My boyfriend chooses his family over me?

We are together fo almost two years. I do not know if I am only asking for too much of his time or if he really chooses his family over me.

- he always wanted me to be in their house during weekends. I spent whole weekend playing with his niece (they called her EVERYTIME I came) from dusk to dawn. I barely saw him.

- whem I met his sister for the first time, she started to ask him how are his exgirlfriends doing (the more embarassing she is 30 years old).

- when we are spending time at his parents house (during weekend), she use to call him to sleep in her house to take care of her child in the morning as they want to leave and do not want to wake her up... She just does not care that he has a girlfriend in his house but what is worse, he does not care either and act as her doll.

- I want to go and study abroad, so we agreed to move to foreign country. BUT his sister and mother does not like it. It was an AGREEMENT between two of us but then he got home and after few hours called me and cried at me he is not going anywhere, as he has to help his father.

- his sister is using him as a babysitter, car rider, friend on the phone, girl for everything. Her father is giving her a lot of money but nobody except my boyfriend is helping him.

- he talks to me on the phone everyday, but barely spends time with me as he is lazy to RIDE A CAR for 30 minutes and is always making excuses that he has to help his parents, or that he has a soccer match, family meeting or other activities. He wants to be with me like all the time, but in his parents house.

I stopped begging him to spend more time with me, I just gave up, do not care anymore and I am slowly starting to look after somebody else. I think a boy like this can not be a FATHER as he is still a SON. I would like to set my own family but I do not know if it is possible with my boyfriend. Am I being overreactive or it is a matter of age or what?
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The problem is that we spend together approximately four days per month, and even in those few days he sleeps in his sister´s house.
My boyfriend chooses his family over me?
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