I made a list of everything I want in a partner, and you should too!


So I stumbled across a video done by Glamour where they had a woman fill in the blanks for all the things she wants in a man, and then they'd find her the 'perfect' guy based on that list and set them up on a date. Apparently this was a trending thing a while ago. I never saw it, as Glamour is definitely not my thing.

But then I got to thinking about what it would look like if I filled in those blanks. What sort of man would that be? Obviously I don't have a team of people hunting for my perfect match, but I was curious, so I decided to try it out. I wrote down a bunch of questions, and then I answered them. I ended up with a longer list than I had anticipated, and with the realization that doing this was a really good idea.

I have a distressing tendency to get caught up in the moment with guys. They sweep me off my feet, and then a month or two later I'm in a relationship with a guy I realize I have nothing in common with, or can't see wanting a future with. Even worse, this same bad habit of mine to be easily wooed has landed me in abusive relationships. I was so excited to meet this cool guy who was interested me that I completely ignored massive red flags practically screaming at me to stay away!

After writing this list, I realized that I'd ended up learning a lot about myself. I really took the time to imagine my future, what I want and need out of a relationship, and got to thinking about why I wanted some of the things I wanted. I don't expect to meet a guy who is everything I wrote down. To be honest, I'm not even sure if I'd truly even like him, because I've never met a man like that in person. This is a grocery list of traits that I could end up hating in real life. Who knows?

The point is, I had a lot of fun writing this list, and it really got me to think about what I need in a relationship. Some things aren't super important, such as what would his height be? Some things are the foundations of a strong relationship, such as what are his values? I'm well aware that some of these points on my list are unrealistic and something straight out of a fantasy, but nevertheless, I believe that writing it all down was a good idea. Now I have a better idea of what kind of man I want. I think everyone talks about their ideal future partner in a very abstract way. I want someone sweet, intelligent, funny etc. We don't really think often about what all of that actually means in context, or at least, I dont! I've decided that I'm going to redo this list every now and then, maybe once every 6 months to a year, as what I want in a guy is bound to change as I grow and evolve. If nothing else, these lists will serve as a good way to look back and see what kind of person I was at different points of my life.

Without further ado, as I'm sure you're curious, (I would be!) here is my list! (It should be mentioned that I made this list while half asleep, so sorry if some parts make no sense!)

1. Religious beliefs: Athiest or Agnostic

2. In four words: Chivalrous, funny, patient, loyal

3. Relationship type: Long-term monogamous relationship

4. Sunday nights are for: Dinner, Netflix and cuddles. (Jigsaw puzzles too!)

5. Foreign or domestic: Preferably domestic, but foreign is fine.

6. Ideal age: 18-22, 23 MAX.

7. Perfect date: He takes me out to dinner somewhere I like, we walk for a little bit after and get ice cream.

8. Body type: Preferably muscular but not cut. (Tall?)

9. Expert or generalist: Expert at many things.

10. Beach house or country house: Warm, cozy, country house.

11. Mommy issues: Preferably not. Depends on how well he has/is coping.

12. Dietary restriction: Doesn't eat too much meat. Eats healthily. Isn't one of those guys obsessed with protien.

13. Wants kids?: Yes, but won't be devastated if we don't have them. He won't resent me for whatever I choose and will be considerate of me and my opinions.

14. Does he cook?: He has to be able to make breakfast. Has to try and be willing to improve if he sucks.

15. Drinking habits: Alcohol only with fine dining or occasionally with socializing. Limits himself to 1-2 drinks, 3 MAX. DOES NOT DO SHOTS!! Rarely drinks pop. No more than 1 cup of coffee a day. No protein shakes.

16. Cats or dogs?: Must be okay with both, as well as the more exotic animals I want, such as ferrets and snakes. Must be comfortable being seen occasionally walking the tiny, fully clothed chihuahua I will get once I have my own place.

17. Inked?: Tasteful, good quality ink that can be easily hidden. Nothing bigoted or racist. No clowns, pin-ups or naked women!

