Breaking up my friendship because I want more?

So I've been friends with a girl for about 6 months we've talked nearly everyday and we are very close, but i told her how i felt about her a few days ago and she told me she already knew but wasn't into me like that, today we had a fight, and she almost condescending like told me to back off, how she's only ever wanted to be our friendship to be lighthearted and thats why she's never wanted a relationship with me, how she's never wanted a super emotionally charged friendship either (waaay too late for that xD) how i need to respect that, and how she just wants us to be friends. i dont have a lot of friends i do enjoy her friendship, but at the same time she gets mad at me a lot, and her anger seems to stem from the fact that she usually goes after f*** boys who either try to take advantage of her or dont want her for anything more than fun. im in a bad spot financially but im a decent looking guy, im funny and im confident, i know that no one has the right to just put me in a little box and say you're not worth more than a friend, naturally i want to rebel. i need to change her perspective of me, my options are to just be her friend but try to be more distant, which I've already sort of done, she actually gets mad at me for flirting with other girls xD. OR i can try telling her we want different things and how we should cut ties, my friend said if she cares at all she will come around and potentially even try to date me just out of fear of losing me, or she will disappear and ill never hear from her again which would be heartbreaking on many levels for me. so i dont know what to do
Breaking up my friendship because I want more?
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