Why does my crush seem to be upset with me?

ast year my relationship was in a bad place which made me a bit more open to other guys. At work I met a guy who I became attracted to and secretly had a crush on him. He was in a relationship too, I know that he knew I found him attractive and that I would get nervous around him because he became interested in me then really interested. I have always kept my distance but he did not. To keep a long story short he’s been very close around me, in a room full of people he’d always ask me about how my day has been etc. he even straight up asked me if I was single once. Looking back on it now I feel so bad about crushing on him in first place. We haven’t worked with each other for almost a year until recently and there is still that chemistry. I keep my distance so bad and now I think he might be upset with me. He was asking about my boyfriend and as I tell him he seems completely uninterested and annoyed yet he asks? Now of all sudden he doesn’t look at me or barley looks at me and I haven’t talked to him for a while. I hate going to work because of this, I feel like there is something in the air between us that needs to be cleared up. Please help? What is going on?
Why does my crush seem to be upset with me?
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