18. Sarcastic?: Yes! As long as he isn't a dick about it.

19. Who's prettier?: Him. By a little bit. But he's not the Chrises kind of pretty.

I made a list of everything I want in a partner, and you should too!
For those who are unaware, these are the Chrises. They aren't my type!

20. He shouldn't be: A smoker or a drinker. Can't be rude, unkind, abusive or toxic to anyone.

21. Confidence from 1-10?: 6-8 Not cocky. Can be shy at times.

22. Chivalry is...?: 1,000,000% expected and required. Opens doors, gives me his coat when I'm cold.. the whole 9 yards.

23. Man? Woman? Either?: Man 100%

24. Likes your job?: He must support my job. Must be willing to stay with me through med school and my residency.

25. Has he ever cheated?: No.

26. His turn ons: Me? I guess? Doesn't like anything involving anal.

27. Takes charge or takes orders?: Both! Takes orders from me but is able to take charge when I need or want him to.

28. Furry or smooth?: Smooth!

Facial hair - Maybe. If he's really hot and it suits his face.

Armpit hair - As long as its trimmed with a beard trimmer or something.

Arm hair - As long as it's not too bad. If it's so long it clumps together when wet, no. Too much.

Everything else - WAXED!!!

29. Times for work?: Must be free weekends, the occasional week night and holidays!

30. No shorter than: 5'6"? 5'7"? I want him to be tall enough that when I hug him I can bury my face in his chest. (This point is negotiable.)

31. Selfies?: He never takes them, unless I drag him into one.

32. Hairstyle: Long and wavy. His hair should at least be long enough that I can make a fist out of it at the back of his head. I need something to tug on. Soft and well maintained. Must be soft.

33. Multilingual?: Sure! But he must have good English.

34. Views: Open minded egalitarian who is NOT a bigot.

35. Income: Preferably $40k-$60k (or more) a year, or actively working towards that point.

36. Night owl or early bird?: As long as he's awake at 4-6 am, either is fine.

37. What's his style?: Clean cut, well fitted clothes. Wears henley's, dark (straight or slim cut is preferable) jeans, faux leather jackets, not many accessories, no graphic tees, (unless for sleeping or lounging) no polos, must own a few nice button downs, converse, boots. Colors he wears are white, black, grey, navy, burgandy and forest green.

Underwear - TRUNKS!!!!!!!! (This is under no circumstances negotiable. They're the least common type of underwear for men to wear, yet they're the sexiest by a landslide. I will not stand for this. He will wear trunks, even if I have to hold him down and put them on him my damn self!)

They're literally the most attractive kind of underwear a man can possibly wear. Everything else is just awful in comparison!
They're literally the most attractive kind of underwear a man can possibly wear. Everything else is just awful in comparison!

38. Hobbies: Nothing dangerous or incredibly boring. No making ships in bottles. NO hunting.

39. First weekend away?: A road trip to somewhere cozy with trees and nature. Lots of cuddles.

40. Degree?: Preferably, unless not required for his career.

41. Clean or messy?: Neat and organized. Must be willing to do dishes, make bed and sweep. (I'll scrub a toilet, vacuum, sort things, clean windows, whatever, no problem. I hate doing dishes. I hate sweeping. As for making beds, I'm 5'0" and my arms are too short. It takes me like half an hour to make a damn bed properly. He must do this for me if we live together. He will not resent me for my shortcomings when it comes to chores. No pun intended.)

42. Politics?: Liberal, egalitarian, has a basic understanding of what's currently going on in the world.

43. He should...?: Be a romantic, know how to problem solve, have a nice ass, be alright with me grabbing his ass, be willing to wait (potentially for a significant amount of time) for penetrative sex, not be interested in anal.

44. Sport?: He should be in decent shape (does not have to be a model, just healthy.) No golf, no American football, no rugby.

45. Art?: He will take me to the museum and to the ballet. He will not complain, nor will he act bored, even if he is.

46. Job?: Something he enjoys. Preferably flexible with time and location.

47. Family matters?: His family is laid back and not judgmental. They are drama free! I refuse to have a crazy mother-in-law who hates me.

