Are u a loner? Do you find it hard to maintain long relationships with ANYBODY (family, friends, etc)?

😑 i finally think I've snapped.

I have a problem.

I am beyond loner at this point. As i live pretty isolated for most of my life. I always do things by myself. Mind my own business.

I make a huge effort to step out my comfort zone like cmon u can't live in isolation forever.

But when it comes to people its like never the right fit. Ik nothing is perfect. But i can't even find anyone worth putting up with.

Obviously if this continues ill die alone. But im so tired of people im so tired of the social peacock dance. Like i dont want to be fake. I dont want to put up with this one who just tells all my business to everyone. Or this one who tells my friends they talk to me when their bored.

So here i am with the hatchet again. Severing ties. Pissed and hurt. Wondering. Am i loner? Or is there something wrong with me? Is there no place on this earth i belong to? Cuz I can't find anything i feel passionate about. Not even god

I always enjoy my own company. But when the wrong people come around and leave. I feel so alone. Like i dont belong here at all. If this were the stone age I'd be mauled by wolves by now because i am always alone.

I feel like I've gone insane. Tbh I've been wondering if i need to be mentally evaluated by a professional. Because i am isolated for so many years. I feel people try. But its not good enough for me. Like deep down in my soul im turned off by their ways.

And i run back to my solitude. All alone. Its peaceful sure. But after a few months of never hearing my own voice. The depression comes. And then I wonder why im even here at all.

Sure people say sorry but they dont change. Im tired of being patient. I dont know what to do. Please help me. Is there anyone out there who understands how I feel?
Are u a loner? Do you find it hard to maintain long relationships with ANYBODY (family, friends, etc)?
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