The Kind of Woman I Like (and Some I Don't)

The Kind of Woman I Like (and Some I Don't)

This compilation is not based on physical appeal, but character features that are not the usual, trite, go-to recommendations. Of course an attractive woman is nice and a woman with a shapely body and breasts, but even these things can be cancelled out if you don't have what I list below.

One who is courageous…

When I say this I don’t necessarily mean as in confident, which is always a good thing and always sexy, but I mean genuinely courageous about doing the right thing with people. I like a woman who is not afraid to stand up for you whether you’re a friend or a lover, who won’t stand there and laugh if somebody wants to talk smack or joke about you to your face or behind your back, which unfortunately many women will laugh along because they care what the group thinks and are afraid of being the lone dog for doing the right thing.

The Kind of Woman I Like (and Some I Don't)

She also has the courage to be the same with everyone. As I’ve talked about several times on here, women have a tendency to put on different faces with different people and behave differently with different people. Women are more socially fragile and vulnerable, and sometimes some women only want to be nice to the “cool people” or the cool, popular guy but will act oddly ashamed of being just as nice to the people who are underdogs, because they worry what the "cool people" will think of her for associating with others they see as lower. I steer clear of those women. The kind of woman I need is consistent and not just with her group and has the courage to be kind and inclusive to everyone as long as they respect her back.

Kind and respectful only, no Bitches please…

“Bitches” seem to be the In-thing in the 2000s now, and even for a time I was sexually excited by them but outgrew it pretty fast when I realized that bitches are actually very empty women who take pride in it because they think it makes them a strong, flavorful, or appealing person, and it doesn’t. It’s just character laziness: it’s easier to act rude, arrogant, or socially slovenly than to actually have polite, intelligent, cultivated behavior. Overall I really don’t like women like that. I know some guys are into them and even on my job they will go after the chicks who act like bitches because they know they’re attractive and know all the guys are into them, but they are not my type.

The Kind of Woman I Like (and Some I Don't)

They’re the simpletons who you give a hello or ‘how are you?’ courtesy in passing, and they look you right in the eye and don’t say anything, or look away and keep walking. They believe that any time a man speaks to them it's because he's trying to flirt or seek sex, and they’re waiting for you to try to speak to them so they can act aloof and have a reason to be snobby with you, and I don’t take the bait. Yet ironically they’ll wonder why I’m the only guy who never speaks to them and doesn’t fall all over them like the other ones, wondering why I don’t bend to them and give them attention. They’re noticing that I talk to the other females but not them. It kills them, and then they start desperately looking for a way to get me to talk to them with some kind of dumb or goofy conversation starter in the lunch room or if I’m working nearby them. I’ll speak if they speak to me or when I really have to, but I have no respect for those kinds of women and let them know it.

The kind, respectful woman is tops for me, whether she’s beautiful or not. People can say what they want but she always wins the race and earns respect right back because she treats people decently and is upright in character. And when she is being hated it’s because people know she’s doing the right thing.

A woman who loves the light…

I literally mean as in goodness, uprightness, and one who hates evil and darkness. I don’t mean the squeaky clean “prude” religious types who always try to act so pure and holy, but a woman that loves the good side and has a truly good heart.

The Kind of Woman I Like (and Some I Don't)

In many ways I am surprised and honestly cannot believe how many grown women I meet in real life, and profiles I’ve seen online and on dating sites, who are still stuck in the immature phase of being emo and having Gothic tastes and interests like they want to live in some kind of Halloweenland forever. They like all the “anti-heroes,” gory horrors, bad-guy-is-good-guy movies, like styling themselves in halfway Adams Family looks and get-up, and all they ever post on Facebook and Instagram are dark memes and tasteless jokes about people and their weight, wanting to stay in bed, how moody they are, etc. That’s too much toxicity for me.

Loving bad, dark stuff is the norm in these times while loving goodness is seen as nerdy and prudish, and I don’t meet enough women who actually crave goodness and uprightness.

Is spiritually intelligent…

Not necessarily having to do with faith or religion, but understanding things about people and the world with deep perception that is beyond your average thinking. A woman with soulful intelligence and soulful common sense. A woman who is spiritually intelligent and understands what it means to have a good heart, good intentions, and uprightness.

