Did my girlfriend cheat? Or is she just extremely gullible?

Her ex bf constantly calls, I tell her I don't like it. She says "We're just friends, he has a gf; I can be friends with whoever I want; It's sad I have to end a friendship because of your blind jealousy"

She goes to her hometown. I call him and say she's my gf and to respect that. He tells me why he dumped her and doesn't want her.

My gf texts me "YOU can't CONTROL WHO IM FRIENDS WITH" I tell her the things he said about her. She gets mad at him. He screen shot their texts so I would end it with her.

Over the 2 years we've been together she's texted him "I miss you" "come visit me" every few months.

When we got together she told him "A guy I've been dating asked me to be his gf and I said yes. I wish things were different but I'm trying to be happy"

When she first got to her hometown she says "I dreamed I got to see you but then you left and I was sad" he says "Ive been dreaming about you too since you said you were coming to town"

I have a bouquet of flowers delivered to her parents house, she says she loves me and she's going to bed. She then texts him to "come over to hang out and smoke weed"

The next day she texts him and says "You made me feel uncomfortable so it was a factor. I care about you deeply but I have someone. Sometimes emotions can be ravaging."

The next day he says "Your bf called me, I'm gonna assume that us being friends is an issue" She says "No" and he says "Im not going to stop being friends unless thats what you want. Your bf will never be comfortable with that and by talking with him you add another level to this that is not positive" She says "we can't be friends you're dragging me down with you and cusses him out for talking bad about her to me"

She told me "they have a complex friendship that I couldn't understand" that her dream texts were "innocent nostalgia" she lied about having him over since "I would be mad" She said "he made a move and she kicked him out immediately"

I dont know what to believe
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Did my girlfriend cheat? Or is she just extremely gullible?
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