What does it mean when he gives me a diamond necklace?

GUYS I really need your advice!

basically: we've been dating for a year

My boyfriend is the type of guy to FORGET things like birthdays, anniversaries, and when we've made plans together.

so for me when he called to wish me a happy 1 anniversary I was beyond happy.

Next thing I know a few days after our anniversary past, we went out and he ended the night giving me a really expensive diamond necklace. I honestly don't know how I should read into his gesture.

THE QUESTION: what does it mean when a guy buys a girl jewelry ranging in the $500 area?


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  • (Age:18 to 24)

    How old is the guy?

    • For a student 500$ can be his whole savings.

      For a middle aged millionaire it's peanuts. That's quite a difference thus.

    • He is 26 (paying back student loans along with having other bills to worry about) I would say that he prob. spent around 1/2 his weeks paycheck.

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  • Three possibilities, all equally likely:

    1. He's thinking about proposing but not right away

    2. He's afraid you're going to leave him and he's going all out to keep you

    3. He's feeling really, really, really guilty

  • I would say he LIKES you a lot. He must really appreciate you!

  • He really effing likes you, and he probably wants to be with you for a long time.

  • He digs you, don't make it weird.

    I'm the exact same way (I forget dates and numbers) and just got my chick the exact same thing. My thought process is she just completed her Masters and got a really awesome new job, we've been doing great for about 5months so I figured it would! d be cool to get her something nice...that's all. Its just a gesture like "hey, good on ya. I'm into you"



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