How to make your boyfriend chase you again?

These days I feel like I'm drowning him in attention. In the past it was more balanced and we would both put in equal amounts... I think he was actually chasing me hard even after we started being official.

7 Months in now and he's not as expressive anymore. I feel neglected because we don't have sex anymore (stopped because he told his strict Christian dad about us so for him our relationship is more serious now) we rarely make out because he thinks he'll lose control... We see each other every 2 weeks maybe because of me working shift (and sometimes on the weekends) and he's working in some weekends too...

I think he's too relaxed and I feel like I'm being taken for granted. No intimacy, no attention, very rare occasion of affection...

What would I have to do for him to treat me more like a passionately loved girlfriend again? I can tell he really likes me and is serious about us but it's too early for me to feel like a neglected wife of 40 years.
How to make your boyfriend chase you again?
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