I'm a 30 year old burn victim, Am I destined to live a lonely and bitter life?

I recieved 3rd degree burns since I was 5 months old. For the first couple of years, I had to constantly recieve surgery.
I suffer from lonelyness and clinical depression which hit me hard during my late highschool years. I am 30 years old, never was able to get a girlfriend. When I manage to go outside, I always act happy go lucky, as if nothing fazed me at all and nice to everyone, but deep down inside, I am always hurting. Everytime I would talk to a female, 99% of the time, she says she has a boyfriend, even when I am not trying to hit on her! I hear it so many times that it feels like an escape, an excuse. One time I ask a girl if she had a boyfriend, she said no, when I asked for her number, she looked as if she wished that she said she had a boyfriend and felt forced to give me her number and then made up a story that she was moving out of country for education.

Currently, I signed up for three different dating sites. After three months, not one female showed any interest at all. All those sites did was crushed whatever self esteem I have and make me assume that the world is just full of shallow people. My friends had the nerve to be hipocrites by saying that dating is overrated when they themselves have girlfriends. When I was younger, I never understood why people would come up to me and say that I am a strong person, was it because they knew that I was destined to live a hard life? I don't know, I really have no one to talk to about this because nobody would ever understand. Everyday, I wonder what is the point to keep on living when there isn't really anything to look forward to or something to fight for. This life just feels so hollow. Like I am living but at the same time I am not. I definitely understand that there are a lot of people suffering out there, but it still doesn't help. I feel like I am in a world where everyone just rejects me. Living only prolongs my suffering. I'm just curious to what everyone thinks. This is the only time that I am speaking about this (besides my therapist). I usually hate talking about my problems because I don't want to sound like a whiner.
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Oh ya, I am also very short, at 5'2, so that really doesn't help since most women want to date taller guyS (MY OPINION).
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On dating sites, I always write thought out messages.
I'm a 30 year old burn victim, Am I destined to live a lonely and bitter life?
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