Why do most women seem to have quite rough hands, while my girlfriend has super soft hands?

So in my relationship with casual female friends, we often high fived each other and such. And I was pretty surprised to find out that most women's hands aren't actually that soft. They feel about the same as a guy's. In fact, my hands are soft for a guy, and my hands are softer than theirs, and they noticed, and were like: "Omg, your hands are so soft! What do you do!" And I don't really do anything. All I do is wash them often.

But the exception to being a woman with rough hands is my girlfriend. Her hands are so nice and soft it's unbelievable. They're how I imagined the hands of a woman to feel like.

Her face, thighs, arms, back, etc are all just as soft and if not even softer. But I've never touched any of those areas in any other girl other than my girlfriend. So the hands is what I'm focusing on.

So what could separate her hands from that of other women?
Does she do something special to take care of her skin, while as most other women just sort of let their skin do their own thing? Does she just have lucky genetics? Is it a combination of both? Or is there another reason?

Visually, my girlfriend's skin is a lot more pretty than that of most women. It's absolutely spotless, acne/freckle-free, and it even glows a bit. Her silky smooth face definitely sticks out from a crowd. So that's why I assumed what I did above. She also wears no makeup at all, never. I went to the beach with her, we jumped in the water and got ourselves all wet, and her skin didn't look any less clear, because she didn't even have any make-up on in the first place. So her skin is not prettier due to makeup, but naturally... either due to lucky genetics, really good care, or both.

And yeah... that's all I have to say really... just what do you think could be the reason for most women having such rough hands, and my girlfriend having super soft hands?
Why do most women seem to have quite rough hands, while my girlfriend has super soft hands?
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