Can a woman be a guys best friend?

Ok, I have a dilemma. I have been a kinda fuck Buddy with this guy. However, I noticed this other woman at work and he and she are pretty close. So I added one and one and stopped seeing the guy. He gets upset and asks why I won't meet him. Ok told him to go ask to this other girl instead, he then asks how I could say such a thing, that she is his best friend.

Realllllllllly,? Ok guys, can she possibly just be a friend,? Cmon'... this guy thinks I was born yesterday. I'm getting vibes that they used to be... something. I dunno, maybe am twisted, but she always mentions him to me as if I make her insecure, or she will massage him infront of me...", I'm his secret lover" she knows nothing, but she's touchy touchy with him. And he says they're best friends🙄😒🤔😤
Can a woman be a guys best friend?
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