Women's purpose on Earth.


After years of deep thought, and social analytics, I found answers inside myself. Remaining true from time in memoriam, it is clear that the purpose of women is to nurture children, and men's purpose is to protect women. Every trope, heuristic, tendency, and instinct, point directly to that end. This gave me an answer as to why I was uncontrollably attracted to vulnerable women. It was such a revelation when I realized that I was deeply driven to take care of a girl who needed (or at least appreciated) it. "Happiness" is a Red Herring in life... the true worthwhile life is one filled with Meaning. Sure, you can find 'meaning' in different places, but nothing has the same effect as standing up and saying 'nothing is going to hurt you tonight.' Now that is an oversimplification, but the feeling is true. The only other thing in life that compared to that feeling was becoming a United States Marine. A deep satisfaction that shows you the truth about what having 'Heart' actually means.

Now, finding a woman who agrees or appreciates that, is complete next-level type of relationship. I really feel that marriage is a pact between two people to raise children - which is the ultimate fulfillment. I think remaining true to one's own instincts is the most direct way to a well-lived life... Even if they are opposed to my feelings, remaining true to one's deepest truth (no matter how 'socially unacceptable') is the way to save the world and propel society forward, into a calm and worthwhile future.

Womens purpose on Earth.
Women's purpose on Earth.
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  • HSSC12
    First off, thank you for your service, Marine! Yeah, there’s a complete different and separation between men and women, if you’re not a religious person than listen to nature. Men have strengths and weaknesses women won’t have, while I am not a man I am able to respond with while there may be an eternity of reason to the question, women do teach most if not all men compassion, vulnerability, beautify and at times also make things in life reason. Women were put on earth not to be equal, so I have no clue why people even started believing that none-sense, we are here to work with them and along-side them for the same reason they are here, to help us in what we lack. However, while I am not a man and I am not even in a romantic relationship with a man, I know that logical we need them. I’m not nor will I ever be a women who throw logic out the window because I can’t understand the true meaning of equality. That’s my opinion.
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  • Woman1
    I feel like there is literally no difference in the purpose of men and women on the earth. I truly believe that the only reason for there to be a man and a woman in the first place is reproduction anyways. Anywhere else a man and a woman are literally capable of the exact same things.
  • Daniela1982
    Their original purpose was to be a helper for a man by God. I think that is a better reason for their purpose than most.
    • Jtpotrj

      I am Christian. How do we help the man?

    • @Jtpotrj Genesis 2:18, Amplified Bible - 18 Now the Lord God said, “It is not good (beneficial) for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper [one who balances him—a counterpart who is] [b]suitable and complementary for him.”

    • Jtpotrj

      I am excited to help the man! What about you?

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  • Ninjazzed
    Women aren’t built to be incubators and men aren’t built to be expendable work horses.

    We’re going to fall short on these gender roles.. women aren’t going to want to bear children and men aren’t going to want to protect women.

    Our purpose is whatever life we want to build for ourselves.
  • Kas19
    I don't know what I just read.
    • Jtpotrj

      Hello. I think it is something written from his heart.

  • Anonymous
    If a man will sacrifice himself and protect me I will be happy.