Why does he always seem to come back?

I have known this guy for four years now. I had a crush on him, but he had a girlfriend and I didn't think anything of it. I figured hey, he has a girlfriend so I don't have to worry about him trying anything with me. We became good friends at work and have a lot in common and can have a good laugh. We randomly hung out outside of work, and we would have a really good time. He ended up breaking up with his girlfriend about a year and a half after meeting him, and he began to mess around with me. I found out from his ex that he was fooling around with her too. I confronted him about it and then blew him off and said he was a d*** and don't ever talk to me again. He later apologized and said our friendship mattered to him, and that he could show how she was trying to get back into his life. We began randomly talking again, but I kept my distance. Then last year I moved for around six months and were still randomly talking. When I would come back to visit with my family, he would wanna see me too. He would get upset when I would leave to go back home. I confronted him at one point, that I wasn't a piece of ass and why does he always come back to me and just leave me alone and find someone else. He was not too happy about that, he said he doesn't see me as a piece of ass cause if he did then we wouldn't have hung out all those times. Then one night he said he wanted to be there for me, and that he wants to help and said I love you. Only it was all via text, but I lived 3 hours away and I wasn't expecting that. So I ended up moving back because my living situation sucked. We started hanging out again and messing around, which was about 5 months ago. We had sex for the first time like 2 months ago and then hung out later. He now only talks to me if I talk to him, but no longer initiates. When I stop talking to him for long periods of time, he always comes back. He works a full time job, has another job and does extra stuff on the side. I go work and go to school. He is 26 and I am 23. I just don't know if I should break it off completely, or if he is just scared of something. I really just don't know. I would love to walk away, but he has always been there when I do need him, and all the presents I randomly got him for his birthday or just thought of him, they are all over his room on display. I just am not sure of the situation.

I told him last night I was confused about the situation and if we were only friends. I wasn't sure if I did anything wrong. To no surprise he didn't answer. SO it's whatever. Fuck him. I will just move on to bigger and better things!


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  • just let go of him. he sounds like a douche bag.

    some guys never learn anything, even when they're older, they do not change, they never change, that is the lesson I learnt early in my dating experience.

    so, just cut him out of your life, you know he just cheats on girls or whatever. why even bother to invest time into someone like that who won't be faithful to anyone but is selfish to himself?


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  • If you put out without a ring on your finger then he will always come back for a non commitment relationship. So ask yourself if you want to be a piece of a** or if you want a relationship. Give him an ultimatum. Tell him to propose or leave.

  • why do women like douche bags

    • Because they make themselves more noticeable than the nice ones. Also the douche bags put on a front that they are nice, but it's only to get what they want. So its cause guys know how to work the system. Which is why I have been single for so long. Cause you can't trust anybody!

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