Real Life Love Stories Never Have Happy Endings

Real Life Love Stories Never Have Happy Endings

To simply put it, I've never really experienced heartbreak before him. I've felt a lot of things, I've suffered loss, pain, I've even convinced myself on a number of occasions that I've loved someone, but by the end of it all, I've either hurt them or ended it and felt nothing.

I met my best friend Freshman year of Collage, I was in an open relationship with an abuser and he instantly became my protector, saving me from not only my ex but myself on multiple occasions. Although we lived two separate lives, he was the nerd and I was the stoner, somewhere along the way we both kind of just fell in love and he began to carry some of my baggage for me. While I was off somewhere making out with sleazy men I just met, he was the one defending me, protecting me from some of those scumbags who would later on turn into stalkers, at the cost of his own life... Literally. One of the guys I fooled around with actually shoved a bunch of metal soda cans in his tailpipe one time.

I guess eventually he made up his mind and assumed had enough because he gradually stopped saying "I love you," stopped hugging me and comforting me and found himself a girlfriend. He even became passive-aggressive, yelling at me to "take responsibility" and calling me a "relationship martyr" who seeks out destructive relationships. When I talked to one of our close friends about it, he simply just said "He really loved you and couldn't get over you for a long time."

Years passed and we both kind of drifted apart, although we still hung out. A few months ago we were at a bar with a couple of our friends and he has high blood pressure, so his nose began bleeding because he drank too much, so I helped him clean himself up, but since we were both drunk and not thinking properly, he leaned into kiss me and practically did, but I reluctantly didn't try to kiss him back.

Months now have passed and I've hung out with him a number of times but NEVER without his girlfriend tagging along. Yet even with his girlfriend present I would sometimes catch him checking me out and each time he would do the same thing, look down quickly, with a guilty expression on his face and resort to either kissing his girlfriend out of nowhere, walking away, or talking to someone else in the room.

Saturday night I went to a party and he was there without his girlfriend, but immediately when he saw me he turned in the other direction. I in time found him in the living room talking to two people I know don't like me and overheard him talking about almost kissing someone, in which he proceeded to say "Don't tell Kate" (his gf). By then im 95 percent sure he was talking about me and is purposely ignoring me. The night continues and I see him in passing and although we never stop to talk I catch him NUMEROUS times across the crowded room of people staring at me, so I decided to play around to grab more of his attention and at last he bites, walks over to me and the guy im fake flirting with, grabs something from the counter behind us and just stands there, staring at me, listening in on our conversation, but once I turn to look at him, he quickly looks away and walks off. By this point I'm drunk and extremely upset that he can't even look at me, so I end up locking myself in one of the bedrooms upstairs just to cry it out. But, while sobbing I became fully aware that our relationship is too complicated to be healthy. He has made his decision to be genuine and faithful to his girlfriend which I had no doubt in because he is one of the nicest guys I've ever met, but I was somehow getting in the way of that. He was ignoring me because he was afraid he might cheat or do something he'll regret. He was once my protector but now he was protecting himself from me. So, I did what any sensible person would do, stopped crying, went back to the party, told everyone I wasn't feeling well, and made my rounds to say goodbye... officially... for good. He of course ignored me and played the piano while I went around the room hugging everyone, but eventually he stopped playing, got up, and stood behind the last person I was saying goodbye to, as if he was waiting to be the last one.

We were face to face, and without a word he pulled me into a tight hug, so tight it seemed as if we were both squeezing the life out of eachother. I pulled away first, giving him one last look, barely keeping it together, fake smile on my face while my chest is bundled in knots, saying "Bye Bonito" (A name I sometimes called him because he had a shirt that said Bonito and I thought it was fitting because it means beautiful in spanish). He then squeezed both my arms looking at me like he was about to cry and cracks out a "No" and I quickly, without another word, pull away, almost bursting into tears again thinking about how he must of known I was saying my final goodbye - as if he knew this was the end.

This is possibly the saddest goodbye I have to date, and now because of him I know what heartbreak feels like. I haven't been able to stop crying since, but I feel I've made the right decision. They say if you truly love someone set them free, and if they return then it's meant to be, but I can't go on pretending everything is ok between us, constantly hurting him so he can hurt me back. It's become a game between us, a game i'm reluctant to play. I think this entire time he was trying to convince himself that he didn't feel anything for me anymore, but failed so many times he just resorted to ignoring me as a way to cope. It wasn't fair for the both of us.

