Why I think attractive woman are statistically more faithful than unattractive ones

Why I think attractive woman are statistically more faithful than unattractive ones

Research shows unattractive woman are more likely to cheat on their partners and attractive woman are less likely to cheat and my theory on this is that unattractive woman believe finding an attractive person can make them happy because they have not been exposed to many dating opportunities while an attractive woman knows that no relationship will ever be as magical as a rom com and they will have to be realistic on their expectations to make the connection work.

A woman attractive because of diet and exercise and career and clothes, understands the sacrifice involved in attracting and keeping a partner so is realistic in their expectations towards who they are with while an unattractive woman who eats steak and fajitas all day, and never takes care of herself, fails to recognize how difficult it is to attract a partner so maintains unrealistic standards that cause them to cheat.

Just like a chef is less likely to complain about the way his food is made because he is aware of how hard cooking actually is while somebody whose never cooked is more likely to complain about the cooking of others. To me romantic expectations function the same way, somebody not in the habit of working for love, will hold others to an impossible set of norms because they don’t realize how difficult it is, this is why unattractive people are more likely to be disloyal.

Why I think attractive woman are statistically more faithful than unattractive ones
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  • Dude_777
    Definitely true. It has link to self esteem basically. Low self esteem people are likely to cheat more than people with high self esteem.
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    • red324

      @WowwGirl Am i the only one that seems to notice that the hot girls are the ones that think they're ugly and the ugly girls think they're the shit. Not always but a lot of times these attractive girls have been abused at home at a young age. Either mentally or physically.

    • WowwGirl

      @red324 it's really person related as you said from their teams or no trama, more so then appearance. Pretty gets harassed a lot and that's actually why they have low self esteem usually. Nothing to do with looks

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  • Charliefretz329
    I think there is an incredible amount of truth there.
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  • Kaamraj
    In the beginning of your article you have said that "research shows" but have not cited any research, secondly what is the measure of attractiveness and how can it be quantified in a study. The fact is that there are no attractive women, nor high value men in isolation, that is decided by the sexual marketplace.

    Saying that, men and women, the latter much earlier get an assessment of their value and act accordingly. Women are hypergamous and try to secure a mate who is more than their perceived value. This is a natural mechanism to balance for the increased cost for reproduction for female as compared to males. So I believe that if a woman is very attractive and has already secured a mate of high value than it will be more difficult to be attracted and secure a mate of higher value because there are so few people at that level. Moreover, attractiveness (reproductive fitness) declines over time so basically it's a uphil fight against statistics and time.

    So yes theoretically the more attractive a woman, the less she should cheat, given her mate is also of sufficiently high value and she was able to exercise her hypergamy in the first run.
  • YourFutureEx

    1. Most of the attractive women aren't made attractive, they're born attractive. No struggle there
    2. If you're saying that being in many relationships before makes women more loyal then...
    2.1. Virgins would be most likely to cheat and sluts would be loyal af
    2.2. Being in many relationships indicate only one thing, 'A history of failing in many relationships' and/or 'inability to choose the right partner'.

    The only two things that make attractive women loyal are :-
    1. Their morals. Your attractiveness doesn't make you loyal or disloyal. Your morals, integrity and upbringing do.
    2. You. Attractive women have countless of options and if you have managed to get her, it means you're a man with high value whom she'd not want to lose.
    • Thank you! It all boils down to morals. This goes for men too where people love to say are always cheating when given the opportunity or if temptation is always around.

    • @stillagoodgirl exactly.

  • jshm2
    You're wrong,

    Hence why you've not provided any credible statistics, despite your assertion it being a statistical possibility.

    But statistically speaking in the few US studies done, it's a mixed picture.

    • This was an opinion piece... So She's wrong about... her opinion?

  • soulbabe
    I'm not sure how accurate this is because I personally am not attractive and hey what did fajitas do to you. I have never cheated or even thought about it but then again most of my desire is not people based if there is someone in my life that's Cool but I'm not going to run around trying to make someone love me. I'm pretty simple give me my farm my kitchen and my crafts then boom perfectly content woman. I got off topic not saying you're wrong just would like to see the study.
  • litty
    When people say there's research, they usually present research. So where is it?

