Girls, Is height a deal breaker? *Please read my very odd situation* ?

So we met on facebook through mutual friends. She found one of my posts amusing and we started talking then skyped. We started doing this for months and wouldn't ever get bored. Then we started to get very intimate and close and although we want to keep a realistic view on life, she was talking about how she wanted to leave her country for the states after visiting their several times. But we're realistic, taking it all step by step.

Now, I have no idea what height she pictures me as. She never asked, and I never told. I brought up how I heard Dutch people were so tall and asked her height and she told me her height was 5"7 but I never told her I was only 5"9

Now her country is the Netherlands. If you don't already know, that country has the tallest people in the world. The average height for men is 6"0 and for women it's 5"7. So imagine living in a country where you only see tall people. I also did some stalking, and her first boyfriend (around 3 years ago) looked to be around 6"3. (6+ inches taller than her)

What made me feel insecure is after further talks of intimacy, she said "I need a man I can literally lean on. Sometimes my life is just hard" and when women talk naturalisticly like that, it makes me feel insecure about my height. For a lot of women, it is a dealbreaker. I have seen shows where a woman was set up (Literally blindfolded) and the woman and the man had everything in common in intimacy. But when she learned he was short, it felt too unnatural for her to date him.

I'm not the type of short guy that will criticize women for who they want. It's natural. So women, be extremely superficial. Can height be a dealbreaker if you're looking for dominant men? Some women are attracted to short men. And from the way she talks, it sounds like she wants a tall man. Can a short man (If he's taller than you by 2 inches) be that man?

Girls, Is height a deal breaker? *Please read my very odd situation* ?
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