Would you get mad at your significant other over this?

My boyfriend lashed out on me because:

We were getting ready to play a game together on the computer and I could not find my headphone wireless receiver dongle.
He came upstairs to help me look, while I was looking for it and suggested the dogs ate it. I said no I don’t think they would do that.
Then he suggested I didn’t put where I thought I did. I said no “I know I put it here on the counter” and I continued to look for it in the kitchen.
He immediately got pissed at my objections to his scenarios. He started yelling me and and then walked out of the room.
I followed him and asked him why he was so mad and he continued to yell at me. He said that I was accusing him without, outright saying it. I said “ I never even considered it missing his fault”, he continued to yell so I left him alone.
I went back upstairs to look for it and he started texting me saying I accused him because no one was left to blame but him so I was accusing him by default.
I said I’m not blaming anyone I’m more concerned to find it.
Well I found it a few minutes later just about 2 feet away on the counter from where I put it, which I imagine it just slid on the granite into the corner of the counter when I tossed it up there. The dogs didn’t eat it and pretty much was almost exactly where I thought I put it.
Anyways - he yelled at me in all caps over text repeatedly, despite me trying to say I never once even had a thought it had anything to do with him. I even said “I love you and I never once had a thought to blame you, I don’t understand why you are unloading on me”.
He continued to yell at me that I didn’t have to say it, and that it was the only option left after I denied his scenarios.
After that he went to bed alone and I pretty much just sat in my office shaking and anxious at the intensity of the situation and his lashing out me.
Does anyone else feel they would be irate in a situation like him? I’m trying to understand why he came down on me so aggressively.
Would you get mad at your significant other over this?
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