How do I make my boyfriend chase me again?

I have been seeing my boyfriend for just over 7 months now (known him for 4 years because he's my friends brother. Yes, she was happy we got together), and things have been going okay.
But the past few days, I've noticed some tiny changes in him, and things have been starting to get repetitive. For example, I go over to his house every Saturday night, and all we do is watch TV. The last time we did anything together was to go out for dinner the first month of dating, which his mother helped him with. He doesn't like to spend money, and I'm okay with that. I don't expect him to spend all his money on me. But for my birthday/valentines last month, he said he'd take me to dinner. But his mother took us all out for dinner ( a present for me from her), and I suppose he persumed that would do for my birthday. I completely understand things are difficult money wise right now, but he promised me something that didn't happen. I can't help but be a little upset about it.
I've also noticed I've been ditching my plans for him. Whenever he asks me to come over, I always say yes. Even when I have plans. Because of that, I think he's getting bored, and I don't want to get too emotionally dependent on one person. I love him so much even since I first met him. But I want us to do more things together, like go out for dinner or something different rather than watching TV in his room all night.
Tomorrow, I'm going to ask him if we can do something next week or something and see what he says. But I'm also going to try not to ditch my plans for him. I don't want to seem too clingy, and I don't want him to get bored. Is there anything else I could do or say to stop this?
How do I make my boyfriend chase me again?
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