this case, sex). Your brain becomes a lot more wired to this kind of stuff, and hence why most guys are that desperate.

      I don't really feel like contraddicting you, as you put a piece of your heart into it. If anything, we all men could learn a thing or two off of that.

      Lastly, this topic is the very opposite of a previous topic I read:

      Why Promiscuity Is Killing Chivalry ↗

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