The Kind of Woman I Like (and Some I Don't)

With where I am now this means exceedingly a lot to me, if not the most important. A woman for me must have character and upright values about life. I don’t care how sexy or beautiful you are, how big your tits are, how curvy you are, if your body language, behavior, and attitude are distasteful, conceited, self-righteous, or disrespectful - especially towards me - I will completely isolate you from my space. I will have nothing to say to you not even a hello, I will move around you in all situations, and if intense enough I will find a way not to have to be around you at all if I have to. You can wonder all you want why I don’t talk to you until you remember how you acted like an asshole, but I’m shutting you out.

A woman who isn’t sexually arrogant…

Although women tend to think men are the ones who have big sexual egos, this actually does not line up with reality and is the very opposite. It is much more often women who brag about their orgasms being greater, being able to get sex, believing they’re better at sex, and being able to attract men. And honestly I am not really comfortable with that. Once upon a time I might’ve found it to be a turn on, but not at this point in my life.

The Kind of Woman I Like (and Some I Don't)

I don’t want to be with a woman who would want to put me down sexually or try to devalue my self-esteem or prowess by wanting to place herself high as sexually superior to me, yet will later complain about why I or other guys don’t want to date her and say we're "intimidated" by her so she can feel better about it.

Older women…

This is enormous for me. I’ve always loved older women and generally connect with them ten times better than younger women. There are some nice younger women out there, sure, and from time to time I will try to give them a chance and pursue one here or there, but at the end of the day it just doesn’t really work for me. I will either find out through enough interaction that they’re not really what I thought, or they will just lose their appeal. And honestly, a lot of times I feel like I have to dumb myself down to try to appeal to them or keep their attention, and that’s just not cool. Most of them are just not on my level and I don’t want to take 10 steps back just to be cool for them.

The Kind of Woman I Like (and Some I Don't)

Older women are often more interesting, have maturity and experience, are more relaxed and easier to talk to, and can actually be quite sexually attractive. They don’t make things all awkward like younger women can. You can ask an older woman out and if she’s not interested you can still act normal with each other and she won’t try to avoid you or feel threatened just because you asked her out. They also are not as simple-minded and immature as younger women with all that retarded thinking I hear from them about some guy being “weird” or “creepy” about every little thing he does or says just because he might be kind of quirky or different. For sure, there are some weird and creepy guys out there, but not every one of them is just because you aren’t interested or don’t find him attractive.

NO bisexual women…

Although many women out there would like to subscribe to all the bisexualism of today, it’s not attractive to me. I am not impressed by a woman who will fuck both genders. Nor is it a turn-on for me, rather a turn-off. There’s nothing sexually deep, noble, or enlightening to me about a woman who will fuck anything.

The Kind of Woman I Like (and Some I Don't)

I like a woman who likes only men and has the courage to be a woman for just a man. I like a woman who has the courage to speak up if another woman is trying to make a move on her and tell her that she is not comfortable with that and wants her to go away. Not some chick who fucks men and also spreads the love to her own gender. She's not doing herself a favor, she's doing everyone else one by passing herself around.

Cares about a man for who he is and not his image or financial status...

Although women try to say how untrue it is that their gender is like this, unfortunately it still is much of the time. Women want it to be okay if they can talk about how much men are only interested in women’s looks and just having sex, but don’t want it to be okay if men can talk about how much they hate it that women are interested in men with money or status. I too cannot respect that kind of woman and don’t want to be associated with them.

The Kind of Woman I Like (and Some I Don't)

And at the same time, I myself am not a man who cares about status, money, or careers in women, even if they want me to. That's not enough to get me interested and those things don't tell me enough about you. You may brag about your degree, college, profession, life achievements, etc. and want me to be impressed by them, but it doesn't work. It actually just tells me right away that you're gonna fail the interview with me. The things I look for in a woman are everything stated in this Take that have to do with character and value. Not superficiality.


The Kind of Woman I Like (and Some I Don't)
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  • ShadowofRegret
    You have good tastes, also I am glad to see I am not the only one who does not want a bisexual woman or one of those "emo" types.

    I find it interesting how some of the women seem to fall back on the whole being single thing as some way of trying to discredit your take, but I suppose in their eyes, a man is not supposed to really have standards or preferences, at least that is the impression they give when they say stuff like that...
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    • ManOnFire

      What there problem is that they want men to have "standards" but want to pick and choose what those standards should be.

    • That is true.

