The Myth Of Biological Clock

The Myth Of Biological Clock


Biological clocks are very much real. As much as I want to reset the human history of evolution, I can't.

They are just not that important.

Why? Because there's 8 friggin billion of us. I'm sure if some of us slack off, we'd still be the advancing species.

This is not a "don't have kids" take. It's your decision and if you want my personal opinion on your child, it'd always be a negative one.

So biological clock can be termed as the desire to have, you know, human offsprings.

What? I never promised I was gonna sound normal?

Anyways, and a lot of people wonder what age is the right age to do so. And do you know what I say to that? Oh fu_ck it.

You can always adopt, if preggers is too painful or you're too lonely or too old to have them on your own. It's not that complicated. Somebody else did the job for you. Think of it as mining for diamonds, but half of the work is done.

It's just a popular opinion that you must have one of your own.

Like, miss ma'am, good sire, no you are not going to live forever. God cheated you on this. He just gave you the tool so he could smo_ke his w_eed in peace. Figures.

And the obsession with a mini you? Yup, get over that. Lot of kids resemble their relatives, instead of their parents. In that case, you're gonna freak. What can I say? Genes work in mysterious ways.

I'm gonna be blunt about this — in order to leave a legacy behind, have one. I mean actual wealth. So many friggin couples move in and do it and regret big time, because they didn't plan it. No financial or mental prep.

If you want my word, please, oh lord, please finish at least highschool before you do it. I can understand, the hypersexual world we live in, you wanted to get it on as soon as you reach 18, and that's fair enough. Natural. Just do one thing and bulk up on the contraceptives. It sounds like a lecture I know but you're gonna be sorry in the long run. This is 2023, not 90s that you gotta have hordes of kids and you gotta do all before 25. And most certainly, not a friggin marathon.

Another thing, extremely important, if against odds you want your own package, make sure you know the parent thoroughly well. So probably do the raw sex after marriage, or when you're planning it all.

I am aware this kind of stuff people already know.

This is for my asexual mom, who never had a chance at sex ed. I love you, but please choose career over me any day. I'm sure I can glue back the pieces of my heart.

You've your life first before anyone's. Act like it.

By anon1903

PS. This is the most boring take ever.

The Myth Of Biological Clock
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