I love my boyfriend, but I feel like he's not a good partner for me. Is this normal & what can I do?

Hi guys. I love my boyfriend very much, he's a great guy, gentleman, sweet, and he's an amazing person.

However, something in the relationship just feels off. He's pretty distant & we only see each other like once a week. We do text every day, but I feel like I'm always getting him gifts, checking in, helping with projects, & he just doesn't "get" it? For example he'll go weeks without seeing me bc he's just real busy, and doesn't get how much I miss him or have a need to see me. He seems really happy tho, & he's great, he just seems oblivious. He goes on trips a lot with his buddies & I just feel like we're growing apart.

And he's great, trust me, we try to hang out & I love him. I just feel like the affection isn't there, not like it was in the beginning. Like we'll sit there for hours & I'll just get a peck on the cheek.

I've been refraining from saying much, bc I just don't know how to bring it up. Bc it's not any one thing, I just generally feel sort of removed from him/distant. I'm a pretty reserved person, so it's pretty hard for me to make any bold moves, but is this a normal thing to feel?

I did tell him recently that I can't really always tell how he feels, or can't always read him, and he says that he's confused & feels we do plenty.

Also, he is extremely attractive, popular guy, just needs a lot of alone time for himself.

I'm a very confident, independent, & considered beautiful woman, but he hasn't ever really complimented me or ever really done something small/thoughtful, beyond us just eating dinner together/hanging out. I know that sounds shallow, but we usually just eat dinner each week & hang.

Am I overreacting/is the problem me? Or am I being too sensitive. Is this a normal thing to feel?
Thanks for your help.
I love my boyfriend, but I feel like he's not a good partner for me. Is this normal & what can I do?
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