Most Helpful Girls

  • BattleKitten77
    I am sick of hearing whores use the word creepy. They post of pics and when certain guys like it they are creepy. How the fuck is that creepy. I got kicked out of a guild once for this as well.
    And this bisexual craze these filthy cunts are just being over the top whores to get attention. I dont need that much attention. I can satisfy a man by myself
    Is this still revelant?
    • ManOnFire

      Yes!!! Thank you!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    • eila7

      yet you create a fake profile and try and be a girl. rightio..

  • Porcelaine
    Love this, seems different from all the rest of the posts I see with this title, so it gives me hope that more men genuinely want different kind of a woman in character, since where I am right now it does not seem that way at all.
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  • CherryRoseChampange
    Well it's good that you're true to yourself and what you want. That's important when it comes to dating and relationships.

    I personally, don't line up with some of these 💀🤣 but hey to each their own. 💖💕👌🏽
  • "[A bisexual woman] will fuck anything." Lmao funny cause I'm bisexual but I'm a virgin (despite having been propositioned by both men and women). Maybe abandon the stereotypes. Being sexually attracted to someone doesn't mean you'd be willing to have sex with them.

    "Is spiritually intelligent…understanding things about people and the world with deep perception that is beyond your average thinking." Socially intelligent is a better word.

    Also, you can enjoy hororr movies yet still "love the good side and have a truly good heart."
    • ManOnFire

      I already know you're bi. I think we argued about that with you a few years ago.

      "Socially intelligent is a better word." - No, that's the word you choose and see as better. I'm not talking about social intelligence. I'm talking about exactly what I mean: spiritual intelligence.

    • mistixs

      We argued about me being bi? I don't even remember that, but it's funny that you think it's something worth arguing about, considering I am bi yet I "pass myself around" less (not at all) compared to those oh-so-holy straight women.

      And unless you're talking about religion, it's misleading to call it spiritual intelligence.

    • ManOnFire

      @mistixs Yeah, we disagreed about your bisexuality back around 2016. But now that I know you're also a virgin maybe it explains all those weird survey-type questions you ask about sex.

      Spirituality is not necessarily connected with religion. I guess you can't really see deeper than that.

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  • Apple1996
    This is all nice besides the bisexual part🤣
    • KinaJoy13

      Lol i agree... especially in a threesome... but nice

    • Jackieboi

      Yes threesomes usually are the way to go when you're looking for something meaningful.

    • @Jackieboi I wish I could like your reply.

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  • MzAsh
    Pretty good list. 💕
  • Bensbrie
    If you like older women, that's fine. Like women who are respectful, that's good. If you like women Who are kind and good hearted, that's good. But I dont really like calling anyone the B word. Thanks for sharing hon. But at the same time, not everyone who believes in God is a prude or hypocrite or something. Not everyone who says just hi in passing is flirting or something, it could be like what we do in the south, we just say, how are you and hold doors open and so on, it's our way. Not everyone who says nothing is afraid of a groups opinions. But they may be meek and non confrontational. All young women and older women are different. If you prefer older women, that's okay. That's your preference. But I would really appreciate it if you would please not call anyone a bad word, man, woman or chicken nugget. I dont care really, because I dont think anyone should be called the b word. Not you. Not any woman. Or anyone else. Its impolite and could hurt someone, and even if it doesn't, I still dont like those words especially in reference to human beings. Thanks hon.
    • ManOnFire

      Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. What B word are you talking about? Bitch? Bi? What do you mean?

      Also, "Not everyone who says just hi in passing is flirting or something" is the same thing I was saying in that those kinds of women assume every guy who talks to them is doing that.

      "Not everyone who says nothing is afraid of a groups opinions. But they may be meek and non confrontational." - So then why do they choose to be meek and non-confrontational with the people who are looked down on or considered the underdog? Why not be equally courageous with everyone?

    • Bensbrie

      I'm a person who is shy and awkward at first, but I'm just not confrontational all the time. I could be like that's not right, or say I dont think we should talk about someone that way, but I'm not the type of person to get in everyone's face. And different people have a plethora of reasons why they aren't confrontational. I'm from the south, but it would be rude for me to get all upset and be like, hey! Stop that you jerk.. plus it's just mean. If I suggest something, I usually do it in a polite manner. Not everyone is just going to be a bold person, if everyone had the same personality that would suck. We need meek people and bold people..

    • Bensbrie

      And yes, the first b word. Bi isn't a curse word, sir.

