Why it might not be a good idea to date your friend

Why it might not be a good idea to date your friend

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@OlderAndWiser once wrote a great myTake about why you shouldn’t date your best friend. I respect his wisdom and advice, but there’s one thing he forgot to mention.

If the relationship ends, you’ll probably lose the friendship too. The person who feels more hurt by the breakup usually ends up hating the other person, or at least being so emotionally overwhelmed that they can’t bear being in her presence. It’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to go back to talking and hanging out like you used to.

Why it might not be a good idea to date your friend

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Why it might not be a good idea to date your friend
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  • kittycat119
    Lol I disagree though. B4 I met Mitchell I was basically with Eric since I was five. And we broke up at points and still loved each other and could b friends
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    • I know how that story ended, but I’m still happy for u guys. I know u loved each other ❤️.

    • Kittycat119 I’m sorry. It’s happened to me before too, and I should have believed u. I just couldn’t believe that particular person would do that to u.

      Fuck it. U can’t read this anyway.

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  • I appreciate your kind comment and your additional comments are right on target!
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  • That's definitely true and a big caution to take.
    I had the luck (?) of managing to keep on more or less friendly terms with my ex (even though she's not over it and our interactions are still a little tense - she thinks she can do something to get me back to her), but my current girlfriend has been a good friend for years now and I'm sure a breakup with her would probably end the pre-existing friendship.

    So yes, it's a rocky road to walk.
  • What is scary about dating a friend is that there are only one or two events that could happen. Either you get married and live happily ever after... or you break up and lose the friendship. As a matter of dignity you must not be friends with an ex.

    On the otherhand, I have had a friends with benefits sexual relationship with a friend and we remained friends. We are still friends to this day. So if it is just about sex and both of you can separate the two then it could actually work.
  • Vyxzuw
    The problem is, once one person starts to have feeling for the other, the friendship is already over.

    The point you made about not being able to bear being in the presence of the other person is true regardless of if there was ever in relationship.

    It would be like being exes, where one person never even gave it a chance.
  • NerdInDenial
    The friendship in that aspect is only one-sided. The friend-zoned person goes through pain and agony; thus, if there is no romance, but you know the one person is truly infatuated, then it's best to end the friendship.
  • Lemia
    @Whiteshoulder Very true what about the oppersite, Lets say you meet a girl or a guy, you date for a couple of months but find out you work better as friends then lovers
    • In that case, hopefully you and her will be happy just being friends

    • Lemia

      @whiteShoulder I wasn't saying me and girlfriend are breaking up, we very much love eachother. I was just saying it as a thrid person.

    • I totally get it

  • Gottabsavagee
    That is totally true but if you feel the spark you should give it a try. You never know maybe he is the one for you. Everything is for a reason. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll meet someone else.
  • powderpuff98
    If it ends up not working out then you've potentially lost a friend as well as a partner.
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Yeah. It is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. If you dash a wound in one area, it doubly bleeds.
  • sid_bang
    Interesting opinions around. It is absolutely not a bad idea to date a friend. But once you both start dating, you are no more friends subconsciously. You both are out of friendzone. It is one way journey. You start seeing your other friend in different perception the day you both plan for date. Opinions change, expectations change. Eventually everything related to you both changes. If the date is successful, congratulations your relationship will last long and chances of separation are 70% lower than average case. Choice is yours.
  • goodlongman
    Actually I disagree. My lover my wife is my best friend. For a great relationship you need to have things in common for the relationship to last
    I agree. I think the best way to break up is when you and your partner realize it's not going to work out so you both end it. My exgf and i from my first relationship still love each other but it's more like a love you feel for family. It's not friendship and nothing more serious. Maybe because we were intimate before but it's like we knew we couldn't stay together but we are still connected to each other in a way. I'm kind of blessed really with her. Because all of my other breakups were like hell. No one else cared or respected me and that's why i was devastated especially with my exfiance. 😢
  • Jerre
    All my friends (girls) are friends with benefits. We all know why we are friends. Sometimes they move, sometimes they fall for another guy, but we still remain friends.
  • LonewolfMeme
    This makes me sad
  • Smf1989
    Very nice
  • Wowgirl30q
    Agree 100%