48. No-no #1: Not being self sufficient. I will not be his maid, nor his mother. I'm aware not all men are like this, but a lot of guys my age are. I won't put up with it. He must be able to pay his expenses, feed himself healthy foods, clean up after himself and schedule regular doctor and dentist appointments. None of that 'I'm too manly to go to the doctor' bullshit.

49. No-no #2: Bad hygiene. Must shower daily (or more if required. After a workout for instance.) No toxic masculinity keeping him from exfoliating and moisturizing. He must use shampoo and conditioner. No 3 in 1 bullshit! He must brush his teeth twice a day and floss daily. Must wash his face at least once a day. No five dollar hair cuts. Gets manicures and pedicures regularly. Or never takes his socks off. Ever.

50. No-no #3: Cannot, under any circumstances, be a partier.

So there you have it! This is my perfect, fantasy man! Maybe. If I think of anything else, I'll add it. If you happen to know anyone who fits this description, send him my way!

I made a list of everything I want in a partner, and you should too!
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Shezadi
    That's like is telling a designer what kind of dress of your want.
    You need to realise you are talking about a living human being not a shop item. You are only concentrating on the outer beauty and superficial qualities. This is like a business love. Love is done from the heart and if it done from the head, then it is not love. Love is supposed to be blind and illogical. You should have said, he should be a good human being at heart, he should be loving, he should make a beautiful heart made of gold and the rest is not important. Outer beauty can change as people grow older.
    One guy might have all those superficial qualities and still he might not love you and he might not be a good human being. Whereas, on the other hand, a guy might not be perfect but he might take a bullet for you.
    It is see to what has become of true love and relationships in today's generation.
    Plus, if he is that perfect, he might have a queue of girls desperate for him and it will easy for him to cheat on you, if girls die for him, for example people like Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber can cheat 10 times and they know they can get anyone, they know that there are millions of girl fans who would be happy to marry them, it causes arrogance and commitment issues. They may not treat their partner like a special person because they will have the attitude, "the girl is lucky to have me, she won a lottery, I am doing a favour on her."
    They are self-obsessed and arrogant, and think they are above others.
    Also, a guy might have all those qualities, but he might reject you, he might think you are not good enough for him.
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  • sassynopants
    To be honest in one point in my life, I had a list. Now that I'm married I can say my husband definitely make the requirements of my list but he is so much more than I could have asked for. Finding a life partner isn't like shopping for your new home, picking out things you like or dislike. There will be things you dislike. That's ok. When you love them, most of these small details won't matter 😊 I wish you all the best in finding your love 💕
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    • Oops, my husband definitely *didn't make the requirements, my bad

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, my mom had a similar experience with my stepdad. He wasn't anything she realized she wanted until suddenly he was kind of her everything. I'm aware that's what will likely happen for me too, I just thought this was a cool exercise!

Most Helpful Guys

  • windknowsmyname
    some of these requirements is ridiculous. im not complaining or crying its jus guys need a girl who is his equal if your not going have any of those qualities either then its best keep it pushn. no guy unless naive eill have 40k a year spend it on a girl who has a queen or priness complex. its not going to happen. show your date or random guys these things he nod and know it can be done but she's being unrealistic and has none of these going for her. key word is should have.. yes but some marked as requirements... no..
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    • Anonymous

      I know some of these qualities are unrealistic, which I've stated more than once. This is a fantasy, not a list I'm using to accept or deny guys. And the reason I chose that number specifically is because that's how much money I will be making once I finish my associate's degree. I'd prefer for my partner to be able to match my income, at least until I become a surgeon, as I expect I'll be making significantly more than them at that point.

  • Anonymous
    Wow! Just wow! Entitled much? You apparently think pretty highly of yourself.

    Anyone who questions whether women have ridiculous standards need look no further.