  • Royalsarcasist
    Um I’m sorry but you obviousness don’t understand what bisexual is. It doesn’t mean you’ll fuck everyone all the time. Just that you are attracted to both genders. It doesn’t mean you’re a slut.
    • Pulimuli

      Was about to say this

      Also you cannot choose your sexuality, if you are attracted to both men and women you simply are

    • ManOnFire

      @Royalsarcasist I don't really care what your explanation is. I don't like bi women and it's as simple as that. Get over it.

    • @ManOnFire
      You also said bisexual women will fuck anything. That would including anything living even uf it is not a human and also nonliving things. You are gross. There are a lot of heterosexual women that have sex with many guys freely with no care in the world.

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  • Ámayas_20
    You clearly don't understand bisexuality, bisexuals aren't slags just because we're bisexual we certainly won't fuck anything and the vast majority of us don't think we're special or somehow better than others. You lost all credibility the second you said all of that shit, you're just ignorant.
    • ManOnFire

      I don't really care. I don't like bis and it's as simple as that.

    • Which is the entire problem you actual idiot.

    • ManOnFire

      It's the entire problem for YOU. Idiot.

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  • CubsterShura
    Good take but you can't just talk about how much you like respectful women and then suddenly speak so disrespectfully of bisexual people! Look I myself wouldn't like anyone other than a straight man either but I wouldn't be talking that way about bi people either. :/

    I guess you like selectively respectful women then. And that isn't what a truly respectful person does.
    • ManOnFire

      That argument doesn't work. Me telling you how I feel about bi women is not the same as how I would act with a bi women in person. I would still respect her the same as everyone else but would silently disagree with her. What you said doesn't add up.

    • It does. You could have worded your thoughts a little better at least. You could talk about how the trend of more women exploring bisexuality doesn't appeal to you, without saying things like they would fuck with anyone. Look how the bi people are disagreeing!

    • ManOnFire

      And I don't care. They have just as much right to disagree with me as I do with them. I don't need to beautify my words for their sake. I don't fear them. It tells me a lot about other people's values to spend so much time zeroing in on my disagreement with bis instead of acknowledging the rest of the Take.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    I'm surprised any woman still thinks the bisexual label is a good idea. It's not conservatives they should fear now. The Trans, Pan, and Omnisexualists are the new frontier in Alphabet Soup sexual anarcho-tyranny. And they explicitly want to erase the B in more classic LGBT, because by definition, it implies the existence of only two genders. These pans and omnis are truly nuts. If LGBQ is heroin, and PIZ is meth, then pan and omni are bath salts. How many times must Sodom be destroyed?
    • ManOnFire

      Dude, I love the way you said that!!!

    • Probably should've compared the Z to PCP, but all the same.

  • LowSelfSteem
    I am going to be straight forward with you, its fine and dandy laying out a blue print of the perfect partner but Do you think us female come out of a factory and wait for a guy to pick us up. You might get with a girl that is a counter to everything you like.
    • ManOnFire

      I wouldn't pick a girl who is a counter to everything I like. It's quite curious to see some of the women disliking this post because they must know they don't meet these standards. Women talk about how a man should have standards too, but it seems to be that they want to pick and choose what those standards men pick should be.

    • People aren't disliking this post because they don't meet or completely agree with your standards.

      They're doing it because this post is toxic as fuck, and if you don't understand why than I'm not going to waste my time trying to explain why.

    • ManOnFire

      @Capnjaques You already wasted your time with this comment to begin with. I don't care about you or anybody else seeing it as toxic, which doesn't make much sense seeing as the things I noted in the Take are actually positives.

    I truly like this- I can relate to lost in appealing/ unappealing personality

    except I have a “Wednesday dress” that I love and I love my black boots 💗

    I’m not a dark person though 😐
    • ManOnFire

      Adorable that you have a Wednesday dress lol.

    • VIVANT

      “Not into “darkness” “

      It’s a bit worse the for the wear. I need to replace soon 😊 but yeah it’s cool. One of the few things I have that actually looks on me the way it lo Is off 🙄

      Anyhow I like and really appreciate the personality in people, that you like in women ☺️☺️

    • VIVANT

      Oh except one thing- I have nothing against the BI 💜💜

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  • youlovelia
    You're definitely biased, and I kind of disagree with the more you tried to make your opinions into fact.

    First, totally okay you don't like bisexual women but that's very homophobic and mean to say all bisexual women and men will "fuck anything", some girls do fall in love with girls you know and the same for men, and bisexual people are not inherently promiscuous. I know you cannot understand other sexualities probably because you have never felt more than heterosexuality, and that's okay, but there are many beautiful and handsome people who also feel attraction for their own gender at times and you shouldn't shame them, because a lot of them are very good people who are intimate and not sexually driven by everything.

