Yes, Love Can Happen At Any Age!

Age is just a number.
Age is just a number.

Many things have changed, but when it comes to couples of different ages, the first thing everyone thinks is the financial question. You think it's a scam, the reason is the inheritance, the assets.

The old tale is not always real
The old tale is not always real

Women looking for a younger man are still looked at weirdly and it seems that everyone is waiting for the day the relationship will end.

The woman who seeks a father, the boy who seeks a mother. People who have a relationship for money.

Is all that an absolute truth?

Relationships for interest can happen in any age group and with couples of similar ages. We can no longer accept labels being used to define what is acceptable and beautiful.

The youngest person in the relationship can find peace, safety and a safe haven in the older person. The older person can find challenge, adventure, joviality, passion, energy in the younger person. And the opposite can also happen.

We have 20-year-old people with a maturity of 50s, and ladies in their 60s with a soul of teenager.

If the couple has the flexibility to deal with the differences, the relationship can work.

Difficulties arise when one side doesn't understand the moment in life of the other.

For example, one person needs to complete a working day and the other has already retired. One has adult children and the other wants to have children.

Each one needs to be in his role, the older man is not the father, the older woman is not the mother, the youngest woman is neither daughter nor caregiver, the younger man is neither son nor helper.

They are man and woman regardless of age.

They are companions, friends, walking side by side, respecting each other. Any difficulty has a solution.

Love can happen ~ and last ~ at any age.

Yes, Love Can Happen At Any Age!

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Yes, Love Can Happen At Any Age!
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  • MrOracle
    Yes, it can. But it's also the exception, and not the rule, for good reason: it only works out RARELY. Rarely isn't "never", but it isn't "most of the time" either.

    The other thing that needs to be made clear is that "love" (having mutual feelings for each other) is NOT enough to base a relationship on. You must also have COMPATIBILITY, on a wide range of areas, if you hope the relationship to last. Love will NOT conquer major compatibility problems, such as one person wanting kids and the other not, or one person wanting to live in the big city and the other wanting to live in a rural area.

    Sometimes all of these things work out, and the relationship works, despite an unusual age difference, but those are very much exceptions to the rule, and not the rule itself.
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    • zagor

      So being closer in age gives you slightly better odds. That doesn't sound like enough reason to insist on that.

  • MannMitAntworten
    I have been both the younger and the older. Love just happens. Outside influences can kiss my ass.
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  • OlderAndWiser
    I think I understand!
  • aliali8
    i think you're a bit simple minded. Dating only gets harder as you age: less social life, friends get married, older folks are less likely to party, everyone around your age has kids, you're not as physically attractive. Younger folks may not be interested in dating you.
    Sure you can find love at any age. Its always possible. But prime time to find love is 20-30s
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  • ArrowheadSW
    I know a lady who is 62 and she has a fairly high-level job. She is engaged to a guy who is 44 and he is goofy as f*%k... Maybe she likes the more happy go lucky kind of guy. Anyway, time will tell if it works out. Anyway, the guy is a real nice guy and he is very handy around the house. He fixes stuff and does projects in the yard, and all of that.
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    • i wonder if they are able to have a good sex life despite their age, because i have been led to believe that the quality of sex declines with age

    • @IHateBeingaMan Well, the guy is 44. The 62 year old girlfriend may or may not still have a high sex drive. I have no way of knowing. LOL

    • maybe ask them when you get the chance

  • kitty71
    I dont believe it I mean when there is a lot of age difference between a couple. Do not lie to y oruselves that that there are things in common I dont believe that BS. Common you can't have things in common to a person who is like 40 years older than you or younger or even 20 years of difference. Tell me what things in common a person have with their SO who is like 25 years of difference or more?
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  • Avicenna
    Quite true, and it can definitely happen if your personalities mesh and you have enough in common to enjoy being with each other.
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  • Valso
    "when it comes to couples of different ages, the first thing everyone thinks is the financial question"

    Because it always is. That's why such memes exist:Yes, Love Can Happen At Any Age!
  • genericname85
    of course it can. but at a certain age, it gets tough for women xD cause starting at like 70 year old, men become rare on the dating marked, cause they tend to die younger than women :D
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  • Sarahr123
    You don’t find love, love finds you. And it only happens once that we truly fall in love. You can’t make yourself love someone. It just happens...
  • ohshee
    Well I hope so I have to mush passion and desire running through my my brain heart every part of me lol
  • TayTay21
    People who try to rationalize love and relationships are clueless. Love and attraction are irrational by nature. I've had so many people try to set me up with guys they were *sure* I'd love, only to be amazed that I couldn't stand the guys they picked for me. One aunt set me up with this really fratty prep party guy who looked like an extra from an old A&F ad, and when I told her that wasn't my type, she said it *should* be, like the type of guy I'm attracted to is a conscious choice. Meanwhile, her husband is 20 years older than her, fat, and not attractive at all, but she thinks he is very handsome. People like what they like.
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  • locutus9999
    just apply half plus seven... is a stupid mathemathical rule that show the youger person you can be and make it work ( youger must be over 18). but stupid and all is deadly accurate i mean quite reasonable. till 50.
    • What's the rule again? I didn't follow

    • half plus seven... the ideanisnyonfind the youngest mentally mature enough to have a working relationship. Is morena gimmic tban real but kind of work. so if I am 40 for example. halfbis 20 plus 7 is 27. so the yougest lady i can make something work is 27. if you have 50 , half is 25 plusb7, the will be a lady of 32, if you have 30, haf is 15, plus 7, a lady of 22, if you have 22, half ,11 plus 7, a ladybof 18. is accurate..

    • What about older ones?

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  • bamesjond0069
    Im 34 and even in my old age i went on a very nice date with a very nice 18 year old girl the other day, can't wait to see her again. Age is just a number.
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your MyTake and I do believe age is just a number
    and yes love can happen any time :)
  • Meldrum
    I have been in love twice in my life. I married the first one, the second one decided she needed more than I could give so she's with someone else. I don't know if love can come around a third time.
  • exitseven
    I dated a girl much younger than I was. I told myself she was mature for her age and that it's nobody's business who I dated. After a while I realized that we could not relate to each other on many levels and we were at different points in our respective lives. She was smart and pretty and had a very positive outlook on life. I had been around longer and had many setbacks in my life and was mired in pessimism, tethered by circumstances beyond my control. We had lots of nice dates and took some nice trips together but eventually I had to break up with her.
    I found somebody closer to my own age with similar life experiences and beliefs We have been happily married for many years..
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  • SavageGirl101
    As long as y’all are consenting adults 18+ but I find it very weird and pedoish for a 50 year old to wanna date a 18 year old 😭
  • Silver158
    Every age gap relationship I've had the girl said at the start that the age gap never bothered her then as soon as she was looking for a way out it was ALWAYS an issue.
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    • Wow you are correct. Jake apparently is very confused by his own sexuality. Responding angrily to a question having nothing to do with pedophilia. Perhaps confused because maybe at 16 he feels guilty for liking a homosexual interaction with a man. Now confused and angry about himself projecting onto others

  • DaddyRollingStone
    Most couples where one person is older are always weird. They're really weird. I can't explain why but you can just tell something is off.
  • Lanabear119
    It can. But if your 20 and fall in love with a 50 or 60 year old. That’s nasty.
  • uknown789
    yes it quite interesting love cannot be cage nor stop it can b broken sometimes torn apart but someone comes to put those pieces back together sorry if I was rude
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