My girlfriend parties every weekend. It bothers me. What do I do?

So me and my girlfriend have been together ever since October 2017, and when we got together I found out that she smokes and does weed occasionally, and she drinks a lot. She is not an alcoholic (which she claims), but sometimes her alcohol intake even proves and shows that she may be doing it too far. She also does it because her friends do it too, and some even do it way worse and more than her. Pretty much party girls.

Her past is quite traumatizing and became an LDR since May 2018 and I'm in Poland now 'till this day. (We lived nearby each other in the same city in Scotland). I've always supported her and stayed by her side and gave out my opinion without being/sounding toxic or controlling. Or even just open up.

She hangs around with people that I used to be friends with, she even kissed my best friends and properly made out with them and and god knows what else, she went to a nightclub and made out with 4 guys also (we aren't friends anymore because she talked about me behind my back to all of her and my friends at parties drunk/high on how I'm "toxic" and "controllive", so all my friends believed that and lost total respect for me and ditched me).

The worst part is, she lied to me how she doesn't do weed anymore and she doesn't smoke, yet she did it all behind my back and even confessed that in March 2018 she bought a full pack of cigarettes. And not just that. Her partying, kissing other girls, drinking, things that we had a deep talk about and came up with a compromise, yet she it did it her way.

I understand that she likes doing it and it may relieve her stress and maybe cheer her up, but she started to do it every weekend now, pretty much on both weekdays, and seeing her hangover and ill, even communicating with her is not the same girl that I fell in love with.

I don't know what to do anymore, whether I should be with her and continue our relationship like this in that cycle of breaking up and getting back together over all of this or break up.
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I'm not entirely sure if she had sex with other people WHILE we were together, but if the whole thing with her kissing other girls (and occasionally guys if she got pressured or even if she wanted to drunk.. or even sober) happened when I was there in person at parties with her and away, then, in that case, something must've happened.
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Additionally, I've been to parties with her in person before I moved out of Scotland (before May this year), and I've experienced the exact same behavior and reactions when I'm not there with her as well.

I've witnessed the things that have been said about her, especially when friends had to tell me also.
My girlfriend parties every weekend. It bothers me. What do I do?
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