13 Reason Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats!

Here are 13 reasons why dogs are way better than cats.

13 Reason Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats!

1. Dogs can always find a reason to be hilarious.

2. Dogs respond when you call their name (unlike cats, who just ignore you).

3. They want to go with you to literally anywhere with you, even if it’s just to the bathroom.

4. Dogs are way more adventurous creatures.

13 Reason Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats!

5. Their kisses are the best.

6. They are always happy to see you.

7. You can train your dog to do awesome tricks.

13 Reason Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats!

8. When you’re feeling down, dogs are always there to cheer you up. Cats just don’t care.

9. They can protect you in times of danger.

10. Dogs keep you active.

13 Reason Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats!

11. Dogs let you do silly things to them, and they won’t mind at all!

12. Even science says so! A scientific study conducted back in 2009 shows that dogs make better pets than cats.

13. Dogs are a man’s best friend.

13 Reason Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats!


Most Helpful Girls

  • Don't you dog owners have better things to do then to tell other animal owners how bad their animals are? did you ever own a cat? if you never own any other animal other then a dog you can't tell people who do own those animals that those animals suck.

  • 1. Cats can also always be hilarious
    2. My cat comes running when I call her too
    3. My cat does this to me too
    4. So? I'm not an adventurous creature either. Morticia (my cat) and I just like to chill and listen to music together, and it's awesome
    5. Cats don't slobber all over you
    6. So is my cat
    7. You can also train cats
    8. That's exactly what my cat does for me, cats care very much
    9. So can cats
    10. I don't want to be active
    11. Why would you want to do "silly things" to your pet? That's, like, borderline motherfucking animal abuse.
    12. Yeah, I sincerely doubt that.
    13. Cats are a girl's best bitch <3
    ~ Mrs Manson

    • Lol, i like both but i have a dog at my house, i only disagree where you say its animal abuse to do silly things with your dog. I dress my puppy up for Christmas, and make her stand on her hind legs for peanut butter, its hilarious, but it's not animal abuse because she doesn't mind. If it were animal abuse she'd be hurt. I also throw her on my bed as a little game, and she hops right back up and jumps on me so she can do it again. ( i dont actually throw her, just gently toss her )

    • dogs like to play and do silly things to make their owner happy. they enjoy it as well so there is really no harm at all. 😜

Most Helpful Guys

  • 1. Need I say more than "cat videos"?
    2. Weird, it's like dogs have been specifically domesticated and bred to follow orders on command. Wonder if people had the same thing in mind when they domesticated wild cats...
    3. Putting aside the fact that tons of cats behave exactly like that, what exactly is so great about that? Seems like that would get annoying very quick.
    4. Who says that? How would you even measure that? Never heard of free roaming cats?
    5. True, I love having a huge smelly tongue slide across my face so that I have to go and wash up. And again, how would you even decide which kisses are the best? Bias/preference maybe?
    6. Hm, my grandma has both cats and dogs, and all of them are equally happy when they see me. They just show it in different ways. It's not the cat's fault fault if you can't read their body language.
    7. see bullet point 2.
    8. Similar answer to 6, depends on your connection to the animal and whether you can read their body language correctly. Also depends on the individual.
    9. *cough* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRhV8YoEUqA
    10. Only if you are a good owner and take them on walks. Also, most people don't need dogs to be active. And if you can't go on multiple daily walks, dogs are among the worst pets to get.
    11. Cause every dog behaves in exactly the same way, and at no point in time has a dog ever reacted negatively to having done "silly things" to them. naaaah.
    12. Citation please? And how do they decide what a "good" pet is? Isn't that entirely dependant on the humans living condition?
    13. So no new arguments then?

    People trying to decide which pet is "objectively" the best always strike me as insecure. I like dogs, but they are totaly unfit for the life that I am trying to build up, they wouldn't have a good time and neither would I. Cats are the better option for me, and since I've lived with them my whole life, I prefer their company over that of dogs.
    If you prefet dogs, great! Get one, but being a self-righteous twat about it is just immature as hell.


