My Wife had lunch with her Ex and lied about it. Should I be worried?

One of my wife's friend dropped a gift for us with my wife's Ex as we were both out of town. Wife's friend knew my wife's Ex and was meeting him for a sales visit that week (My wife and her friend work for a company that sells machines to my wife's Exs' company), so she decided to leave the gift with him, and plan was for my wife to pick it up on the next sales call (this happens every three weeks or so). My wife also calls him on the phone once every couple of weeks for sales followups. I had absolutely no problem with all this. However, one day as I was leaving my office for lunch, my car had a low tire pressure warning, so I decided to drop it off at repair shop and walk to lunch to a nearby restaurant. To my surprise, my wife was in there having lunch with her Ex (at olive garden). We had just talked over the phone an hour earlier and she said was was going to be out shopping. So, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and went to a restaurant next door, hoping she would mention lunch with her Ex when I came home in the evening. When I got home, I saw our gift from my wife's girlfriend, and wife said he stopped by at the mall Starbucks and gave her the gift... Now I am really pissed and worried that she lied to me. What should I do? Should I be concerned? She tells me all the time that I am the "love of her life". She seems genuine in her love towards me and I love her very much. This lie has been eating at me non stop and I can't stop thinking about it... What should I do, please help...
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One more critical point. While having dinner that night, she asked me what I had for lunch, and that opened the door for me to ask her what she had for lunch. She said... I have some food before I left home to go shopping...
My Wife had lunch with her Ex and lied about it. Should I be worried?
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