Do guys catch feelings for their friend with benefits?

For almost a year, I was in a friends with benefits arrangement with a guy who had a longtime girlfriend. At first it was purely physical and sexual. We were just having fun and enjoying. But eventually we became intimate and emotional with each other, having serious conversations, being there for each other, and spending a lot of time together. When I would get jealous, he would always explain and make me feel at ease, as if I was the girlfriend. He spent important days with me such as Valentine's day and even their anniversary. We called each other pet names all the time. There were things that I did for him which he said no one has ever done for him before, such as cleaning his room, being caring, and complimenting him. He said I made him happy, I took away his stress, he cared about me, and I meant a lot to him. Everything was going well until his friends found out. The pressure became too much for him so he broke up with me.

Despite our arrangement, do you think he caught feelings too?
Do guys catch feelings for their friend with benefits?
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