How does a person with asperger's find a girlfriend?

I'm 22, virgin af πŸ™ƒ and I've only been ever diagnosed with ADD but asperger's symptoms describe me to the point where I can't deny it. Not that i want to, but my whole life i just thought i was different/stupid and I would go through some mental gymnastics to convince myself that I'm different but not to the point where it's debilitating. I was somewhat in denial. Anyways...

Social interactions can be hard and feel awkward before they even start. I've never been on a date or asked a girl out before. I always brushed it off thinking i really don't need one right now (which i always feel is somewhat true) but i definitely do want one. Though if not a girlfriend, a friend that is a girl would suffice. They're simply a little more understanding and don't talk about sex or stupid sh*t all the time like a lot of guys do. I have no friends because i grew out of spending time with my inauthentic ones. I'm so tired of being alone so any advice will do.
How does a person with asperger's find a girlfriend?
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