Should I tell my girlfriend that I have brother rivalry issues?

I have two brothers (one is 32 and other one is 28 and im 24) they are pretty jealous about my accomplishment of my life. even they are jealous of having my prettiest girlfriend or i don't know if they're jealous of my future life (i don't know which one)

in 2017 older brother made my mother to do something about destroy the computer (this is where i learn something on skillshare and personal stuff) . My older brother gave her this decision.. guys i don't know why. She didn't know this is the worst thing doing this. But she didn't understand what she was doing. Now my mother regrets why would she do that...

Even they were trying to make a “scene situation” in front of people.. like im a immature or poor mentality or my age like 11 thats it and that's what i realized...

Older brother checks my stuff what i do.. to know what i am doing..

Middle brother he beats me for my older brother and my mother doesn't know and even she couldn't do anything about that bcoz she’s afraid that "what if they are gone forever or about lack of financial support"

Middle brother told me that he could do everything about me finding a job but he didn't (he was lying.. to make me delayed or failure in life.. it was 2016 dec)

Actually I don't know what they are doing to me. Why are they doing to me? is it about my girlfriend or something else?

Oh my older bro married a girl who was 23(arrange m.) She was a chemistry and he made her wife to do something about my father. to make him heart disease. Like with substances or chemical liquid stuff (he hates him for giving him bad studies/education and they don't even know what they want in life) and now he divorced her by doing these things. bcoz his wife was tired to do this thats why she's gone
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My question is should i my tell my girlfriend about my past life?
I'm scared that if she wouldn't like me or avoid me because of my family.
she does love me... cared about me…
Oh one thing my father actually talk to this girl so i think im pretty sure my brothers used to get jealous becoz of this

Ps i want an answer why theyre doing it to me? Why they harm me?
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do you think she would forget me?
bcoz she loves me but we didn't talk to her for 4yrs becoz of her parents.
still waiting.
i want her to know this bcoz in the future we will be in trouble by my siblings.
would it be a deal-breaking?
Should I tell my girlfriend that I have brother rivalry issues?
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