I lost my best friend, my Bonito.

Maybe one day years from now we'll find each other again and our love won't be so tragic, but for now I will heal this broken heart, while deep down I'll keep hoping...

"Somewhere in forever we'll dance again."

Real Life Love Stories Never Have Happy Endings
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  • Anonymous
    Well, that did it. You just broke my effing heart. Im so glad I was alone when I read this, I just cried over it for you.
    Your title is wrong though. Not all love stories have a sad ending.
    I was in a situation not unlike yours. There’s a lot of history to my story but we can pick it up in the middle. I was with an abusive asshole (that eventually turned into a stalker) that threatened my best friend.
    I treated him, my best friend, like shit because of this boyfriend and because I was afraid for him. I didn’t want anything to happen to him because of me.
    I told him we were done, our friendship was over. Told him I wanted nothing to do with him.
    It KILLED me to do it. It was worse than any break up with a boyfriend. I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep, I cried a lot, thought about him all the time. I missed him so much. I was actually in love with him.
    After a while of still being in this abusive relationship I finally got out. The stalking started and the threats kicked up a notch. Probably about six months after the police got involved and it all died down I finally felt safe enough to contact the best friend.
    I told him how sorry I was and spilled EVERYTHING. He told me I was the only girl he’s ever loved and we’ve been together since. So there can be a happy ending.
    Right now I know it hurts, unbearably so, I’ve been there but it does get better. It took a long time. It never went away for me but it got to the point it was something I could live with for a time. But the point I’m trying to make is you might just be in the middle of your story, this might not be the ending for you and him.
    I truly wish you the best of luck, sweetheart.
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    • Heatherrr

      Thank you so much! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. You're so right it is unbearable! I haven't eaten a proper meal since and it seems like every second of the day he pops into my head, sometimes I cry so much I start dry heaving. I fully convinced myself that this isn't the end of our story, as you pointed out. I feel like I need to find myself first before attempting anything. I stood in the way of us for so long because I thought I would somehow hurt him if anything were to happen. I feel like maybe once I've found myself, maybe in time, we'll somehow find each other again. It's just crazy and sickening to think that he won't there for me anymore, that comfort him, or make him laugh. I just wish there was a better way but unfortunately, for now, I'll always be a hindrance to him.

  • happyhippo
    Honestly, love stories can end up well, if you put enough effort into that. You were a toxic friend for him and didn't change til he stopped taking your responsibilities. The only reason your story didn't end up well is because you took this person for granted. I honestly have done the exactly same mistake before, but I tried my best to fix it. I advise you to meet up with your friend (alone) and talk it all out. Don't give up so easily, at least take a goodbye where he can say it too. Love stories have happy endings, if you work hard enough for that.
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    • Heatherrr

      Thanks for the advice but we've pretty much gone our separate ways. Two days ago some of my things I left at his house or I let him borrow were placed on my car. He didn't even text me or call, he didn't even knock on the door even though he knew I was home, he just left my stuff without a single word. On one hand Im thankful he didn't say anything bc then I'd be an emotional wreck and it would be harder for the both of us. I think we both realized this wasn't going anywhere and we needed to just let eachother live. It was suffocating really. Still doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Real life stories sometimes have happy endings but you didn't do much to give this relationship a chance, did you. What you did was give it a sorry effort and you got a sad ending. Once again, the misery we find in life is the misery that we create for ourselves.
    • Heatherrr

      You have no idea what your talking about. I guess it may seem like I made a sorry effort but the reality of it is I was always there for him, it wasn't one sided. I honestly thought he deserved better than what I had to offer, he's smart and kind while i'm a pessimistic wiseass. It was as if I was playing with fate, there was always the chance that I would end up hurting him if anything were to happen. I thought by staying friends with him this is how I'll keep him but I guess it turned out to be the complete opposite of what I was hoping for. You may be right that we create the misery we find in life, but I believed, at the time, I was doing the right thing.

