Do you think most girls don't understand how sexualized they are?

Most girls (or at least a lot) I think have no clue how sexualized they are. I see comments and questions on here that kinda hint at it. Like for example, I saw a question just now asking if a guy would consider being into a girl who's his sister's friend.

Like uuggh!! It doesn't work like that. I don't think you have to be a genious to figure out that if a guy is thinks a girl is pretty and their personality isn't very unattractive, then we want to fuck the shit out of them until we are exhausted and cannot move anymore. Yes, you being my sister's friend may hinder my trying to do that, but it doesn't make me want her any less. I think most guys are like this.

I think girls think there's more that goes on then there really is for attraction.

Then there's leggings. Like some girls don't seem to have any awareness that guys love them because to us, you may as well be naked. Leggings are like lingere that is somehow acceptable to wear in public. Remember how there were a ton of people who were outraged by them? THEY WERE RIGHT. But no young guy is gonna say anything because we thank God for them every time we see a girl with a nice ass where the leggings went into her crack.

Now most girls are totally aware of this and that is why they wear them, but a ton have no clue, they just think the leggings are comfortable and they have no clue that what they're doing is basically the same thing as wearing no clothes and painting on clothes like the girls in NY.

this bothers me because I think that its really bad for girls to be this naive. Not that they need to stop doing these things, but that they need to understand and accept how they are being perceived, especially by men.

Anyway, what do you think? Do you think that girls are more sexualized than they realize, or do you think they're faking it?
Girls don't seem to realize just how sexualized they are
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I think girls are pretty much aware of the sexual connections people make to the things they do.
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HERE!!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! The ANON at the top (30-35) Is the one who I think nailed it by the way.
Do you think most girls don't understand how sexualized they are?
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