My boyfriend keeps telling me to workout. I don’t want to?

My 18F boyfriend 19F and i have been dating for about 4 months. I’m a bit skinny, almost 5’7 and 137lbs. i have pretty big boobs, a small waist, but not a fat butt like what’s very popular. He’s black and has been with only black girls who have that feature, i’m mixed and unfortunately that’s just not me... a few weeks ago while we were cuddling he touched my butt and said “babe can you do squats every morning and night for me?” i got really silent and just said “ok” because i’m already a bit insecure and just recently have become comfortable in my body. i didn’t know he had any problem w what i look like until now. as i was getting ready to take him home he said “you know i can work on my arms too. we can both go to the gym” trying to make me feel better... i never made a huge deal out of it and kind of just ignored it, i work full time and honestly don’t feel the need to make the time to go to the gym, it’s just not something i want to do personally. and i know doing just squats is not going to give me a huge butt unlike many guys think. a bit after that he said that i was lazy for being tired of walking and said i need to get in better shape. Today i jokingly said “i guess i am out of shape i’m tired from walking up these stairs haha” and he said that i should workout when i told him i don’t want to he said that i’m just lazy. He then said “you do have a nice body but if you worked out you’d have such an nice ass.. and body. you have so much potential you already eat very healthy” ... I texted him later and said “*his name* can you please stop telling me i should workout” he responded with “stop bringing up past conversations” which he says a lot... i told him that he’s said it multiple times and it bothers me. He then said to me “You take what i say too literal. From now on don’t joke or laugh around with me if you get offended” i don’t understand this because he was being dead serious? i haven’t texted him back yet because i don’t know what i should say...
My boyfriend keeps telling me to workout. I don’t want to?
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