    Unless you yourself are simply amazing in every way you may want to relax your requirements or prepare yourself for a long single existence.
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    • Anonymous

      I do think highly of myself. I'm highly intelligent, funny, compassionate and kind. I spent years hating myself as an aftereffect of the years of abuse I've suffered, and I've fought very hard to be able to think highly of myself. I have absolutely no problem staying single. I'm well aware that I have high standards, and that some of those standards are unrealistic, which I stated in the myTake. I'm also well aware that I might meet a guy and all those standards go flying out the window. I stated that too. This isn't a list of requirements, simply a fantasy. If I'm single forever, I'll be fine with that. In a relationship, I'm not looking for a guy who's fun and we'll date for a couple months before it fizzles out for one reason or another. I've both been there and done that. I want a life partner. I will not settle for less. I don't expect someone flawless, nor do I expect love at first sight, but I refuse to settle for someone who doesn't make my stomach do backflips. If I never find that person, I'll still be perfectly happy on my own.

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  • What I want
    1. Either a guy who is super religious himself or a guy who is super respectful of religious beliefs and interested in learning more about religion
    2. A guy who respects the old, the sick, the disabled and the poor
    3. A guy who is not materialistic and doesn't care how much money I have
    4. A guy who is able to think about the problems of others even when his life is hell and doesn't only think about himself
    5. A guy who considers my feelings at all times instead of only thinking about his needs
    6. A guy who take responsibility when he is wrong and doesn't dodge responsibility to setting things right
    7. A guy who will never ghost me or leave me hanging and will still want to be friends if we break up
    8. A guy who protects those that are weak and not able to defend themselves rather than picking on them
    9. A guy who stands up for what is right - even if it means losing his job or being hated by friends or family
    10. A guy who is able to look at situations with accurate judgment
    11. A guy who never lies about anything
    12. A guy who is better than other guys in at least 2 ways whether it is having a cuter face or being taller or being more fit or being more intelligent or being funnier or being happier or being more gentle and sensitive or being more honourable
    13. A guy who is interested in talking about the things I'm interested in talking about
    14. A guy who is emotionally independent and doesn't need people for validation or acceptance
    15. A guy who wants me for himself and does not look at other girls when we are together
    16. A guy who can live a happy lifestyle whether that involves taking walks by the beach or visiting gardens or pursuing a high paying job or doing meaningful work where he is able to help others or a guy who adores his family and smiles every time he sees us
  • CuChullan
    I sincerly hope you find this guy. He has to live up to a lot. Just wondering what you have to offer here.
    I'm out i don't tick many of the boxes. Anyway, i'm happily taken and my S/O thinks i'm a gold bar encrusted in diamonds.
    • Anonymous

      What I have to offer? I'm intelligent, funny and endlessly compassionate. I'm also a stubborn mother tucker, but to some people that's adorable because I'm so short so, that could also be a good trait? I'll be perfectly fine staying single, but I'll admit guys do have to do a lot to impress me. I'm not looking for a boyfriend so much as I'm looking for a best friend and life partner to fall deeply in love with. I've done the whole boyfriend thing, a lot. While fun, it's also deeply exhausting, and I'm done with it.

    • CuChullan

      Sounds good. To fall in friendship and turns out he's a reliable partner, is to me, the most important.

    • I talked to a woman on a dating site that had a list like that. I asked her how longs she's been on the site. She said, 10 years, but she's not going to settle. lol

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  • JustaLoozer
    Personally, I think writing a list such as this will make one inflexible to the things that aren't truky important. I mean, never settle, but have reasonable expectations, and who you fall for might not fit this list at all. If I were to write a list of everything I wasnted in a partner (this long) I would have never given my man a second glance. Yetb he is the most amazing man out there and I feel so lucky to call him mine. Initially, all I knew was there was a physical attracion and he was kind to me. There are things in his past that if i would have just heard about initiallyb it would have been a dealbreaker, but I took the time to get to know the man behind the past and fell in love quicker than I thought possible. We did lay everything on the table upfront and we didn't agree on everything, but we were able to come to a happy medium. He does have some things that I would still consider a dealbreaker, like anger issues, but the the quality he has to cancel that out, the willingness to become a better person, I would have never known he had if I never gave him a chance. And he is getting better about that one ossue we have.

