Would you give closure to a cheating ex girlfriend?


Ex-girlfriend cheated on me with her coworker and confessed the infidelity in tears a couple of weeks afterwards. She asked for forgiveness and after explaining herself, talking a lot and some time, I trusted that her apologies and remorseful were sincere and accepted to give her an opportunity to rebuild trust… but a few days later she threw away the second chance saying that it wasn't worth and even tried to blame me… she even had a call with her ex boyfriend during that time. Although I was furious, I always stayed calm… but surprisingly she asked me to yell at her and to take out all my anger on her… but I didn’t do it.

I went to zero contact with her since then. She wrote me an apology letter and even sprayed perfume on it. She has said to my friends that she misses me. I ran into her and she asked if we could talk, but I refused.

She seems extremely sad, but I don't want to know anything about her.

Would you give closure to a cheating ex girlfriend?
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