    If you are really spiritually intelligent, you understand that many different people with different alignments exist and they all don't match yours. Again, totally cool if you don't want to date her because she also likes girls, but don't assume she is promiscuous off the bat.

    Also, it is true many older women have more maturity than younger women, but there are also many young ladies with incredible maturity, although it was nice to see someone's point of view (as a younger man) on older women.

    As far as the rest of it, i think I agree a little. An ideal partner is mature, brave, respectful of others and themselves, and believes in doing good things. Sounds like you have your type figured out.
  • ariadneR
    I loved this!! 👊
    The "dumbing yourself down" oh how that connected. I had one ex tell me to not speak so properly and use smaller words.
  • DizzyDesii
    Im courageous in that way.
    I didn't know anyone purposely went for a bitch. Maybe a bad bitch but guys shouldve known they are gonna have an attitude especially an arrogant one.
    That goth/emo stuff had me rolling.
    Im a believer and keep up the prayer.
    Women are sexually arrogant like men, i agree. But men usually tell theirs from the jump while women downplay it after a breakup.
    I wash shocked to find out your interest in age the other day. Maybe ill tell my mom about you 😂
    Ill be glad when guys understand that most of us dont want a bi dude either. I met this great guy last night and moment he asked if i was bi because he was, i was like “Alright imma head out” 👉
    Im not a gold digger but i do take interest in men who also took school as serious as i did. Even if he chose a sucky major that didn't pay off like i did, i at least like hearing about his creativity and determination and hardwork. I can't stand procrastinators, especially those who didn't take school (including high school) seriously.
    • ManOnFire

      I can definitely see you being courageous like that.
      Yeah, there are men who chase Bitches just like the immature women who go after badasses.
      Men are not really sexually arrogant is the thing. Women are, in exactly the way I described.
      Men already know that women don't want bi guys, but women need to understand that a lot of us don't want bi women either and shouldn't be getting an attitude about it.

    • Its glad to see not every man fantasizes about sexing two bi women but no men are arrogant too. I would know because i grew up around all guys. Thats always been the “pack” i rolled with. Most Men gossip like females

    • ManOnFire

      So what guys have you known who actually bragged about how they could get sex any time they want? What guys have you known who bragged about feeling that their orgasms were the best or greatest? What guys have you known who bragged that they can attract women easily?

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  • AlphaGhost
    Its a great myTake bro and you did raise some interesting points and I can comprehend your thinking while considering your age... those bisexual beings are sensitive bitches and they try to find honor in crime. If you are bisexual/Lesbian then you are already challenging the norm, so why did they care for marriage, recognition and normal couple goals.
    If you want to rebel... then rebel and get our it and "YOU HAVE RIGHT TO REBEL" but other person also have right to their opinion/preference.
    That's why people have problem with me "I don't respect people just cuz of they are part of some group, social order, or Sex organs"... I respect people for what they are and their deeds !
    You can never Demand respect... its respect
    • ManOnFire

      @AlphaGhost "and they try to find honor in crime." - That is deep.

    • but its a solid fact that has been repeated in history "over and over again" in multiple cultures.

  • anon1903
    wow, I'm so not your type and still keen on this Take.
    • anon1903

      except I'm no bitch and neither am I bi

    • ManOnFire

      Well, I'm glad you are neither.

  • Myster917
    Huh, well fuck bisexual women I guess. Good to know an influencer is saying that about bisexuality. As someone who is bi I find that kinda shitty.
    • Myster917

      Also dont understand fully what the fuck you were saying about women during that bit but okay then. You have fun influencing a bunch of young people with that kind of bullshit

    • Myster917

      Oh shit I just realized that it was some 30 year old dude being a piece of shit incel. Yeh i dont give a fuck about being nice in this comment anymore fuck you dude

    • Myster917

      *incel who is an influencer that hates women and says that they should all be to his liking. Piss off

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  • stardust101
    Are you still single or something? You’ve been single for quite a while, no long term relationships. I’ve seen and read many of your posts from time to time and it’s usually about the same thing. The type of women that you like and the type of women that you don’t. The last MyTake I’ve read of your’s before this one you were so adamant about breast size and now you’re not. It makes me wonder whether you’re growing internally as an evolving human being or if you’re just ignorant. I welcome any opinions you may have.
    • ManOnFire

      I think you're following the wrong person. My last Take had absolutely nothing to do with breast size.