    Perfect doesn't fit some list; perfect is unknown until you experience it.
  • VaIiant
    What the hell? LOL. I wasn't even able to make it all the way down the list... What the fuck makes you think, under any circumstance, anyone on GaG wants to read 50 must-haves? This is kind of ridiculous- what happens if you meet someone you have a genuine connection with, but you don't like his sister?
    I'm going to take a WILLLLD guess here and say you're single.
  • SkipStop
    You will NEVER find someone like that. Extremely picky. You will have to wait until AI improves a bit and make the perfect male robot. And girls as picky as you don't have much to offer so your chance of finding a match is zero. I could make my own list if I wanted to find a partner and it would be pretty flexible.
  • Edanurus
    So you want a hot, argreable, genius with a fat wallet who will do anything for you? get to the back of the line.
    • VaIiant

      It should be possible to give two upvotes instead of one, so I'm commenting as well.

  • Knighted2170
    I actually did this myself. It's not as long as yours, and it's really just the traits I look for.
    I find it helps, as you say, takes the person from abstract to more reality. You are no longer wasting time on someone who isn't going to meet what you need.
  • Littlewife
    It's a good list but I wouldn't stick too religiously too it or you end single at 40 because no man could tick these boxes. To find a reall good man you must see his strengths while accepting his faults, I men there's a good chance that you may not live up to the standards of the guys who tick all of your 50 boxes.
  • Bananaman177
    "I'm going to make up a long list of attributes and then compare actual men I meet with the imaginary one in my head!"

    You deserve everything that comes to you.
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  • B15H0P
    K, first, why are briefs uncommon? What the fuck is wrong with those men that they can wear tight pants and be comfortable? Do they not have a penis?

    Also, that's a very long and specific list. I thought it was going to be 10, maybe 20 at most things and not heavily specific. I know it's "the perfect guy" but yikes, give us a bit wiggle room would ya 😅
  • curiousnorway
    Thanks for sharing and interesting list! :)

    I guess we're both very picky, has incredible high standards and a long list. Both I and you have a clear idea on what the ideal is. I've my list, but I don't know if I'm too shy to share it or not. He he! :)
  • BeHappy1985
    Now make a list of 50 things you have you have to offer.
  • Kit_Kat88
    That’s a long list but wish you fortune on finding a guy similar to what you’d prefer. I just want this for a guy:
    1. Faithfulness
    2. Good sex drive
    3. Educated
    4. Kind
    5. Attractive to my eyes
    6. Level headed temper
  • Liam_Hayden
    88%. I missed on 1 (Deist), 29, 32, 37 (okay till the underwear. I wear briefs), 38 (highly rated chess player), 42 (socially liberal small government advocate)

    My requirements are pretty simple:
    loyal, love me to pieces, good hygiene, born female.

    I wish you good fortune in your quest.
  • jeremythedrummer
    Thats a lot of criteria. When it comes to a partner i dont require too much, just be:

    Considerate to people around her.
    Healthy, not overweight.
    Age gap maximum 2 years.
    No tattoos, not a heavy drinker nor a smoker.
    Willing to contribute to the relationship.
    doesn't expect me to do all the work (its a team effort)
    And lastly, looks decent. I mean, who wants a partner who doesn't look nice at the very least?
  • GreatnessBack
    I've heard these kind of requirements from women's mags all the time and at the end of the day, these women end up with a man with a dick and a job.
  • Volk_
    Please save this list and revise it every year. I'd love to see the progression within 10 year frame.
  • Browneye57
    So, here's the BIG problem with this... you have given ZERO consideration of what YOU bring to a relationship that is of high value.
    And I don't care WHAT you have on your list - no guy EVER is going to be some magic brain-fart that poofs out of YOUR head.
  • bubble_tea
    Lol did you even watch the video you've put up?
    they found a 95% match yet she thought he didn't even meet 50% of her list.
    the point of the video was, lists are useless and a waste of time.
  • belowbreathing
    The truth is... people make these crazy long lists believing those are the partners they’re looking for and then end up falling in love with someone completely the opposite or different. You really don’t know until you meet someone and you like them for reasons you can’t even put your finger on. Making a list is just the worst thing you could ever do.
  • malegender
    Just think how women would be flipping out if a man made a post like this.

