My boyfriend wants me to be more dependent?

We haven't really discussed this properly yet, it's just a subject that came up over text, but apparently he wants me to depend on him more and let him spoil me more. Also show more of myself or my personality more?

I don't really understand it, but I've been told I'm too independent before. He's actually my first serious boyfriend because I never really liked a guy enough before to be bothered with a relationship and it's a mess now...
It's not like I'm not being myself around him, but I'm not used to rely on other people and I'm not used to having people caring for me and no one else... I try not to bother people and blend into the background tbh (which I always fail to do because I stand out somehow) and with him, maybe I don't want him to think I'm a bother?
I ask him questions but he doesn't really often ask me stuff about me or my past so strangely I just assume he doesn't want to know. Maybe he wants me to volunteer things about myself?

This may sound a bit random, but I don't know, the subject is bothering me a bit. He says he really likes me but what exactly does he like in me if apparently he doesn't know much about me? Did anyone else deal with such a thing in their relationships?
My boyfriend wants me to be more dependent?
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