    1 Cats are funnier than dogs
    2. Dogs are servile
    3. Damn dogs follow you everywhere. You literally can't take a shit without them following you around - get a life!
    4. Dogs are stupid.
    5. Fucking dog licked my face when I wasn't looking. Probably right after licking his ass.
    6. Digs wag their tails all the f'ing time.
    7. With months of effort, you can train your dog to do a trick that a two year old child with developmental delay could learn in two minutes. But who CARES?
    8. No matter how bad you feel, a dog will be there, demanding your attention. Cats will give you space
    9. Buy a gun.
    10. Dogs keep you active cleaning up all the shit they produce and all the messes they make.
    11. Dogs have no sense of shame or self-respect.
    12. One scientific hack back in 2009 said that dogs make better pets than cats. Clearly a shill for the dog food industry.
    13. Cats are a man’s best friend.

    Fixed that for you. You're welcome!


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What Girls Said 20

  • I wish I could agree.


    I'm cynophobic.

  • Doggos are amazing companions but require a lot of time and attention, I wouldn't trade mine for anything in the world.

    Cats aren't bad, they are much easier to care for and independent. None of mine ever bonded with me like our dogs though.

    They are both great pets it just depends on your lifestyle and preferences. :)

  • I am more of a cat person but you brought up some good points.

    #2 and 8 are not true. I trained my cat to come when I call by saying his name every time I fed him. He now comes to me when I say his name because he thinks I am going to give him food (which I will as a reward.)

    He can tell when I'm sad so when I am I'll go pet him and he'll nuzzle me, which of course makes me feel better.

  • It honestly all depends on the dog or cat, I've got three cats and a dog.

    My oldest cat doesn't like attention but will still play if there's a string or something.

    My two younger cats absolutely love attention, they'll purr and cuddle all the time (It gets annoying). Cats give kisses too!

    But my dog is just like this article says and I love them all by their own uniqueness and personality. :D

  • Good take! I agree. I prefer dogs over cats. Dogs are more intelligent, , trainable and obedient. They're a loyal companion, unlike cats

  • I would have to agree with you on all those reasons, I love my dog too, for all those reasons and more! 🐶🐾

  • I mean, I like both.

    Cats are different than dogs. It’s not that they’re meaner or don’t care about you, they’re just different.

  • I definitely agree, dogs ar better than cats. Another reason is you don't have to bother with a stinky litterbox

    • But you have to bother with picking up dog shit in bags

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    • I know I can't smell I own home, I'm used to the smell. What I'm trying to say is that the litter boxes are all one room. Yes, that one room stinks of litter, but you really think the smell would travel around the house, it's not like I'm in a small apartment.

      Well, end of the conversation. Don't underestimate or assume how much a person knows as you did there.

    • @Immqtured Yeah, it makes the house stink. I've lived in houses with litter boxes and they make the house stink. The smell seeps in the walls and it's just disgusting. Plus the cost of litter boxes, litter, a scooper, they also destroy furniture with their claws. Not to mention, tons of people are allergic to cats so they can't come over to your house. Sure, there's some people out there with allergies to dogs but there's way more people allergic to cats. So yeah, dogs are better than cats. The end!

  • The dog at the end tried to kill its owner but anyway I like em both.

  • I love this I love dogs in general (We have a chocolate labrador) I know the cat people are going to be triggered though

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What Guys Said 39

  • 1. "Dogs can always find a reason to be hilarious." If you enjoy cats, they have ways of being quite entertaining. But. . . you must be receptive. You cannot be FELINEPHOBIC!

    2. "Dogs respond when you call their name (unlike cats, who just ignore you)." I have had cats who came when I called their name. This requires bonding with them when they are 6-10 weeks old.

    3. "They want to go with you to literally anywhere with you, even if it’s just to the bathroom." I just came back in the house from taking the garbage to the curb for pickup tomorrow. The two outside cats in residence followed me from the back door of the house to the street and back.

    4. "Dogs are way more adventurous creatures."

    5. "Their kisses are the best." A cat’s tongue feels like sandpaper and kisses can be painful for humans, but they are still very affectionate.

    6. "They are always happy to see you." I had a cat (his name was Catface) who waited by the front door every day when it was time for me to come home from work.

    7. "You can train your dog to do awesome tricks." Can you cat sing opera?

    8. "When you’re feeling down, dogs are always there to cheer you up. Cats just don’t care."

    9. "They can protect you in times of danger." You are right on this one point.