    Also, the cooking metaphor doesn't make any sense. You are saying unattractive women don't know how hard it is to find love, so they can't appreciate it, and are therefore likely to cheat? Meanwhile, attractive women have to work hard for love? You actually have it the other way around.

    Some women literally don't have to do anything for attention. People will bother them, holler at them, sweet talk them, buy them expensive gifts just for sex with their body. While others can get all dolled up and not get so much as a passing glance.

    What you don't mention is that women AND men of different body types suffer from insecurities. One of these insecurities is not getting enough attention or not feeling important. And so they'll sleep with multiple people just because that having a higher number raises their self-esteem despite how many partners they've hurt. Some are just selfish and want everything like a committed relationship with the thrill of one night stands.

    No matter what you look like, you need to love yourself before you love others.
  • Luopio27
    The less atractive one is, the more grateful he/she is when they get into relationships. Of course there can be exceptions in rare cases.

    The pretty girls and their selection process can involve about a girl playing 15 guys at the same time, and they call guys players.
    • red324

      I would think that if an unattractive person finally finds a good long term relationship that they would have more of an appreciation for it.

    • Luopio27

      Exactly my point.

    • red324

      Now will she go out and fuck the hottest guy that gives her an ounce of attention I don't know.

  • VanillaVilla
    Personally I think attractive and unattractive is in the eye of the beholder. That being said, in my experiences (and this is solely just my life, others probably have different experiences) I’ve been able to trust unattractive women much more. I've only had my trust “betrayed” a few times, but it was mostly people considered more attractive by Public standards.
  • ManOnFire
    I am sorry but I have to fully disagree with this. I think it is the absolute opposite. Attractive women are more likely to cheat because they know a lot of men want them, so they have "more options" any time they're ready to leap to another guy. Unattractive women know their options are few so they will try to stick with the guy they have.

    I have been in relationships with both and I can tell you for a fact that attractive women - especially very beautiful - are indeed more prone to cheating. Whatever study said they're more faithful is not a true reflection of real life.
    • Do you believe all attractive women are as untrustworthy like that? I like to hope not.

    • ManOnFire

      @KlinkyCoder Not all of them, but definitely very many of them. They also will lie to a guy about not talking to anyone else but him while she actually has many guys' numbers in her phone and texts the ones she might be able to get some play from. I know this not only from the beautiful ones I dated but also beautiful female co-workers I've had and some beautiful female friends.

      Their trick is to convince you as much as possible that you are the only one they want, but later on when things get rocky or you start to have fights, that's when they're ready to tell you they can get any guy they want.

      I don't know what study the Asker was reading but it is far from reality.

    • red324

      I think both genders so it.

  • rienna888
    Yea they actually are! Most of the attractive women I know are very loyal and usually don’t pick based on looks. My sister is beautiful and she is always loyal to her bfs. I think it’s because they’re less insecure. They know that if their partner cheat, they can always find another boyfriend. So I think it’s a lot to do with self confidence
    • rienna888

      And they don’t need a backup plan cuz people will always be attracted to them and want to be with them

  • BigManSAB
    You are 1000% right! I’ve dated both unattractive and attractive women. The unattractive women are extremely insecure and happy for any attention from a male. Pretty girls understand it’s easy to get sexual attention from anyone but a good relationship is hard to find!
  • DWornock
    That may be. However, I believe it is based on natural selection. During the Stone Age, and, we still have our Stone Age brains, women would mate with a man that was dependable and a good provider for her and her children. Then when ovulation, she would seek out the best genes (typically the Alpha male) for her eggs. Since the Alpha male typically would sire children with higher intelligence and greater vitality that would give her children a substantial survival advantage over children sired by her mate. Women that did not seek the best genes for their eggs when there was a low risk of discovery opportunity are not our ancestors.