    • I said the last MyTake that I’ve read. It was a while ago. And yes, it was you.

    • That I’ve read of yours

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  • janna_jcb
    One thing about bisexuality: I’m bisexual and yet I think I’m the pickiest person I know when it comes down to who I’m attracted to. You can have your preference, just wanted to let you know that bisexual girls have preferences just like straight girls
  • Browneye57
    Way way too long. But mostly reasonable, some of very true - like sexual arrogance, although calling it that is just dumb. They're simple braggarts.
    However there are a few erroneous assumptions...
    Older women - will never consider you their equal. So a roll in the hay may be great fun but an LTR would be presumptuous.
    Cares about a man -- his financial status and his looks ARE who he is. They make up his SMV as well. Women are drawn to power, both physical strength as well as political, social, corporate or whatever power. EVERYBODY cares about status, so that's just a complete lie, otherwise you would just curl up in a corner and let the world go by.

    And really, you're expecting a woman to think like a man - just ain't never gonna happen. So even you with your lofty 'requisites' and unreasonable expectations is bound to be disappointed.

    • ManOnFire

      That's okay lol.

    • Depends what you mean by older women. I like a guy 6 years younger and consider him my equal

    • @Rusty54321 - Your anecdotal experience with one guy is irrelevant to everybody else.
      And really, a 22yo guy? Their brain doesn't even fully form 'till 25, but you think he's the ultimate mate? Really? It could well be that YOU are the immature one.

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  • arabgoddess
    I loved this article 👍 👍 suits my way of thinking ☺
  • Madeziner
    We respect your take dear and your listings. But last part seems more philosophical now a days. Any ways good luck for you. Hope you will find it asap.
  • Jltakk
    One criteria. Does she care about me? The rest is bonus points to me.
  • apple24
    I don’t know. I guess I am uninterested in all that.
  • Dem777
    Thanks for your share, really interesting to think it over and over just to find my range of interests, I personally never made that strict filtering, you never know what each personality has got in addition to just being one of provided categories.
  • Clarity01
    Agree! Except most bi people only like one person at a time and they don't randomly have sex with everyone
  • amitysmith
    why do you assume that bisexual women are trying to impress *you*? it’s a sexuality, not a new hairstyle. imagine being a homophobe in 2019.
  • John_Doesnt
    I like thin white and Asian women. I don't like the fatties or dark women. That's my short list.
  • Gedaria
    I find the question should be what type woman likes me...
  • GreatnessBack
    Like what you like, man.
    Ain't nothing wrong with it.
  • charlie_all_night
    Not selfish.. Open minded someone that can keep a decent balance between their partner.
  • mermaidia_lol
    This made me feel better about myself.
    • Why all these downvotes...

    • Gavyn

      Because people are butthurt lol

    • I didn't even say anything bad. 😂😂 people are mad because I'm happy? Wow.

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  • Zap69777
    Agree with you to a point. I still like sexy, beautiful ladies with a good heart ❤️
  • KassandraVI
    I don't agree in some of the statements but it's nice that you share the perspective of your perfect couple :)
  • Wall10
    Love this post.
    My choice of woman is the woman that will obey and respect me
  • IIGrifterSixII
    The whole post comes of more than a bit SIMPish to me but to each their own
  • Nick006
    It's actually good but bisexual part is not my kind of thing 😂😂
  • roflgun
    Who’s going to read all that?
    • ManOnFire

      Others have. You can move on, it doesn't matter to me.

    • roflgun

      Ok then fuck off.

    • Hahaha!!!

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  • fishflow
    I sm bisexual... so whats the problem in that
  • incelposting
    I do not like non virgins
    • ManOnFire

      And that's cool☺

    • Why is it okay for a non virgin promiscuous man to expect a virgin woman? And criticize the women who are a reflection of whom he truly is?

    • I've never even held hands before roastie

  • Massageman
    Good take - I agree.
  • 1828avaava1828
    Have a good day lad
  • MensBest
    Cool, like some of those myself.
  • Gottabsavagee
    You must of been talking bout me
  • Luijo
  • lyenns
    Fuck me
    • okay, let's talk about it

    • this is funny stuff, thanks... I needed a good laugh!

  • Damon200
    I'm playboy 😉
  • oldtazman60
    Good sex threesome fun
  • Anonymous
    so ur a sugar baby?
  • Anonymous
    that was... long. does woman pic 6 have vampire teeth?