    10. "Dogs keep you active." http://static.stuff.co.nz/files/bravecat

    11. "Dogs let you do silly things to them, and they won’t mind at all!" https://i.imgur.com/dFaQ2gu.gif

    12. "Even science says so! A scientific study conducted back in 2009 shows that dogs make better pets than cats." Can you cite this study? I would like to read it.

    13. "Dogs are a man’s best friend." Really?

  • Dogs have bigger brains but cats have more neurons firing in their brains according to some study.

    Is that true? I have no idea. Its dogs vs. cats. I like cats. I'm not too concerned about making sure I'm correct in a cats v. dogs debate.

  • My dog is needy and has to be kenneled when I leave town. He gets depressed when I can’t walk him. He gets depressed when I have to take a trip (when the suitcase comes out). He insists on sleeping between me and my wife, we have to kick him out to snuggle or have sex. My cat bring me trophies. He shows up when he wants to be loved. He leaves me his dead animal trophies from hunting.

    • Aahh so you are one of those who let's there cat outside.. And your poor dog has anxiety.

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    • Lol I did not say the dog has anxiety because of the cat. Dogs can get anxiety from being left alone. There's actually ways to help reduce your dog's anxiety. But it's cool that you have a cat and dog at the same time.

    • @Paul09 Cat gets along with the dog better than other cats. Even females

  • I love dogs theyre awesome floofy creatures/

    But I would say cats reflect what you feel towards them. They need as much attention as dogs but dont usually come begging for it.

    1. Cats are pretty derpy. They try to be all classy and always fail hilariously.
    2. All the cats I've kept for any length of time always replied to me when I talked to them.
    3. They also followed me literally freaking everywhere all the way up to sitting in front of the toilet door meowing cause I wouldn't let them in lol
    4. Maybe. I dunno what that means. But I know cats are scared shitless of most stuff :D :D makes them pretty entertaining too.
    5. Cats surprise nom your ankles, tap your your head randomly and come play all the time.
    6. Cats too. They just rub up against you and walk between your feet instead of wagging their tails and jumping all over you. Same but different.
    7. I dunno how effective it is to train cats lol they're super stubborn
    8. Cats do care. Usually they stay near you. When I was a baby I was sick and crying. The cat wouldn't let anyone touch me and kept cudding up to me. Its happened to me when I'm sick or down that the cat just comes to cuddle up or sleep next to me in sight.
    9. Cats can't really. But some will try if you treat them right.
    10. Cats love to play. If you play with them a lot from when they're small kittens they're hyperactive as fuck
    11. That depends on how patient your cat is lol
    12. Yeah probably theyre easier for most people to handle because of how clear their signals are. Cats have these emotions too but its harder to read.
    13. Plop.

  • I agree dogs are better in many ways but then there is the flip side.
    For example nobody's pet small dog has been mauled to death by a cat that got out of the gate.

    Nobody's kids have been mauled to death by the family domestic cat.

    Nobody has had to have reconstructive plastic surgery from a cat attack

    There is no cat version of the amstaff thank fuck.

  • Well, each has their strengths, and I like both, but there are no guard cats, seeing-eye cats or tracking/bloodhound cats.

    Cats look down on people, dogs look up to us.

  • Guy buys a dog to impress girls so he could go out with them.
    He takes a dog for a walk in the park.
    At first mud puddle dog jumps in and makes a mess of him and his owner.
    Owner all angry seas why didn't I buy a cat :P
    I have a cat
    I don't like both. I don't discriminate :P

  • I once had a cat that behaved like a dog. Came when I called. Even hissed at people when it perceived that they were being unkind to me.

    That said, no cat will run into a burning building to pull you out, so I'll stick with my dogs.

  • Don't forget the fact that cats pounce all over your shit and ruin whatever you're working on and fart on your face.
    Dogs don't do that shit.

  • Dogs try to have sex with most thing including people, dogs randomly bark, dogs bites and are more unpredictable than cats. Cats are simple, dogs are most dumb and have no clue what there doing. But yea sure dogs are so great and much better than cats not. Cats don't try to have sex with you or almost everything if you ask me i think that is more of a reason to like cats but that's just me.

    • Also love how no one ever talks about this or finds it disgusting that dogs hump you trying to breed with you. Dogs are just no.

    • Female dogs dont try to breed with humans smh

    • @Doncastar female dogs do. Male and female dogs try to. Look it up.

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