Does it seem like he's going to propose soon or am I overthinking?

I was wondering if I could get your opinions on if you think my boyfriend might propose soon or not... I personally have strong intuition about things and have been having a strong gut feeling about him possibly proposing to me soon but am not 100% sure. Here are some background info about us:

My boyfriend and I just celebrated our 3 year anniversary a couple weeks ago. We have 2 kids together (twins) that were planned. We both agreed that we didn't want to have a "gunshot engagement or wedding" so we held off on anything relating to it after the babies were born. The twins are about 1.5 years old already. We live together and he supports everyone financially.

This is why I have a gut feeling he will propose soon:
He has always talked about rings, asked for my ring size, looked at rings at jewelry stores with me, etc. but recently, he has started talking about it and looking up rings even more. He knows exactly what type of ring I want and I even accidentally saw that he already put a deposit down for a diamond many months ago. When we first started dating, our first trip was to New York in June. We went to Central Park and took a picture together on this famous bridge that is known for proposals and promises of proposals. He promised me that day that he would propose to me one day. Fast forward to now... He has been dropping hints constantly that he wants to go back to New York. I asked him why since we've already been there and he keeps saying it's because there is still "so much to do there". Not only that but he is insisting that we go there in June... on the same exact days we went to New York 3 years ago... I tried to reject the idea to see what he'd say and he basically gave me no choice and said he already booked the tickets for it...

Do you think he's planning on proposing to me in June on the bridge at Central Park where he made that promise to me 3 years ago or am I overthinking?
Does it seem like he's going to propose soon or am I overthinking?
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