Low self-esteem because of married man's inappropriate advances, help?

I need help. A married guy is hitting on me in various ways. He's been cute about it, trying to be a gentleman, but he also touched me subtly in sexual areas like my thigh or even my breast. It was slight and he made it look like an accident, but it was there. The "accidental" boob touch already happened two times.
He's my boss, so I decided to play it safe and act like I don't notice. When I was about to start a fight with him, I noticed that he could make my further life go down the drain so I play dumb right now.

Ironically, now that he's grown so used to me and is being very nice as a person, I feel so left out and isolated because he is in a relationship and I'm not. He constantly talks about his children, completely randomly mentions them to the point it gets awkward, and sometimes he mentions his wife too.
I've already tried to soothe the situation but I feel that this is getting too much. I feel like he has everything, he makes nice presents for his children's birthday, at the same time he looks at me with dreamy eyes, boob grazes me, flirts, sits close to me whenever possible and spreads his legs, tries to be a sensitive gentleman and at the same time macho.

This is getting to me because I feel so worthless for not being in a relationship myself. He has everything he wants, yet he also wants me, and doesn't care if he confuses or hurts me with his gallantry. I'm not in a position to cause a fight, so this is the better choice, but I feel so horrible and lonely. Everyone loves him and thinks he's the nicest, most decent, laid back guy, yet I don't know what he's really like if he can be so two-faced.
How can he be such a nice man and appear to be all professionally nice and charming and then, wham, first touch me "accidentally" and then right after that, mention his son? I feel like I'm developing slight cognitive dissonance.
Low self-esteem because of married man's inappropriate advances, help?
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