My ex is homeless?

well i was walking back from work, i usually walk around the center of town but today i decided to walk through the center and i saw someone i recognised sat under a blanket so i double taked and it was my ex boyfriend sat under the archway with the same clothes on i kicked him out it. we broke up because i started to have feelings for this other guy, but that ended prety quickly and id been trying to contact him but i assumed he was ignoring me, so i went over to see him and he was like skin and bone!! so i took him and we had some food and we talked, it turns out when he left he couldnt find anywhere to stay and started living out of hia car which lead to him being fired then having to sell the car and ending up with him on the streets with nowhere to go! i feel bad because if he told me he had nowhere to go id have told him to stay in the spare room! anyway we were discussing the past and he just told me "i never stopped loving you, you know" i was kind of taken back abit, it was like how can you love me after all this and he told me it wasn't my fault at all and then we talked some more and then i left, but since then i can't stop thinking about him even as far to say i miss him, what would you do? how can i help him? and should i give him another chance because i still love him and the feelings i had for the other guy wained shortly after my ex moved out, and i thought about my ex all the time to be honest i need sone advice!
My ex is homeless?
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