    Fortunately the criteria for women is much simpler:


    By the way the man you describe is 100% gay, no straight man ever would want to meet this criteria, rather have our weenies lopped off. One more thing: a 50 yr old bald, smelly, fat, rude, short pervert with double the income you mention will get more girls than this guy
    • I've never heard of a man exfoliating by the way. I'm just curious, on what body parts?

  • echoaj
    I'm almost your perfect match. I'd say 92%.

    The second thing I'm thinking is good luck trying to find a guy will all of those qualities. I think having expectations of what your partner should be is a relationship killer.

    For me, my basic criteria is a girl that is
    Nice, decently good looking with an attractive body, not jealous, not lazy, with a good personality and health. That's pretty much it.
  • atheistaredumb
    you mean the fact that they all look the damn same lol

    women shallow as always
    • Anonymous

      Who all look the same?

    • scroll up lol

      nothing new under the sun

    • Anonymous

      That didn't answer my question at all.

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  • ZiZi_Bell
    Oh wow this is a lot of information. Haha
    I don't really date so I don't have a list of stuff. Lol
    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I was kinda just bored and decided to share. I surprised myself with how many things I came up with!

    • ZiZi_Bell

      Hahaha this is definitely a great list! Great exercise as well. Haha

  • bamesjond0069
    I especially liked all the contradictions.

    Body type muscular.
    Diet does not eat much meat or worry about protein.

    Should take charge.
    Takes orders and does what i tell him.

    Proof women have no freaking clue what they want.
    • morimeme1

      Complety agree on the meat part, it just doesn't go together. LET HIM EAT MEAT! But it specifically said that he must be fine with both taking charge and taking orders, which is normal.

    • @morimeme1 no man should ever take orders. Thats what soldiers do. Take a generals orders. Is the woman supposed to be a commanding officer or something? Thats bullshit.

    • Here's the best one: 15

      15. Drinking habits: Alcohol only with fine dining or occasionally with socializing. Limits himself to 1-2 drinks, 3 MAX. DOES NOT DO SHOTS!! Rarely drinks pop. No more than 1 cup of coffee a day. No protein shakes.

      What straight man only drinks with fine dining? LMFAO
      She wants a muscular man but no protein drinks and she limits her man to one cup of coffee.

      I wanna meet this fellow

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  • John_Doesnt
    You're gonna be alone forever with those kinds of expectations. Eventually you'll have to settle for second best (or third).
  • gentlemanscholar
    I think it was quite courageous of you to post your interesting and thoughtful list of everything you want in your perfect man.
    Secondly, I am in agreement with you; making a list of the personal qualities and or attributes that you want in your future partner is important and should be thoughtfully considered and not merely brushed aside.
    Gentleman, should take the time and make a list of everything they want in a partner. It is worth doing, (speaking from personal experience, here).
    Granted, we as human being, have particular tastes in the area of personal qualities and attributes that we either admire, loathe or adore in a person.
  • stormbreaker06
    well i'm black so i don't stand a chance.

    good bye and good luck.
    • Anonymous

      What about your race makes you not able to stand a chance, if you don't mind me asking?

    • It usually is a common factor whether people are conscious, honest about it or not.

    • Anonymous

      I mean I certainly have preferences, but I wouldn't reject a guy for his race.

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  • Cask23
    Ladies as and gentlemen, behold a perfect specimen of a future single and bitter middle aged cat-women.

