My boyfriend said he doesn't want to hurt me anymore?

Well it's kind of a long story

my boyfriend is a Japanese

We had a fight one day. I was very crazy then

I kept shouting crying pushing him away yelled at him. because what he told me at the first night made me think I am the problem of our relationship

So I told him let me go if he think I am the problem and also told him what he has done in the past that made me sad.

Such as he can’t take the blame, he always blame me back, and I can’t have my own opinions when we discuss something, he always left me alone to problems, he requests me so many things, if I can’t or don’t want to do that, he just get angry…..etc.

I could feel he feels so sorry and hurt when I told him these. And then because I was too tired then I fell asleep, but after a while, he started to cry.

He told me that I said something that his ex told him before and he’s a jerk, he shouldn’t have a girlfriend, because he always hurt girlfriend. And this is how that day ended.

And one night before I left Japan, we even talked about marriage.

He told me because he’s going to become 25,and it’s time to think about marriage.

And he told me I am the one he wants to get married with.

But the problem is where should we gonna stay in the future.

At first we decided live in America, but recently he changed his mind, now he just wants to live in Japan, because he think his English is not that good

And since my major is Korean, so I just told him maybe Korea and America is good. but anyway you need to at least wait for 3 years .Then when I have enough money, then I will just go anywhere you are.

But after two weeks. Things totally changed, He said he just wanna be friends with me.cause he doesn’t want to hurt me anymore .he can’t stand it anymore.And I asked him do you love me. He said he likes me, and even tho I date with him, I will be hurt more because of him. And he knows that I love him so much, but now he can’t reply my love. And he said he wanna reset himself because he’s so bad. and also wanna solve some problems. And I asked him why I can’t be with him as girlfriend when he wanna reset himself? He said because it needs sometime and kind of difficult .Beside, he wants to do it by himself .so he needs to be alone. And he can’t force me to be with him.

And then I asked him what kind of problem you wanna solve? He replied the place where should we live. Then I told him what I think and what kind of effort I am doing for living in Japan , because seems he misunderstood that I don’t’ wanna live there. And then he said he doesn’t escape from the problem, but just want to solve by himself.

And after that,he keep mentioning that he’s the problem of our relationship, not me, and kept saying I am a good girl so I can find another better guy.

I was very sad. Just two weeks…and he changed so much…

But actually he had mentioned this problem one year ago. That time he said he really hate hurting me,cuz he always made me cry and angry and lonely. but will try his best

But I really don’t know he care about this so much.I really don’t know what to do now…...

My boyfriend said he doesn't want to hurt me anymore?
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