    The Alpha male would fuck most any woman but he would choose the Alpha female, (typically the prettiest) for his mate. Since the pretty Alpha female mate was the Alpha male with the best genes, cheating offered no survival advantage for her children. Furthermore, there was a slight risk of discovery by her mate in which case her mate may kill or abandon her and her children. That risk would offset any tiny advantage that another marginally superior Alpha male would provide.
  • Biancam13
    Yes. Exactly. Attractive people tend to have a lot of options, but are pickier when it comes to actually entering a serious relationship. So, when they get into a relationship, it’s with someone they really like, it’s someone they specifically chose out of all the options, and it’s for the long haul. So they are more faithful, yes. And as someone else said, self esteem is a huge contributing factor in whether or not someone feels the need to cheat or not.
  • Sigrid17
    Can you give a link on the research? I find this interesting although I don't know if i buy it completely yet. So far from my personal experience people who get divorced or cheat has been on the better looking end of the spectrum. Heck my mom cheated on my dad and she was a model at one point of her life.
  • cth96190
    I have not seen a proper study done on this, but I suspect that the better looking a woman is the less she can be trusted, because as desirability increases her options will increase proportionally.
  • Littlemissbrat
    Nah. My boyfriend always makes me feel beautiful even if I'm sick as a dog and look horrible I would never betray him. He always makes me feel better about myself and I have a shit self esteem. I'm grateful he loves me and doesn't look anywhere else. Maybe some of you need to get morals and values if you actually believe this trash.
  • madgoat
    I'd be suspicious of studies of this nature. It's probably one aspect of a more complicated picture.
    How much they earn, how close to their family, what their upbringing was, their aspirations, ego, the type of men they bring into their lives.
  • t-8900
    I remain skeptical. It all comes down to environment, upbringing, and exposure imho
    • t-8900

      since this was still up on the board for mytakes I took a second look and reevaluated and I think there is some credence to what you say.

  • Toldol2
    I think it has a lot to do with self esteem. Attractive women attracts more but have it harder When it comes to relationship. They experience more difficulties in the end with the opposite gender.
  • Subarugirl
    The lower your standards are, the more options you have.
    • serious


      Okay but having more options doesn’t mean they are good options. Having low standards is an indication of desperation and it also means a person is ready to compromise just in order to be with someone.

      Not a good attitude to have.

    • Subarugirl

      @serious but it’s an attitude a lot of people have

    • serious


      Yes I can agree with you on that.

  • Aiko_E_Lara
    "Just like a chef is less likely to complain about the way his food is made because he is aware of how hard cooking actually is while somebody whose never cooked is more likely to complain about the cooking of others"

    Gordon Ramsey begs to differ
  • 19magic
    Aww so the song is false then but I've always loved that song used to make me feel like maybe in the future if be happy with a guy.
  • weeee
    "research shows" then show it bruh.

    >while an attractive woman knows that no relationship will ever be as magical as a rom com

    Are you just pulling shit out of your ass

    I could also say some vapid shit like "Attractive women have an easier time getting dates which is why they end up having unrealistic standards while unattractive ones only have what they can have so they tend to have more fulfilling relationships because they are realistic."

    Also i dont why attractiveness is posed as an objective quality in this post. Some may just be that pretty, but the majority isn't. You make 0 sense
  • Auzeau
    It honestly depends on the person whether their attractive or not. Some attractive girls tend to cheat because of their pretty privilege while some stick to their lover because what they think of is not about having fun but finding the one that stays with them till the end.
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    The simple fact is that attractive women are used to getting more attention so they don't think about it as much.
  • anylolone
    I'm inclined not to believe such research, specially with the habbit of P hacking in psychology.

