Daddy Issues with My Teacher, what Should I Do?

I grew up in a mostly fatherless home so it makes sense that I would have this problem. For the most part I’ve been fine, but I grew attached to my teacher. He’s always really nice to me and cares about my interests, which is new for me since I never really had any hobbies until I joined his class (debate). He always compliments my intellect and skill, which I think is what got me attached in the first place, but this isn’t okay. I’m going to end up hurt if I keep accepting him as a father figure, and I brought all this up to him; he agreed. I’ve tried distancing myself from him but it seems to make it worse. I’ve caught myself always wanting his attention, which I don’t like at all. What can I do to help myself let go of him or create a healthy relationship between us?
Daddy Issues with My Teacher, what Should I Do?
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