    Good luck with that list.
  • Levin
    You're 19. Boys your age probably barely have a single pube.
    • Levin

      Also, what an startlingly inane video.

      As long as you have a pretty pretentiously 'quirky' woman, some cool or romantic musical backdrop and a glossy video, all is well though.

      #onejadedchappie , evidently :)

  • DashboardLight
    No. First of all, there's not such a thing as a perfect partner. Having a ''perfect'' partner would be very boring because he would never do anything you even might disagree with. Constantly agreeing on everything has to be boring. No question.

    Also, what are the chances of meeting this ''perfect'' partner? And how big are the chances such a guy is into you?
  • winterfox10
    I did that sort of thing back in high school. I guess I was just bored one day and decided to see who the ideal Mrs. Winterfox10 would be. I was shocked at how specific and rare a woman that she actually was.
  • IntuitiveMuffin
    No to 6, 15, 20, 28. 92%. Also I wasn't curious 😝 and I think fantasising about the perfect person is small minded.
  • DizzyDesii
    Chris evans is my type look wise. Chris Pratt is my type personality wise. Chris hemsworth is hot and outta my league. Chris Pine is old news
  • NerdInDenial
    The follow-on questions include where is the trade space and what does this girl have to offer?
  • bklynbadboy1
    I think every woman needs to see that video cuz it's so so very true you can meet somebody that has everything on your list but that doesn't mean that he's going to be compatible with you or even if the attraction it's going to be there
  • Kellykelkelltik
    Number one way to end up an lonely, empty, cat lady.
  • Saville_Row
    I think is a great idea. Until two years ago, my definition of what I wanted was blurry. Then I met someone that filled a lot of these fields in ways I didn't think I was waiting for. It gave me more knowledge about myself.

    Sadly, we're not together.

    So good for you. I don't see what some men here are blabbering about (because I see some mature ones agreeing or saying they are basically that, minus personal preferences). A lot of these things are pretty basic on a human being. Is just some guys expect to endlessly have sex and their ego lifted without minimum effort. Get far away from those.
  • What you describe is like a guy who does not even exists you are looking for a super perfect guy and that do not exist. You aveh to lower your standards a little bit
    • is this the work done of the movies and the media? is this what romanticized and scripted shows have delivered to us? is this what twilight and 50 shades of grey have inspired our women?

      It sounds very like it.

  • Redstang88
    People that set absurd standards and expect their fantasies to be met are just setting themselves up for disappointment and resentment.

  • ryryryan
    Omg I foorgot to brush my teeth today we weren't meant to be 😂✌️🤣✌️am I the only guy who read the whole thing... This is super long u just narrowed down ur options to a handful of guys good luck
  • morimeme1
    Making a list of general values would be fine, but such little things as what he eats and what shampoo he uses... When you meet a guy who mathes most criteria you will kinda obsess over these stupid things that he doesn't match and ruin it for yourself. They are men, come on, don't make him exfoliate and not eat meat, that just makes for a super controlling/obsessive girlfriend that good guys will avoid. I personally laughed when you mentioned hyper masculinity, being too manly to see a doctor and eating meat cause those are things my boyfriend does on the daily, but hey, there I am to help him improve little by little, in a relationship you should be able to challenge each others beliefs, not control each other (btw, also a med student here). :)
  • LuWe22
    I don´t really had a list or a picture in my head. I did not even search for a partner but he still found me. I´m very happy and he is so good to me.
  • Omar5881
    Wow I don't think I can do the interview list you did up there I only have some few deal breakers other than that you can't expect who you will fall in love into
  • OneSlip
    Well I want to travel to deep space at the speed of light... It's just not going to happen.
    Something tells me the same fate is upon your list.
  • NovissimumVirorum
    That's just too much and sets anyone up for disappointment
  • dev765
    If you need an essay to describe your perfect partner then there's something seriously wrong with you.
  • Pejtu
    holy shit you will be single for a while
    probably untill u are 50
  • Shoenron
    Very interesting. I have to ask, if you had to fill in the blank with yourself,;what would it be?