    I don't believe attractive women cheat more, but I see no actual plausible mechanism for it to be less or more.
  • jamesgoldman
    I don't know about the relationships side by as a former sous chef, I agree with the chef analogy
  • Royal1111
    How can you judge this when everyone has their own standards of beauty? What you deem as "attractive" I may not and vice versa. I may think a guy is super attractive and he is faithful but you may think he is ugly and expect that he will cheat.
  • cryscrys1
    I’m told a lot I’m attractive and beautiful.. and I can notice when I see myself in the mirror I find myself interesting. I don’t wear make up even at 30. I am confident how I look and told a lot I look young etc. However I have a problem I’m assumed a lot from guys I might have dated so much and have so much fun and met so many guys. Truth is I’m a hardcore introvert I don’t allow guys easily in my life.. I have literally dated 1 guy didn’t last much due to me and my education I decided to follow my career.
    I want to say attractive or un attractive you are faithful due to character I don’t think beauty has to do anything with it. But I think Feeling confident about your face do put you in a better spot that is not giving a shit to try hard.. well my opinion
  • EssenceOfLight
    Difficult to say for me because someone cheated just one time on me, she was pretty and she gave me clear warn signs which I ignored.
    Nevertheless there is some logic in your conclusion. If cheating doesn't grants someone some kind of very questionable fun, it's stupid to degrade yourself to being considered as a cheater. Lot of cheating gives people who are somehow handicapped in dating the opportunity to prove their value. Of course those people don't recognize that their partner haves lots of opportunities as well to be unfaithful, but demand of their egos to self gratification due cheating is stronger than having a stable relationship. That's why they do that.
  • Laura456
    It depends on the individual's personality, values system etc.
  • Dragonpurple
    Well said, I've known a few people that had to 'settle' because they didn't date a lot, didn't have those opportunities, either cause they were too shy, too reserved or not attractive enough to get hit on all the time.

    When someone finally did pay him/her attention they got sucked in and well... that is just when the problems started.

    I personally believe personality is more important than beauty, as that fades with time but the more you love a person for who they are (and not what they look like) the better you get along.
  • Zygum
    If attractive women get attractive partners, then they are faithful, otherwise they are biggest cheaters, than ugly women without sttractive partners
    • Girl I mentioned in my post has a good looking boyfriend. Taller than me (6ft4) and with hair. She still slept with me multiple times and texts me once in a while to « see how I’m doing ».

    • Zygum

      @BruceJender, She is satisfied sexually with you, so she do not care handsome boyfriend, who cannot satisfy her sexually, white women are attracted to ugly Black men due to their sexual performance

  • KingofCups
    Yea I'd definitely agree. That being said 'Attractive Women' are like the highest value Social Currency, Every one is always after them, many opportunities are placed in front them. A man can be physically 'attractive' but this doesn't really guarantee the same volume/quantity of attention that the women will get. He can still feel as if he's not being desired by women. The only exception to this is when a man has an outrageous amount of money, then he treats women differently - as if they are disposable, consumable, highly abundant commodity.
  • Glasgow55
    That's interesting and not something i'd thought about. Thanks for a great question, and one which I'll read about.
  • Neilbud
    interesting way to think of it. thanks for some new insite
  • Quigly
    Why do so many of them cheat on their husbands? They get with one guy for the money and the other for the show.
  • semidriver
    Well if that's the case, suddenly all of my ex's are unattractive..
  • Snakesarecool
    I seen both ways. Some attractive people cam also has low self-esteem and same way unattractive people are.
  • MountAverage
    Pretty sure there's actual statistics about this. Too bad you didn't include them for comparison.
  • Shy_Steve
    I think so to, I think Girls I find attractive are great in every way.
  • Shihab91
    Wow beautiful woman in the picture... Also i believe the look has nothing to do with being faithful.
  • Babygirl_S
    Anyone can be faithful regardless of their looks.
    • You never know. Even I admit that I could cheat. Anyone has potential. Thats just my little opinion bit negatively, sure, of fellow humans. c

  • daisy_jones
    lol not really, but okay. your opinion.
  • Assi2k
    Same for handsome, healthy and competent men❤️
  • Xylem1992
    "Research"? what research?
  • Medhat-M
    So true.. I've seen many examples myself
  • PositiveNote
    Oh, wow! I so agree with you! Right on, girl.
  • Ninaface
    I find this to be true with attractive men as well
  • KralArthur
    I think the quite contrary...
  • Slayerrrrrrr
    lol. write a book