Why is fat acceptance on the rise?

In modeling there are plus sized models and women always tell other overweight women that they are beautiful etc.

I think that's evil for a few reasons. First of all the health of the woman will keep getting worse and it will shorten her lifespan and give her health issues as well as possible low self esteem, physical pain, and it will be harder to find intimacy etc. And believing something false can cause more mental damage long term which can lead to more suffering.

I will use myself as an example. I used to be very overweight in my teenage years. Then I suffered from finding a woman to date or be intimate with. After several years I realized 99% of women don't find fat men attractive (even fat women don't want fat men). That's just reality. I'm not saying that's my fault and neither is it the fault of those women obviously. But because of the false expectations of "fat acceptance" I thought being fat is ok.

After a couple of years of gym and caloric restrictions etc. I was treated like a completely different person. I was respected and admired and both men and women would be friendly and accepting. I later got with a girl that I found attractive without putting almost any effort. Sadly around that time I started losing most of my hair and now I'm invisible to women again. (brutal I Know).

Anyway I think we shouldn't make people feel bad about themselves but I also don't think we should lie to people and make them delusional. We should admit that there is a problem somewhere and encourage people to be healthy and live a better life rather than "empower" them to ruin their lives and future opportunities.
I agree with you (we should focus more on forming healthy habits and looking and feeling better)
I disagree with you (we should lie to people to save their feelings for the short term. But ruin their life in the long term
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Why is fat acceptance on the rise?
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