My ex is moving back to our hometown and wants to see me but I don’t want to see him - what should I do?

He was my childhood sweetheart - on and off from when we were 14 to 24.
He’s now 30, I’m 29.

We ended things on good terms back in 2015 as we were off doing different things in life with work/university.

I moved away for my dream job & he moved to another country all together. I wished him all the best and tried to move on - but he never stopped contacting me.

I eventually moved back home but he stayed away across the other side of the world.

During the past 5 years that he’s been gone he has met someone else, they eventually bought a house together & got engaged.
However he kept in contact with me during their entire relationship. (I didn’t even know about his girlfriend/fiancé until last year)

He would call me drunk, tell me he loved me, missed me etc and then would block me constantly if I ever replied. This went on for years & years.

It was a total head fuck as I was trying so hard to move in but he kept me stringing along for all these years.

Last year I fell for all his BS again and gave him another chance. I missed him and was in a bad place.
He lied to me for a year telling me he was single, loved and missed me, we were sexting/sending nudes etc.

Then a few months later he got engaged and was still with his girlfriend the whole time.

After that I deleted him off everything and haven’t heard from him until this weekend.

He sent me a dm & told me he is moving back and he is single now and because of covid he can finally come home.
He told me their house is up for sale and he’s coming home and wants to see me.

This guy broke my heart over & over again since I was 14 and I finally feel like I’m happy again. I’m still single but I’ve never felt so content in life - even though I’m still waiting to meet the right person.

I don’t believe anything he says.

I want to ignore him or should I tell him to leave me alone?

We are from a very small town and have many mutual friends and I’m terrified of bumping into him again as I haven’t seen him since 2016!!
My ex is moving back to our hometown and wants to see me but I don’t want to see him - what should I do?
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