  • Logorithim
    That's rough. Thanks for sharing. It really pays to be honest with yourself and others.
  • VaIiant
    Real life love stories do exist, just saying. My parents story actually ended up being featured in a magazine, a number of years ago. You'll eventually find someone who makes you realize happy endings do exist- just keep your head up.
  • EpicDweeb
    When I saw the title... I wanted to contradict you and in some ways I still disagree. But I think I understand where you're coming from. Reading your words it seems like if any couple should have worked out... it should have been you two, and yet it didn't. Even so... I would caution against calling it the end. If you are willing to learn from it, you may find it is a beginning. Heartbreak so often makes you one of two things. It can make you bitter, towards yourself, towards others, or even towards the world as a whole... or it can make you kind. I would implore you, for your own sake and that of others... let it make you kind. When you've felt the things you've felt you gain an understanding that so many do not have. You can understand and help other who are struggling and you can give encouragement and guidance so that others may avoid your pitfalls. I ask that you would not let a sad ending keep you from loving again. Whether it be in the context of a relationship, or a friendship, or a mentorship. Please love... For what it's worth I'll be praying for you. I know you may well not believe in God and may even stop taking me seriously for having brought up religion, even so just know that you're still loved.
  • JudgmentDay
    Happy endings really shouldn't be called "happy" endings. Happily ever after is complete utter bullshit. In the "end", everybody and everything is going to cease to exist and come to an end eventually. Nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts forever. Either enjoy and appreciate it for now, for while it lasts, and for as long as it will last, because you won't get another opportunity to, because like somebody once said "you only live once".
  • bethshepherd
    Why not, have known some real life things that turned out great. There is a great new group for Women only - free - on facebook - come and join in the latest topics - this week we are taking about would you stay with a cheat? Hear what the other women have to say and get their support of you need it.
  • Browneye57
    Your anecdotal evidence is not true for every situation or everybody else. Sorry.
    • Heatherrr

      You are right sir, but for some people it is their harsh reality.

    • True, reality can be harsh. I'm simply objecting to the term, 'never'. I've been married for a total of more than forty years. One was a happy ending and one was not. :)

  • Lance1965
    If you judge by statistics alone then it is true most love stories/relationships don't end well and some end very badly indeed. Sometimes life really sucks and it sucks more for some people than for others. That doesn't mean we should just simply give up but I fully understand why some people do.
  • castratedwhiteguy
    Sorry to hear this, but a well written article. I've been there myself. This is what usually happens when good friends try to start a serious relationship.

    "Somewhere in forever we'll dance again."

    That's a beautiful line! Where does it come from?
  • JDavid25
    Will damn.. That's too bad.. I know that must feel like ish... Although real happy endin love stories happen all the time.. Well, either y'all just wasn't ready for each other and he gon come back later in life, or you gon find a good guy like him..
  • HereIbe
    Real life love stories never have happy endings because they always go until the love ends or someone dies, either of which is tragic.

    That's a major difference between real life and mere stories. Stories can end before someone dies. Life never ends until you die. Dying is the punch line, we are the joke.
  • Bluedream13
    real life stories could have happy endings... if people didn't do dumb shit and took advice when it's good for them
  • madhatters4
    sorry to hear your experience but i don't think it goes to show that love stories can't have happy endings.
  • JimRSmith
    I think you reached the correct conclusion, namely that you need to stay away from each other.
  • Ana_Moonsong
    Wow this is such a sad story. He sounds like such a nice Zguy. 😞
  • I didn't read, but i agree with the title
    ~ Mrs Manson
  • Blunique
    Amazing love story! How long ago was this?
  • mishanw_1071
    Thanks for sharing, my heart goes out to you <3
  • RedRobin
    Thanks for sharing
  • BillieJean1070
    Fairy tales can come true... it can happen to you
  • olga2530
    do not worry so, Bonito will still be on your way
  • AlphaMaleTruth
    Bc hoes ain’t loyal
  • lnghrn_fan88
    Very well written!
    life can be crap at times
  • Anonymous
    yeah... happy endings are possible. I'm in one.
  • Anonymous
    What a sad story...
  • Anonymous
    Wow... deep take...
  • Anonymous
    Even Titanic didn't have a happy ending
  • Anonymous
    such a nice, sad take. Good job writing.
  • Anonymous
    Great myTake
  • Anonymous
    I feel the same way when I was broken.