Who values relationships/marriage and commitment more: men or women?

I would say women because I don't think men care much about relationships and marriages which is the reason why I believe they chest a thousand times more than women do because most men are more polygamous than women and the reason why a lot of them attempt to provide that for their wives/girlfriends with is because they know that that is what most women want most women want love, commitment, monogamy marriage and a family While most men just want to date multiple women at the same time and have meaningless sex because their sex drive is much higher than a womans and also have side chicks while they are either married, engaged or in a "serious" relationship.

I usually hear this common phrase mostly coming from men when confronted by the opposite sex about wanting to be exclusive And be in a serious relationship:

"I don't want anything serious I'm not ready for a relationship I do not want a title"

This isn't to say that some women do not want serious relationships or commitment either but it seems as if most women tend to value love marriage and commitment a lot more than men which is why so many women get hurt in relationships because women care more for men than men care for them because women sacrifice, compromise and they give too much while getting little to nothing in return.

Also lastly to add-on, it is most common amongst men to have spare women on the side while in a marriage or in a serious relationship so whenever that relationship or marriage fail, they end up dating one of the women that they have been cheating on their wives and girlfriends with this type of behavior is most common towards men than women.
Who values relationships/marriage and commitment more: men or women?
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